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Advanced Program - Sensual Texting Secrets

sensual texting secrets 300

Worth $399.85

In this course you'll discover...

  • What Types of Dirty Texts Men Crave - I'm going to give you 10 types of "Micro-Erotica" to send to your lover that will make him beg you for more.
  • Over 50 Dirty Texts That You Can Use Immediately - Not sure what to send in a text? Overthinking what you put together? Don't want him to laugh at what you say? Send him these texts, guaranteed to send the right message.

  • How to Turn Your Dirty Thoughts Into Text Messages - Once you discover what types of texts men want to see, you can start developing the habit of sending your own thoughts to him. This is a lot easier and a lot less frightening than you'd think.

  • The Biggest Mistakes Women Make When Texting Dirty and How to Avoid Them - There are quite a few mistakes women make when texting dirty that can turn him off or make him laugh when you're trying to turn him on. I'll show you what those are and what to do instead.

  • How to Bring Sexting Adventures Into the Real World - What do you do when you actually meet up with your lover after texting? I'll explain it in detail...
  • How to Text a Man to Orgasm - If you can't meet up with your man and you want to finish him off over text messages, this is how you do it...
  • How to Go From Sexual Texting to Phone Sex - If you're long distance from your man but you want to go to video chat or phone, he's what you'll want to do...
  • How to Turn Your Crush Into Your Lover - What if you want to start talking dirty to a man to give him all the right signals but you're not sure how because you're not intimate yet? Here's how to seduce him the right way...
  • And much, much more...

Alluring Gestures: Non-Verbal Seduction Secrets


Worth $47

In this guide, you're going to learn how to connect with a man through silent, non-verbal gestures... 

In other words, you'll discover the secrets of how to use your body language, facial expressions, eye contact and other non-verbal forms of communication to connect with a man, turn him on, and make him fall in love.

You'll learn how to immediately and powerful build a connection with a man that makes him feel comfortable with you and like you're on the same team together.

You'll discover how to communicate what you're feeling with simple glances that go past his conscious awareness and send emotional bonding signals to his subconscious mind.

You'll find out how to connect with him in a way that reminds him of his desire for you...

And a whole lot more.

Sexual Charisma: Get Him Started


Worth $47

Have you ever wondered how to get a guy to seduce YOU when you want him to?

What if you've never been intimate with a guy and he's being slow and you'd like him to move faster?

Don't worry, I have you covered.

In Sexual Charisma, you'll learn exactly how to do these things...

You'll discover how to create the environment around a man that makes him feel like he automatically wants to seduce you because you've become the star of his fantasy.

I'll show you how to build anticipation with a man so that you put the idea of romance into his head and kick start his primal drive so that he CRAVES you and can't wait to pull your clothes off and make love to you.

You'll find out how to connect with a man through your kiss, even if it's just the first time you've ever kissed him before (this is one of the most important times!).

You'll learn how to move things to the bedroom in the most attractive way...

And a whole lot more!

Touch Magic


Worth $47

If you're looking for the complete guide on how to touch a man to turning him on and driving him wild, look no further!

Touch Magic is all about connecting with a man through touch in a way that makes him want to touch you more, connect with you more, love you more, and go wild with desire for you.

You'll discover how to use the power of innocent touch to give him permission to start touching you more and getting physical with you. 

One thing a lot of women don't understand is that a lot of men aren't sure how to go about initiating touch with a woman. And if their touch is unwanted, it can get him in a lot of trouble.

When you use "innocent touching" to initiate, you're giving him permission to touch you so that he doesn't feel like his touch isn't wanted and instead feels like it's welcomed by you.

You'll discover some of the most common mistakes women make when touching a man that can actually turn him off and feel like he doesn't want to connect with you through touch.

You'll want to avoid those at all costs.

You'll discover something I call "Touch Escalation" with guys who are into you that you want to give him the signals that you want him to get even more physically intimate with you.

If a guy is shy or worried that you're going to friend zone him, this is a great way to assure him that you want him to touch you in a "more than friendly" way without coming across as desperate, needy, or "too much."

You'll learn the secrets to intimate and erotic touch. How do you drive him wild with your touch once you start to get more intimate?

I'll guide you step by step in exactly what to do. You'll love it... and so will he.

And a lots and lots more!

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