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How To Make Him Miss You Badly

“Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours.” – Rumi Remember the last time you felt a powerful longing for that special someone? Whether you’ve only known him for a while, or you’re in a long-term relationship with him… …if he matters to you, being away…

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8 Tiny Words That Fix Infidelity Forever

8 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Drive Him Crazy for You

An interesting phenomenon happens when a guy puts you in the “friend zone.” (And yes it happens to women too!) You talk a lot. You have a good conversation. He may even confide in you. You’re thinking to yourself, “Well this relationship is progressing!” But then he throws something at you like, “I’m going on…

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This One Principle Will Make You Irresistible to Quality Men

7 Sexy Texts That Men Crave (Send Him This TONIGHT)

Once you’ve established that you really like a guy and would like something hot and sexual to happen someday, the next move is NOT to have sex! Believe it or not! In fact, that’s the mistake a lot of girls make when they first meet a guy who’s all over them. He appears to want…

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He Doesn't Want a Perfect Girlfriend, He Wants This

Does He Miss Me Quiz

There was an old song from the 1990s called “Do You Miss Me” by Jocelyn Enriquez, which was a dance tune but still had some very striking lyrics. Rather than quote it, just listen to it sometime on Spotify or YouTube. The lyrics are affecting because they say, in essence, sometimes all we have left…

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The Secret To Getting Him to Move Your Relationship Forward

5 Love Sayings That Will Make Him Think of You

It’s downright scary for a woman to tell a man she’s dating how she really feels – especially if she’s head over heels in love with him! Men are difficult to communicate with anyway, since many men are very reserved about expressing their feelings. It’s quite common to hear a woman say, “Why is it…

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How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

Who came up with the whole idea of begging to get your ex back, anyway? It seems like a strange thing to do, at least from a scientific point of view. In the animal kingdom for example, begging is not really common at all. Usually the male courts the attention of the female. They mate,…

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Why He Can’t Marry You (Even When He Secretly WANTS To)

The One Thing You Need to Know If You Want to Get Your Ex Back

By now you probably understand that begging, pleading and making dramatic gestures does NOT impress your ex. It seems as if the harder you try to please him, the more you push him away. Why does this happen? What is it about men that resents kindness and love? Let’s consider this issue one point at…

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Here's What You Should Do If He Stops Chasing You

Mistakes Women Make Trying to Get Their Ex Back

It could be argued that the single worst piece of advice ever given was, “Just follow your heart!” I know, that sounds very unromantic. But let’s face it, as many happy ending love stories we’ve heard about that started with the phrase “Follow your heart”, there has also been many terrible tragedies that started with…

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Here’s What You Should Do When He Doesn’t Text Back

How to Text Your Ex Back

Words are powerful. They can be used to seduce, to persuade, to injure and to inspire. If you really want to “persuade” someone to see your point of view then what you’re actually doing is making him feel an emotion. That’s what makes people take action, and in the case of breakups and romance, THAT’S…

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How to Steal Your Ex From His New Girlfriend

All is fair in love and war…or so the poets say. But then again, poets are not always known for their ethical behavior! This is a question I get asked quite a bit. Is it fair to steal your ex from his new girlfriend? And…exactly how does a girl do that, anyway? You know, just…

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