Hiring: Women's Dating Coach to Work With Our Team

If you are a certified, women's dating coach and have at least some experience coaching women, then this is for you...

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Position Title: Lead Coach

Position Payment: $100/hr starting out

Experience Needed: Intermediate to Advanced Level Coach


Guiding women through their coaching journey in our program.

Onboarding, diagnosing main issues, coaching women through issues, setting up the coach with specialist coaches, knowing where to point them for additional learning (in our program), setting goals, keeping them accountable.


People Skills, Dating/Relationship Coaching, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication, Creating Awareness, Planning and Goal Setting, and Accountability.

You'll be talking to women through what's going on with them. Sometimes they'll have tough backgrounds or challenges and you'll need to be professional, compassionate, and kind while also being firm and challenging them to get out of their comfort zone.

You'll need to diagnose women's challenges, recognize patterns, and help women through things like belief system changes, shifting what they're attracted to, helping them heal from past trauma or challenges, and show them the path to personal freedom and empowerment, as well as helping them with their dating and relationship situations and knowing how to handle that.

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