How to Heal Your Heart So You Can Attract an Amazing Partner...

When your heart has scars... it can't truly open for any man.

My name is Matthew Coast...

And I've watched countless women like you come from deep emotional wounds...

Dark, turbulent, even abusive relationships...

Childhood trauma... and even generational trauma...

And I've watched these women heal and become radiant...

Attractive... Open-Hearted... and Blissful...

Because these women chose to heal their hearts...

And become the best versions of themselves.

Now, for them, attracting a man... and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship...

Is an afterthought!

It just happens naturally...

Because when we get our hurt hearts out of the way...

Then love can truly flow on its own... because trust is there.

Trust in ourselves, and in our partners.

My promise to you, is if you follow what's in this short video...

You will start healing your deepest wounds...

So you can attract (and keep) the perfect partner...

Feeling totally deserving of your amazing relationship...

And enjoy the breathtaking romance you've been hoping so long for.

This video can also help you save and transform a bumpy relationship you're in now...

Because it all starts with you.

I found this out the hard way... so you don't have to.

At this point, I've coached or taught literally thousands of women...

In finding and maintaining the perfect relationship.

I've taught every "tactic" from how to send texts that make him obsess...

To how to make a man plan the perfect date just for you.

Even how to make a man lose all interest in chasing other women.

But over the last ten years I found out...

That if a woman has an unhealed heart...


At least not in the long term.

There are some amazing women just like you... who are attractive, kind... dedicated & loyal...

Yet struggle in truly getting a man to stay...

Or just can't create a healthy, open-hearted relationship...

With a man who listens to them and gives them complete devotion.

If your heart is lined with scars... even ones you don't know about...

Somehow, every relationship will become either ruined... or toxic.

Once I figured this out... and applied something called HeartMend Dynamics...

Everything changed for the women I coached.

I got stories like this:

“And so, when we got home, 

we stumbled up into bed…” 

“He was so gentle and caring. I wanted to give him something special...”

“So I started to talk dirty. You know, the way I’ve seen women do it in porn.”

“Nothing raunchy!” she said. 

“I wasn’t vulgar or cheap. I was the perfect lady.” 

“I was expecting him to feel good…” 

“... But instead, he laughed. And then, I felt him get soft, inside me…”

“Before I knew it, he had excused himself.” 

“He blamed it on the wine and having a long day.” 

“But he turned away from me, and went right to sleep. 

“I stayed up, mortified, crying in the bathroom.”

“I’ve never felt more embarrassed or ashamed!” she said. 

“I know he wants me to talk dirty to him… so what the hell did I do wrong?

What Men REALLY Want
You To Say, In Bed…

I could hear the pain in Sarah’s voice.

I could hear her embarrassment… her loneliness…

Her shame, her confusion…

Making a man feel good is supposed to be easy, right? 

… So why is talking dirty so damn hard for thousands of women?

If you really want to know, I urge you to pay close attention. 

Because in the next few minutes, I will show you EXACTLY why:

So many men ask their girlfriends or wives to talk dirty… only to shame them or laugh, when they do…
So many women just feel shy or embarrassed… and either nothing comes out, or they burst out laughing!
So many of the women who actually CAN talk dirty run out of things to say… and feel like they’re repeating their three favorite phrases, over and over…

Everyone Thinks They Know How To Talk Dirty,
But It’s Not As Simple As It Seems…

My name is Matthew Coast.

I’m the head dating coach, author, and founder at commitmentconnection.com.

Since 2005, I’ve taught, coached and spoken to tens of thousands of women about dating, sex and relationships.

… And I’ve helped hundreds of my clients talk dirty with their partners.

Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast

No matter whether these women felt shy… embarrassed…

… Or just didn’t want to feel “cheap.”

My secret?

I teach my clients the one thing nobody else teaches them:

I teach them WHY talking dirty works, in the first place...

The Real Problem:
No One Teaches You WHY Dirty Talk Works…

(and how to do it right)

As you may know, your brain is made up of nerve cells.

Roughly 86 billion nerve cells, in fact.

Nerve cells just like the cells in your fingertips and toes…

… Except 10,000 times more sensitive.

When you have sex, these nerves cells fire all over your brain. 

… Especially in your brain’s “pleasure area.”

That delicious ache…
That pleasurable warmth…
That full feeling and connection…

… Those are just nerve cells.

Nerve cells in the “pleasure area” of your brain!

Here’s where dirty talk comes in:

Your brain has more than a “pleasure” area.

In fact, your brain has areas for love… for fear… for respect…

… for happiness… for sadness… for delight...

… Your brain has an area for every feeling there is!

And here is the big secret:

Each feeling you make him feel, makes the other feelings more intense!

If you feel happy… and you also feel excited…

… You feel WAY, WAY more happy, right?

Well… your “pleasure area” works in the exact same way:

If you feel turned on… 

… and then you also feel excited…

… You feel a whole lot more turned on!

(This is why having sex in a new place… 

or “sneaking away” during a family holiday... 

… can be so much fun!)

Dirty talk lets you activate other
areas of your brain while
you have sex

… So you can make your pleasure that much more intense.

And the more areas you activate, at once…

… The more pleasure you can feel.

(As long as you talk dirty in the “right” way.)

And so… sex without dirty talk can feel great…

… But sex with the right kind of dirty talk…

… Well, it can just make every feeling that much better.

Just imagine...

Great sex + fear, adrenaline, excitement!

This excitement area is called your “Amygdala...” and it is the reason why being submissive in bed can be fun.
“Feel” your lover’s words, on your skin!

This area is called your “Temporal Lobe…” and it transforms your lover’s words into physical feelings.
Connect more deeply, more powerfully, more quickly.

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships showed that talking in bed can activate this area…

… to get you both “out of your heads…” 

… and into your bodies.

… And that’s just scratching the surface.

The Real Secret To Talking Dirty In Bed
Is Feeling Confident Doing It…

Truth is… there are sooooooo many fun areas in your brain…

… That almost anything you say can be fun and exciting.

As long as you feel confident saying it.

That’s why I created a small program which shows you exactly how to talk dirty with confidence.

In this program, I show you:

Which words make him feel good…
Which words fill his body with pleasure…
Which words stimulate those “magic” nerves in his brain…

… So you feel confident saying your first “dirty” words.

I call this program, “Naughty Confidence.”

… And it is the perfect book for you if you want to talk dirty…

… But you feel silly or shy or embarrassed doing it.

I’d Like To Give You A
Copy of Naughty Confidence
Absolutely Free…

Yes, you heard me right.

I would like to send you your copy of Naughty Confidence for free.

Why would I do this? 

It’s simple:.

I know that Naughty Confidence will give you new, interesting and exciting ways to talk dirty.

… But there is more to talking dirty than 

what happens between the sheets!

You still have to fill the other 23 hours 😉

That’s why I created my flagship program,  “Seduce His Mind”

Seduce His Mind teaches you how to talk dirty with your man… 

… both inside AND outside of the bedroom.

So you know how to:

Capture his attention, whenever you want it.
Captivate his imagination.
Create a seductive air of mystery.

Seduce His Mind gives you:

Texts that make him ache for you…
“Innocent” small talk that makes him crave you…
Sneaky ways to “pull away” your attention, so he will chase you…
… And a whole lot more

Let me show you:

Introducing Seduce His Mind:
The World’s First Program That’s Guaranteed 
To Help You Talk Dirty With Confidence…

So you say what he wants to hear. The words that turn him on, and make him fantasize about you…
So you please him. In person, by text, over dinner, in bed…
So you win his mind, his body and his heart. And he aches for you, whenever you’re not around...
Seduce His Mind

How can I make these promises? 

Because there are three big roadblocks which stop most women from talking dirty.

… And I designed Seduce His Mind to overcome all three roadblocks, one at a time.

Let me prove it to you:

Why Seduce His Mind Works #1:
Because You Get 209+ Spicy, Specific 
Words & Phrases…

Imagine you come home…

… and you find a book on your bed.

You open it…

You flip through the first few pages…

… And you gasp.

Because this book shares your man’s fantasies and desires.

You read this book...

In fact, you memorize every page...

… And then, your man comes home from work.

I bet the first words out of your mouth are your man’s favorite fantasy.

After all… it’s hard to feel shy when you know exactly what he wants to hear.

Seduce His Mind is as close to this “magic” book as possible.

… Because I packed it full of 209+ spicy, specific words & phrases that turn men on.

Phrases like:

The “Silent Secret” to being great in bed… Lets you say the perfect thing, no matter how shy you feel…  (Feel his toes curl in pleasure!)
Try this “Prophecy” phrase to spice up any date… “dirty talk” that’s safe in public. (Even a crowded bar or restaurant.)
If you only read one page, please read page 24… for the most important secret of them all! (The difference between sexy, sultry… and just another awkward girl, in bed)
16 phrases men crave… whisper any in his ear and his animal side takes control…
4 ways to make your man confident, in bed… Try these for a passionate lover, and a more “take charge” man!
11 texts to send when you NEED  his attention… (I dare your man to ghost you, even if he’s in an important meeting!)
… And many more!

I packed Seduce His Mind full of words and phrases that men desperately, savagely want to hear.

And that’s not all…

Why Seduce His Mind Works #2:
Because You Talk Dirty — Without 
Feeling “Cheap” or Unladylike…

Here’s a hard truth:

Most dirty talk comes from porn.

That’s why even the “best” dirty talk can make you feel “cheap” or “unladylike”...

… But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why Seduce His Mind includes dirty talk you can use with your partner…

… And still feel like a lady.

Here’s how:

When to curse… and when not to. Even a preacher loves when you curse… at this moment. (And even the wildest man gets turned off when you do it wrong
Never be humiliated in bed. Six seconds and you can say “No” to anything uncomfortable (even if your man has wild, ridiculous fantasies)
Why “porn talk” doesn't work in the real world. His favorite may talk like this… but there’s a good reason you should NOT! (has nothing to do with your relationship)
When it’s OK to lose control… Here’s the right time to say whatever’s on your mind (if you want to drive him wild…)
The 3 biggest mistakes most women make, in bed… Forget “bad” dirty talking; these mistakes ruin relationships. (Avoid at all costs!)
… And many more!

… And… while we do include some curse words…

… We give you plenty of words & phrases to say without cursing once.


Why Seduce His Mind Works #3:

Because You Invent Your Own Dirty Talk - 

Based On What Men Secretly Want To Hear…

Even the thickest book can only teach you so much…

… That’s why so many women tell me,

“I feel like I’m saying the same three phrases, over and over.”

That’s why Seduce His Mind teaches you what men desperately want to hear.

… So you can “invent” your own dirty talk…

… In the moment.

You can START with the exact words… phrases… texts I give you…

This way, you build confidence!

Then you use these powerful techniques to invent your own “Secret Sexual Language”:

Make him write your dirty talk. Clever technique makes your man give you delicious dirty talk! (This is so fun, you could have sex daily with just this trick!)
Train your man to talk dirty how YOU like. Your man ever say something that pulls you out of the moment? Here’s how to keep him on his best behavior. 
Learn what to say when you’re turned on and your mind is cloudy… Page 55 -- I show you how to talk dirty without thinking too much (so you can rock his world… while your head is deliciously foggy)
Use your most PRIVATE fantasies: Enjoy them while you’re in bed… and your man will never know! (all the spice of an affair and keep your committed relationship)
Sound sexy. (It’s simple!) Four easy ways to sound sultry and seductive. (Weirdly, this is “easier” than talking normally… when you know how)
Turn lust into love with “Relationship Alchemy.” 11 powerful affirmations transform his sexual desire into gentle, caring love (you’ll notice the difference by day three)
… And many more!

More Exciting Little Bonuses

You’ll Find In Seduce His Mind:

He thinks about you, all day. You can only talk dirty in bed… and maybe by text, right? Wrong. I’ll show you how to have him ache for you the whole day. 

(He’ll beg you to come home by lunchtime!)
What you absolutely, positively can NOT say, in bed! (No matter how exciting these words may be -- to both of you!)

They stop sex right away… and they can also ruin your relationship! 
How to help him talk dirty to YOU! Your man shouldn’t have ALL the fun! 

Your man may seem confident… he may even talk dirty already. But most men don’t know how to activate all seven emotional centers. (I’ll show you the secrets.)

All Of This - And So Much More -
Is Yours, When You Download Your
Copy Of Seduce His Mind...

If you want to feel confident talking dirty…

… and don’t want to sound silly...

… Then I urge you to download your copy of Seduce His Mind.

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Seduce His Mind Has Already Helped 
Thousands Of Women...

Including some of these women; who I’ve helped with the same techniques:

"I have paid to other online love courses and it was either playing tricks, art of manipulation with hypnotic words and your teaching just feels more realistic, more simple and easier to understand."

- Kelli

The change has been enormous: I must've done everything wrong before I started reading your material. He is acting incredibly sweet and when he looks at me, there is a softness there, which I haven't seen since the beg. of our relationship.”

- Mimi

"So much great info I have to listen over and over to get it all. Thanks a lot!"

- Rachel

Download Seduce His Mind 
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I’d like to give you complete access to Seduce His Mind for only $1, today

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After The First Week?
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My past clients rave:

“I’ve heard such amazing things about Matthew Coast and his relationship methods so I decided to give his teachings a try. I went from a heartbroken wreck to a woman who’s worshipped.

- Melanie

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This is what I want for you... and you can have it!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

While You’re Deciding Whether
Seduce His Mind Is Right For You, 
Here Are Some Of Our Most 
Frequently Asked Questions...

I already talk dirty with my partner. Will Seduce His Mind teach me new and exciting things to say?

You bet.

As I mentioned above, Seduce His Mind comes with 209+ exciting words & phrases.

You’ll learn dozens and dozens of new, exciting things to say to your partner. 

(And even some saucy new fantasies to try!)

That said… 

… if you already use more than 209+ words & phrases in bed with your partner…

… Then you probably don’t need a book to help you get started, or feel confident!

For everyone else, you can claim your copy of Seduce His Mind for just $1 today. Just click this button:

Can I use Seduce His Mind for Tinder, Instagram, texting, etc.?


My female clients told me other dirty talk books had examples which were just “too old fashioned.”

They couldn’t imagine texting their man some old timey phrase. 

Or using the dated examples over Tinder or Instagram.

That’s why I wrote my 209+ words & phrases from scratch. 

Using terms, technology… and, yes, even emojis…

… That people use, today.

This way, you can feel confident saying or texting anything in Seduce His Mind to your partner. 

(Even if you copy and paste.)

Click here to claim your very own copy of Seduce His Mind today:

For Product Support, please contact us HERE.