7 Sexy Texts That Men Crave (Send Him This TONIGHT)

Once you’ve established that you really like a guy and would like something hot and sexual to happen someday, the next move is NOT to have sex!

Believe it or not! In fact, that’s the mistake a lot of girls make when they first meet a guy who’s all over them. He appears to want sex…so they figure, “Okay I’ll give him what he wants and then he’ll like me!”

But that’s not the way it works. What he’s actually saying when he likes you and wants you is “Hey, I like THIS. This tension, this game, this courtship, this dynamic…let’s explore THIS.”

The girl misunderstands this and so as soon as sex happens, the attraction is over. Both the guy and girl are confused about it too, because she’s thinking “What did I do wrong?” (you really didn’t give the relationship a chance at all) and he’s thinking, “Why don’t I still like her?” (because you wanted an emotional connection and yet you settled for sex!).

So I propose this: instead of actually arranging for sex or having phone sex or sexting, why not just tease him? Learn the art of seduction. Be patient and progress at a natural pace, rather than rushing into the act itself.

As an examplem here are seven “sexy texts” that are extremely hot and yet are not actually the definition of sexting or phone sex. Use these lines and then watch him try twice as hard to chase you!

1. “If I were the genie from Aladdin and could grant you ANY three wishes, what would they be?”

This is a very sexy line and invites him to confess something naughty, as in a sexual wish you could grant for him. This question actually encourages him to think weird so he can shock you, charm you or make you laugh.

2. “Be honest…what about a girl really turns you on? Physically? Mentally?”

Asking him a direct question works well in the later stages of a relationship. By now you both feel the sexual tension. But now you’re in the “research phase.” What about a woman turns him on? What about your body and what about your mind? Is there any kink that he particularly enjoys? It’s smart to ask him now, in the non-sexual stage of the dating process, so you can actually give him his ultimate fantasy later on, when the time is right.

3. “It’s really cold in here. I’m covered in blankets and still feeling cold. Maybe I should put some clothes on.” OR “I have to go shower right now.”

This is a fantastic line because it practically dares him to say something naughty—acknowledging the fact that you’re naked or are going to be naked. He can say something droll like “I wish I was there to help you with that!” or something funny like “Stop torturing me with all those amazing visuals!” The hilarious thing is that you’re the one who brings it up making an “innocent” comment…but you know he’s going to say something sexy and that’s why you do it.

4. “So are you more the romantic leading man or are you the bad boy dirty talking rebel?”

Find out really fast what his sex style is! Does he like it romantic, passionate and intimate? Or does he like to get down and dirty? Most guys are probably both but this question opens a dialog about what he enjoys the most about sex. This is definitely a TMI question and yet it works brilliantly in the later stages of dating, but before sex happens. Let him show off by goading him into it with a bold question like this?

5. “What is the most taboo fantasy you’ve ever had?” And…“Yeah that one!”

The funny thing is, you know the guy’s going to hesitate to tell you. Most men are hesitant to reveal their darkest thoughts and kinkiest fantasies before any actual sex happens. They’re trained by society and their mothers to be nice.

So when you challenge him to unleash the “beast” and confess the most taboo thing he can think of, it’s a powerful rush that really makes him think, blush and giggle. It practically ruins any “friend-zone” you might be in since this is not what opposite sex friends talk about!

Best of all, it lets him know you’re not afraid of sex talk, nor are you a prude. You can listen to his worst fantasy, laugh it off (“as in, really? That’s all?”), and convince him that you’re the sexiest woman he’s ever met.

6. “How WOULD you seduce me, you know, if we were alone together?”

This is another very subtle seduction technique that lets him get all hot and bothered as he describes your first night together. But you’re also making him experience the emotions and attraction that he’s pretending to show you in real time. This is such a subtle but flirty move you could actually use it in the moderate flirting stage, even before sexual attraction is strong.

The only way he can process a hypothetical situation is if he actually FEELS it, as the two of you discuss it. It’s a nice way to challenge him and preview his romantic style for when that big night comes.

7. “Ooh I like it when you take charge like that. Makes me blush.”

You could actually replace “makes me blush” with anything, from something cutesy and innocent to something X-rated. The point is you’re telling him that his strong masculinity is turning you on and that you would love to see more of that behavior.

A lot of guys do need a reminder of this, because being “polite”, what most men do on a first and second date, is not really compatible with being strong, confident and masculine. So give him a little reminder that you like when he makes decisions, when he’s confident and when he showcases his best qualities for you.

This is your feminine behavior reacting to his masculine behavior and it’s what creates attraction in the first place.

Try these techniques as the relationship progresses. They’re not quite “sexting” but they will definitely remind him that he’s getting close…if only he tries a little bit harder.

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