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About Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast : is on a mission to help women attract and nurture lasting love while healing the divide between men and women in today’s society.

As the author of multiple bestselling books and The Forever Woman program, Matthew Coast has made it his life’s mission to help women attract the lasting, loving relationships they desire.

With over 16 years of experience coaching both men and women to attract lifelong partners, Matthew has developed a proven system that empowers women to get and keep their ideal man and relationship.

What Sets Matthew Apart

Matthew’s unique approach, rooted in his signature systems like The Value Screening Method and The Connection Code, guides women to identify and attract emotionally mature, commitment-ready partners and create powerful, lasting connections with them.

Over 60,000 women own his bestselling program, The Forever Woman, and the timeless principles and methods in it.

His strategies help women break free from the patterns that have held them back in love, replacing limiting beliefs and behaviors with empowering mindsets and effective communication tools.

Through his impactful videos, immersive courses, insightful articles, and top-rated podcast, Matthew reaches over a million women worldwide each month.

He provides them with the expert guidance and unwavering support they need to cultivate the healthy, enduring love they deserve.

Matthew’s transformative work draws from his diverse background, including his time as a Navy SEAL, his studies in market research, and his experience in the men’s dating advice industry, allowing him to offer unparalleled insights into the dynamics of attraction, men, and commitment.

The Commitment Connection Difference

Matthew has been recognized as a groundbreaking authority in the realms of emotional connection, relationship building, and personal empowerment for women.

His innovative teachings have been featured by major media outlets such as CNN, ABC, The Phoenix Business Journal, and Success Magazine. He is also a sought-after guest on numerous relationship-focused radio shows and podcasts.

What truly distinguishes Matthew is his innate ability to pinpoint the unique challenges and opportunities in each woman’s love life journey.

He provides personalized guidance that catalyzes profound transformation, helping women feel more discover and removing the biggest barriers keeping them from attract the man, relationship, and love that they want in their lives.

Matthew’s gift lies in his capacity to help women feel deeply valued, seen, and treasured by the partner they’ve always dreamed of.

Transforming Lives and Relationships

The impact of Matthew’s work is evident in the countless success stories shared by the women he has coached, both through his programs and his thriving online community of over a million followers across social media platforms.

Renowned experts in the field, such as Helena Hart, Marni Battista, Alison Armstrong, and Mat Boggs, and others have collaborated with Matthew to help women foster the fulfilling relationships they desire.

As a catalyst for profound change and lasting relationships, Matthew brings unparalleled energy and insight to his work. He excels at sparking pivotal shifts in perspective and action that revolutionize women’s love lives.

His holistic approach encompasses four key areas of relationship mastery: Mindset (Or Inner Alignment), Strategy, and Communication. By focusing on helping women see their value and worth, Matthew helps them transcend limiting beliefs and behaviors to manifest the love they truly deserve.

“Matthew’s guidance helped me attract the partner of my dreams after I had given up all hope.” – Anna, Forever Woman Graduate

Armed with his signature Value Screening Method and Connection Code, Matthew equips women with the tools they need to identify and connect with their ideal match on the deepest level.

His transformative strategies have helped countless women worldwide find the lasting, soul-satisfying love they’ve always yearned for.

A Catalyst for Love and Relationships

At the core of Matthew’s work lies an unwavering commitment to empowering women to build the love life they’ve always dreamed of.

He firmly believes in the transformative power of healthy, nurturing relationships and is a fierce advocate for any woman seeking to attract her perfect partner, cultivate a soulmate connection, and embark on a journey of personal and spiritual growth through love.

This website offers an unrivaled collection of resources to support you on your path to lasting love, including comprehensive e-books, exclusive interviews with relationship experts, in-depth short courses, real client coaching videos, and extensive content on attracting and nurturing your ideal relationship.

As you explore, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence you need to take the next step in your love life journey, with Matthew Coast as your trusted guide and mentor.

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  1. May I find my better half, widowed for 10 years. From Malawi in Africa. An honest and trustworthy woman. Still of substance and honor. Never had any man for all these years. Age 61 years.
    Have children but all grown ups and independent.

  2. I love reading your quotes. So true. And. I like to put my experiences over too. Give people hope. Never give up. Life is for living and being happy.

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