About Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast is an acclaimed author, sought-after speaker, and pioneering researcher who has worked in both the men's and women's dating coaching spaces since 2005.

With over 16 years experience empowering both genders to build fulfilling, lasting relationships, Matthew's life work is devoted to helping individuals attract and nurture healthy love.

His transformative videos, courses, articles, and chart-topping podcast reach over a million women worldwide each month. Matthew has helped countless single women become skillful at identifying emotionally mature, high-value partners capable of deep connection.

Matthew's expertise has been showcased by major outlets including CNN, ABC, The Phoenix Business Journal, Success Magazine and many more. He's a frequent guest on relationship-focused radio shows and podcasts as well.

Through his bestselling programs like The Forever Woman, Irresistible Texts, and Restart Your Relationship, Matthew equips women with the mindsets, communication tools and dating strategies required to magnetize commitment-ready men.

His students report feeling more empowered, confident and hopeful about partnerships than they have in decades prior to working with Matthew. He has a gift for helping women feel valued, seen and cherished by their ideal romantic match.

Beyond his educational content, Matthew has cultivated a robust online community of over a million followers across his social media channels. He hosts weekly livestreams diving into important relationship topics and engaging directly with his highly engaged audience.

Matthew frequently collaborates with other top experts including Helena Hart, Marni Battista, Mat Boggs and more. He is dedicated to advancing the collective understanding of intergender dynamics, communication and fulfillment in dating.

After over a decade and a half of equipping individuals to build healthy, lasting love, Matthew Coast continues to refine and share his life's work helping both men and women cultivate relationships that honor their most authentic selves.