This 1 Mistake Destroys your Chances of Getting Him Back

And How to Get Him Running Back to You

If you went through a breakup and you want to get your ex to forget all the reasons he left and to instead come running back into your arms…

There’s one mistake you absolutely MUST NOT make…

It’s trying to create something I call a “Broken Attachment.”

A Broken Attachment turns him off

It makes him feel bad around you…

It reminds him of the reasons he left in the first place

It makes it nearly impossible to get him back...

And it lowers your value in his eyes so much that, many times, he’ll feel like he wants nothing to do with you...

If that sounds horrible, let me show you the signs that you’re creating a Broken Attachment so that you avoid it completely and exactly what you should be doing  instead…

4 Signs You’re Using a Broken Attachment With Him

You know you’re trying to use a Broken Attachment anytime you do one of these four things…

1. Hooking Up With Him, Hoping Sex Will Make Him Stay

This temporarily makes YOU feel better because you get to be close to him, feel like you're connected, etc.

Unfortunately, it’s VERY easy for a man to move you from a “real relationship” to a “just a hookup” category. 

For most men, if you're just a hookup to him, it's hard for him to think of you as more.

Instead, you want to connect with him EMOTIONALLY and get his primal drive CRAVING you before you get physically intimate with him again.

Physical intimacy will destroy this craving and release the tension and you want to keep it there so that he feels like he can't get enough of you.

2. Begging Him or Telling Him You Can't Live Without Him

This is probably one of the worst things you can possibly do. 


Because it NEVER works out in the long run and only makes him feel like he could do a LOT better than you.

He'll feel like you're trying to trap him. And like a trapped animal, all he'll want to do is escape.

Instead, you want to flip this around on him.

You want HIM feel like he’s lucky to be with YOU and have you in his life.

You want HIM to feel like he lost someone amazing and that he MUST get you back in his arms. 

He literally CAN'T feel that way if you're begging him to be with you or putting him on a pedestal.

Men want to feel like they've got a catch... a woman who is special, valuable, and hard to find.

You need to communicate to him that you are a woman of value, the type of woman that HE would be lucky to have in his life...

And that he made a HUGE mistake for breaking up with you in the first place.

BUT... you must do this in an attractive way.

3. Investing in Him to Prove That You Care

Some women make the mistake of thinking that if they could just PROVE to a man how much they care about him, he’ll realize he made a mistake leaving and want her back.

So they buy him gifts, dinners, cancel previous plans, and travel way out of their way to see him.

Unfortunately, this NEVER works

It just makes him feel like you’re desperate to get him back.

Again, you need to flip this around. 

You want HIM to FEEL like HE needs to prove to YOU that he cares and wants to get back together.

This may seem far away right now, given your current situation. 

But, don't worry... I’ll tell you exactly how to do this in just a minute.

4. Trying to Make Him Remember The Good Times

This seems like a smart thing to do. If he remembers the good times, he’ll want them back, right?


Unfortunately, this usually only makes him remember why you broke up.


Because he links those OLD memories with your OLD relationship.

And your old relationship is what he wanted to leave.

He doesn't want to get back in the same relationship he just left.

There's too much pain there, too much hurt, too much resentment.

Now you might be thinking... "Okay, so how do I get him back?"

Here’s what you want to do instead…

Here’s The #1 Key to Getting Your Ex Back...

If you want your ex to come running back to you…

If you want him to value you, desire you, and cherish every moment he spends with you…

If you want him to invest in you so that he pursues YOU for the type of relationship YOU want to have with him…

You need one thing…

It’s something I call, a “Relationship Restart.”

Most women, understandably, do it backwards.

They try to get a man BACK in the relationship they once had together…

Not realizing that he doesn’t want to go back

That’s why he left in the first place.

The old relationship means PAIN to him. He doesn’t want what you had.

He wants something NEW and DIFFERENT.

Instead of getting him back in the same relationship, you need to make him feel like he’s getting into a NEW RELATIONSHIP, one that’s different than the one he just left.

That’s the Relationship Restart.

If you do this the right way, he’ll do the things that men do when they’re first getting into a relationship with a woman they like, desire, and even CRAVE.

He’ll pursue you, chase you, invest in YOU.

He’ll make YOU a priority, going out of his way, cancelling other plans, moving mountains and traveling to the ends of the earth to be with you.

He’ll see you in a completely new light… a woman he loves, values, and cherishes.

If you do this the right, you’ll get him back, get the relationship you want, and he’ll have a renewed appreciation for you and the love you share together.

But you have to BELIEVE that you deserve to be chased, loved, and cherished by your ex.

If you try to get him back into the same relationship, you’re just going to push him away further, make him feel like he NEVER wants to come back

Instead, the Relationship Restart teaches you to shift your beliefs about what you deserve, shift your approach, and have a community that supports you through this process.

Here Are Some Real Examples...

Tammy from Iowa came to me heartbroken because her boyfriend Josh left her for a woman she said was “younger and prettier” than she was.

She felt like she was “dying inside” as she accepted being “just friends” with her man while he was dating and sleeping with someone else.

Using the Relationship Restart, she discovered that the emotional connection she had with Josh was stronger and more powerful than what simply being “younger and prettier” could give him.

It’s been three months and Josh has done a complete 180… he left the other woman, apologized to Tammy for “being an idiot,” and she made him PROVE how much he loves her before she allowed him to get back together with her.

Karen’s been divorced from her ex husband for over 6 years now. She said that when he left her, she lost the love of her life.

She didn’t understand why she couldn’t convince him that she had changed and to come back to the relationship they had together.

Once she discovered how to use Relationship Restart, she said her ex husband began treating her the way he did when they first met.

He started buying her dinners, staring into her eyes, laughing at the stupid jokes she made, and asking her “what happened to us?”

Not only did he end up coming back to her, HE PROPOSED AGAIN! She said she’s never been so happy.

Here’s How It Works...

The Relationship Restart works on sound psychological principles. Men crave something new, different, exciting, and mysterious.

When you use the Relationship Restart, it tricks his brain to think that this is something brand new and different than what he left in the first place.

However, you have history with him. 

If he’s been in love with you once, it’s FAR EASIER to make him fall deeper in love with you a second time.

When you combine a fresh start with deep, powerful emotions, you end up having an unfair advantage over any other woman he meets.

He'll see you in a whole new light and forget about any pain, challenges, and worries that made him hurt and angry in the past.

And instead, he'll start to see you as the one and ONLY woman he wants to be with...

He'll start pursuing YOU, investing in YOU, and trying to convince YOU that you should get back together.

This is the situation you want to be in if you want your ex back.

And the fastest, most effective way to do this is through the Relationship Restart.

Who am I and how do I know this?

Here's How I Know...

My name is Matthew Coast and I’ve been teaching in the dating industry since 2005.

Maybe you’ve heard of me?

Over the last decade I've spoken to, taught, and coached hundreds of thousands of women from over 40 countries about how to get into and stay in committed relationships that last.

I’ve helped save marriages, heal broken hearts, and helped women attract and re-attract great guys who love, see, and cherish them.

Many of the women I’ve worked with have gotten into great relationships, gotten married, and are happier than ever before.

And their success can be YOUR success.

I believe that success leaves clues. People who’ve been successful before you have done certain things right…

What I do is research. I look for patterns for what works and what doesn’t work.

My guess is that you’re reading this right now because you want to re-attract an ex into a relationship where he’s head over heels in love with you… and this time you want it to LAST.

You want him to step up and treat you the way you know you deserve to be treated.

You want to be seen for who you are, the amazing, beautiful woman who deserves love.

And you want to be valued so much that he want to be with you and only you forever.

That’s why I put together a program called…

Restart Your Relationship:  How to Win Your Ex Back and Keep Him Forever…

This is the most powerful system you’ll find for getting your ex back in a way that allows you to have a better relationship than ever before and makes him want to stay with you forever…

My results-focused, step-by-step formula will ensure you get your ex back, even if:

...Your ex told you that he hates you.

...It’s been a really long time  since you broke up.

...He’s seeing one or more other women right now.

Or… You feel as if you've tried absolutely everything!


This system is NOT about…

... Hurting a man, getting revenge on him, or beating him down until he submits!

... It’s NOT about twisting yourself into a pretzel or pretending like you’re someone you’re not to be with him…

... And it’s NOT a bunch of tricks that only work temporarily on a man and only if he doesn’t know you’re using it on him…

There’s enough nonsense out there in the dating space. I only teach advice that actually works, my reputation depends on it.

If you’re looking for nonsense, this program is NOT for you.

Please don’t buy my stuff if you're looking to hurt or manipulate a man. I don’t want you using it.

This program is only for women who want a REAL solution to getting back with their ex in a relationship where he loves you, sees you, and cherishes you.

I’ve made it as easy and as simple as you can get.

Inside Restart Your Relationship, you’ll discover…

How to get that feeling back that you had when the two of you first met… (you CAN get things back to the way they used to be… if you know this)
The 5 Phases that must happen in order for you to get your ex back (if you skip one of these phases, the likelihood of getting him back drops to almost nothing).
What to do if he’s gotten into a relationship with another woman.
The number 1 most important action you must take in order to get back together with your ex.
How to get rid of your neediness and desperation so that you can show your ex the confident, sexy side of yourself that he’ll crave to get back together with.
The key that makes him want a commitment with you (if you mess this up, I can guarantee you that he won’t stay in the relationship for very long).
2 mistakes women make that destroy their relationships and how to avoid them.
The exact way you need to establish contact with him so that he doesn’t freak out on you (and begins replying and inviting you to contact him more often)..
What to do if he sends you angry messages (you can turn it around, diffuse his anger, and get him to be kind and caring if you use this one technique).
The Time Machine Texting Technique which is a sneaky tactic to make him have those warm, loving feelings he had during the best times in your old relationship.
The Present Positive Change Technique: a powerful way to make him realize that you’re a different person now and associate with you a flood of curiosity and intrigue that will make him want to talk to and meetup with you.
Why some women end up with only a casual, “friend with benefits” type relationship with their ex (and how to make sure you get a committed one instead).
How to drive him wild with desire for you when you meet up with him again (and what most women do to screw it all up).
What to do and how to tell if he’s going to commit to you or not (and the big mistake you must avoid if you want his commitment)
How to have “the talk” about getting back together and make him want to show up bigger in your relationship than he ever did before.
And so much more...

Normally, I charge $47 for Restart Your Relationship...

But today, if you buy it from this page, you can buy it for just $1.

Why would I give you this life changing information for just $1?

For two reasons….

First, I want to make this program available to just about anyone and I don’t want finances to stop you from getting it.

And secondly, what I’ve found a lot of women really need in addition to the program is personalized help with their particular situation.

That’s why, in addition to getting Restart Your Relationship, you’re also receiving a 14 day FREE trial to The Fresh Start Coaching Club.

In it, you'll have our top coaches answer your most pressing questions about YOUR situation in this private, anonymous coaching forum because we found that most women need this more than anything else.

This is worth over $379, you’re getting a two week trial to it for free.

You’ll also get the The Fresh Start Coaching Club weekly video content on topics like…

When to reach out and contact your ex again so that you’re best prepared for him to feel like you’re bringing him into a new relationship.
The biggest mistakes women make when reaching out and what to do instead.
How to connect with him on your date so that he starts pursuing, investing, and craving a REAL relationship with you.
And a whole lot more...

This is worth $197, you’ll get the first couple videos in this as a part of the 2 week trial.

All-in-all, you’ll be receiving over $500 worth of value all just for $1.

And if you decide to stay a part of the community after the 14 days is over, it’s just $67 a month from then on out and you can cancel at any time.

If you’re tired of pushing your ex further away by doing things that don’t actually work…

If you’re ready to get a map of EXACTLY what you should do from where you are to having a vibrant, love-filled relationship where you are passionately in love with each other…

Click the button below and get your copy of Restart Your Relationship for just $1…


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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

Here's What Others Are Saying

We have some amazing women in our community who have used my products, here's some of what they have to say...  


"Thank you so much for this. Matthew. I took you advice and everything has only gradually gotten better between us. He's done a complete 180.

He's been talking about our future together a lot the past month (moving in together, marriage, kids) and he really wants to rush and be in a relationship, but I remind him that he will feel much better when he has his life together to do that. 

Haha. He's just been absolutely amazing. The great thing about it is I'm not only excited to get to that point where we can move forward but I'm excited about everyday up until that point. We have had so many deep conversations where he had told me that he feels like we grow closer everyday and we think it's great we've taken everything very slow. It's so much better than jumping into things. I just wanted to thank you again! Hope all is well with you and God bless you. 🙂"


"It works! Matthew, I am so grateful for all of the videos. The past two and a half months have been almost more than I could take, but we managed to compromise and put things back together, starting around New Years. Thank you!"  


“I thank Matthew so much. His program changed my life. His advice and techniques are invaluable. Easy to understand and implement.”  


"I should say Thank you Matthew. I had totally lost self-confidence. I was almost forgetting my worth after going through an abusive relationship but finding you brought me back to life. I love you Matthew may God continue blessing and using you."


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