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The Love Vault is a compilation of some of our best and most advanced plug-n-play, rapid results material that will instantly change your love life, attract the man of your dreams while barely even trying, bring you closer with the man you want to really be with, and ignite passion and desire in your relationship. 

All you have to do is say what I tell you to say and just like magic - everything changes (exactly the way you wanted it to). I give you EXACTLY what to say and do, word for word, in every single one of the tools in The Love Vault.

Here’s What You Get In The Love Vault: 

Sensual Texting Secrets 

Get your hands on over 50 texts you can use immediately to light up your sex life with your Forever Man without overthinking what to say. But there’s more. You also get to know the kinds of dirty texts men LOVE that will make him beg for more (and even orgasm through text). You’ll discover how to think of what to say on your own, too, so you can get creative and have fun with it! And, that’s still not all. 

Sensual Texting Secrets also includes how to transition what you started to the other 2 sensual stages of your relationship. How to go from sexual texting to phone sex, and even take your sexting adventures into the real world so the flame stays hot when it’s time to get up close and personal. Your man will THANK you if he ever finds out you used this. 

Heck, he might even pay for it.  😂

The Relationship Framing Technique 

Get word for word, EXACTLY what to say to make your man realize he doesn’t want a casual, friends with benefits situationship with you. He wants a committed relationship! Seriously, if you’ve been struggling with getting any man to realize you’re the woman he wants to commit to, this word-for-word technique will instantly wake him up to what he’s about to lose if he doesn’t step up and take your relationship to the next level.

The 7 Vital Questions to Ask on a First Date 

Ever feel duped by a guy on the first date before? Of course men put their “best foot forward” - which means even many of the ones who aren’t a good fit for you are going to try to impress you anyway (sometimes they’ll do this even if they KNOW they’re wasting your time). But NO man can outsmart these 7 questions to ask on a first date. Just ask these, and you’ll know instantly if you should agree to a second date or cut it off early. 

8 Topics to Talk About When You Run Out of Things to Say 

Don’t let your dates go stale. Listen, it’s normal to get shy or feel like you’re not sure what to say on a date. Use these topics that are specifically designed not just to make the date interesting, but bring you closer together, make him pay attention to you and learn more about you, and be the BEST date he's ever had.

The Advanced, Top Secret 3-Step Text Message Sequence 

Do you struggle to “play it cool” when a man pulls away, ghosts, or even breaks up with you - but you want to reach out to him & reconnect? Use this 3-step text message to instantly convey confidence and a lack of neediness through your text. Get him out on a date without looking like you’re trying to get him out, and the biggest mistakes women make when trying to reconnect with their ex.

Words for His Heart

Discover what to say to a man that will instantly connect straight with his heart. Build a powerful connection with any man using this one. We can’t resist these words. 

Exactly What to Do After the First Date 

Should you text him or should he text you after a first date? This is how to make sure you don’t ghost each other waiting for the other to text first. Again, without looking needy. This simple trick makes sure you have a second date with your Forever Man! 

Long Distance Allure  

Think “out of sight out of mind”? That’s not true for women who use Long Distance Allure. This advance system ensures that he craves you, no matter where in the world he is. This is packed with an unfair advantage you can use to get a man to love, desire, and adore you even from a distance. 

Advanced Texting Library 

Get my Advanced Texting Library. This is a MASSIVE library full of every kind of text you can send to keep your Forever Man engaged, thinking about you, attracted to you, and cherishing you throughout the day. Everything from simple texts to make him smile, fun & flirty games to play, get him laughing, get to know him with flirty questions, what to text when you want to get his attention, and so much more. 

Your relationship will never go stale when he’s away from you. He’ll be rushing over to see you in person because these texts will make him just want to be closer with YOU - the woman who’s lighting up his day when he’s away! 

As if That’s Not Enough to Have You Covered for Fast, Easy Results With Your Forever Man, Here Are Some Bonus Love-Life Meditations!

As if the texting won’t get you enough results, you ALSO get bonus meditations in the vault. 

If you believe in the Law of Attraction & the power of meditation, this will be exactly the twist to get your love life’s energy moving in a positive direction without even having to do anything differently. 

Here are the meditations you get in The Love Vault:


It’s as if you’ll materialize your Forever Man out of thin air using the law of attraction, guided meditation, and powerful visualization techniques that will pull him toward you. There are already millions of accounts of people finding love after meditation & visualisation to attract it. So we know this stuff works. This one is tailored to the love of your Forever Man fast, so you can get results fast, but knowing they’re built to last. 

The Feminine.

Do you have problems dropping into your femininity? Would you like a way to easily go into it? I created a Feminine Energy meditation so that you can turn this process into something easy and automatic that flows and makes you connect powerfully with men, whenever you need it.

This massive vault of tools, text messages and meditations is worth over $799!

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