Your Score Is...

Medium Interest

His interest scored between 24 and 36 on the quiz.

What Does This Mean?

Being in the "Medium Interest" means that he's into you to some degree... but beware that he's not just into you for something casual.

The best way to build a deeper, strong, and more long-term connection is for you to connect with his heart. Emotions are everything when it comes to a man wanting something long-term with you.

Here's the Biggest Indicator of His Interest in You...

The effort a man puts forth in getting to know you means everything. A man who is really into you will invest in you... that's the number one indicator of how interested he is. 

He will also try to act his best, to entertain you as best he can, and boast about his good qualities.

A quick way to connect with him emotionally is to talk about HIM, his favorite subject! In fact, the more you indulge him about his favorite hobbies and his favorite things, the more he will start to trust you and bond with you emotionally.

Eventually, he will come to admire the mystery about you and start to ask questions. It’s not much a “challenge” as it is a trading of information. Let him chase your attention, then take an interest in him, then let him chase more information out of you.

While it’s true that being friends first is wise, be careful not to fall into the friend zone. It’s easy to mistake kindness and extroverted behavior for romantic affections. It’s even more confusing when a guy feels sexual attractions towards you but has no serious romantic intentions.

Even more important, however, is how much he is willing to sacrifice for you. Some men make it obvious that they like a woman by going out of their way to “Provide” for her various needs.

This indicates he is emotionally invested. Lastly, look the man in the eyes and determine if he’s “gazing” at you, or staring for long moments at a time since this is what guys tend to do when they feel attraction. In fact, you will always seem to make him perk up just by entering the room!

Sometimes signals can be confusing, especially if you’ve never been on a real date before. Be sure to get some assurance from the guy that you both like each other before investing too much emotionally in a one-sided romance! Love is always so much more satisfying when it’s in a relationship of two equals!

The Key To Winning And Keeping A Man's Heart

It’s easy to drag a man back to your bedroom…but not so easy to touch his heart. 

It seems like an age old dilemma. What can a woman possibly do to engage a man emotionally and make him feel the love she feels?

It’s especially hard when you’re dealing with a successful guy, or a player. That’s usually because players started off as sensitive guys who got hurt and now put on a front to avoid being intimate with anyone.

What a mess! It seems like the guys you like don’t like you, and the guys you can’t stand are the ones always chasing.

Well take heart—because you, as a woman, still hold all the power. You still have the ability to win the heart of a man, whether he’s rich, a player, really busy, or any other “problem” scenario that might come up.

The key to winning and keeping a man's heart isn't through convincing him that you're perfect together, showing him with gifts and praise, or telling him "everything he wants to hear."

Those things actually make a man feel like you're NOT a high value woman who deserves him.

Instead, what you need to do is focus on his EMOTIONS. While this may seem like common sense, you'd be surprised how many women get this COMPLETELY WRONG.

You need to say things that make him FEEL like you're right for him instead of convincing him logically... you need to show him that you're different than all the other women out there... you need to connect to his heart.

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It’s true. How you communicate with a man can actually release different hormones in his body.

One of the most important ones is testosterone because that’s what makes him CHASE you, pursue you, and invest in you so that he gets “hooked” and desires something more with you.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

P.S. You can actually trigger a “cocktail of emotions” inside a man that makes him feel like he can’t get you out of his mind and even feel addicted to you, if you text him a certain way.

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