Finally! A Trick To Make A Man Obsessed With You That Works Every. Single. Time!

New Science Shows How To Make Any Man Obsessed With You In 4 Easy Steps -- Here’s How...

Imagine you walk the streets of Prague, on a snowy December night. The cobble-stone streets click below your shoes… every corner looks like a painting from a museum back home…

You can feel the history in the air, and the romance wraps around you like an old coat.

Now, imagine you bump into a charming older couple. And you chat with them.

Their love is so clear, you ask how long they’ve been married.

Sixty years,” says the husband, with a warm smile. He puts his hand on his wife’s back, and looks at her with love in his eyes.

Sixty blissful years with the love of my life.

You finish talking, but before you say goodbye, the woman takes you aside. And she slips an antique bottle into your hand.

“Take this,” she says. “This is my ‘true love’ secret to keeping my husband obsessed with me, for all these years.”

Sound fantastic? I thought so, too. 

But, while I was in Prague, I found a very real “love potion.” A love potion that studies have mentioned more than ONE THOUSAND TIMES since it was first found.

If you’re a busy woman who wants the man of her dreams… It's my hope this simple formula for obsession will be YOUR secret “love potion from Prague.” 

Your secret which makes the man of your dreams gaze at you with love in his eyes. Even sixty years after he proposes to you…

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast

"Commitment Coach"

If this is your first time reading or seeing something of mine, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Matthew Coast and I’m known as the “Commitment Coach.”

Maybe you’ve heard of me?

I’m the head dating coach, author, and founder at commitmentconnection.com. 

Since 2005, I’ve taught, coached, and spoken to hundreds of thousands of both men and women about dating and relationships. 

My videos and articles reach millions of women, every month, all over the world.

Many of these women have gone on to get married, raise families, and live happily ever after. I’ve helped save marriages, mend broken hearts, and heal struggling relationships.

Ok, enough about me! Onto the juicy part!

What If You Could Press A Button To Make Him Obsess Over You?

We all grow up with dreams of our Prince Charming.

But we sometimes settle for “just ok” men five… ten… even twenty years into a relationship.

(God forbid after a divorce or an affair!)

That’s why I was BLOWN AWAY when I found science that PROVES you can make any man OBSESSED with you…

* You may notice little numbers like this¹ while you read this section. These are footnotes, and if you go to the bottom of the page, you can find the name & title of the study. 

This way, you know every promise I make from here on out is TRUE. And YOU CAN DO IT! (Heck, you can even read the studies, if you want.)  


I used to eat dinner with my mother. My father loved my mother dearly. But after years where their connections filled with resentment, anger, and bitterness... 

… My mother felt alone and cold. 

This ended in divorce when they could have saved their marriage with a kind act here and a loving word there. After all my mother had done to raise us kids, she deserved more. I don't want your relationship to suffer the same fate.

That’s why Obsession Benefit #1 is warmth. Study after study shows that warmth can start to come from even a cold and distant man.

One study² showed that obsession can help even a rock-hearted ‘man’s man’ find his inner romantic. And shower his lover with kind words and deeds. 

Another study³ took men described as “distant.” And they watched as these same men became smitten by their neglected wives. 

A final study⁴ showed that this same obsession leads to more kisses… more kind touches… more gentle touches… 

… And more enjoyable time spent together.


Every man who met my friend Karen gave her the ol’ “once over.” Which was weird because Karen’s boyfriend looked at every woman, too. I don’t know whether it’s because of porn or social media, but men these days have wandering eyes. And I know too many women who were cheated on.

That’s why Obsession Benefit #2 is worship. Study after study shows that your man won’t wander once he’s obsessed with you.

For example, one study⁵ showed that obsession changes his brain. You truly, in his heart of hearts, become the world’s sexiest woman. 

Another study⁶ showed you charm to him… regardless of your social skills. 

(That same study said you could even give him the best orgasm of his life. No matter how little sex you have, right now.)


When I was 13 years old, I watched Titanic. My fave scene was the scene where Jack drew Rose. Not because it was my first time seeing a woman topless... 

… But because the way Rose inspired Jack to draw her was so primal.

This is why Obsession Benefit #3 is wonder. Study after study shows that a man who is truly obsessed with a woman views her with wonder in his heart. 

One study⁷ proved that even a “boring” man can see a woman as inspiration made flesh. 

Another study⁸ showed how, once obsessed, a man’s goals… his passions… his hobbies… they all are better because you’re around. And are less joyful when you’re not.

(A final study⁹ showed a man who is obsessed with a woman can vibrate with excitement when his love is around. His cells start to dance in place!)


This study¹⁰ said obsession acts as a secret mirror in good relationships. Your kindness brings out his kindness… your warmth opens his heart & helps him share his feelings… 

… And your passion for him returns to you ten-fold. As a romance, passion, hunger for you that no other woman can satisfy.


Another study¹¹ showed obsession is the key to true, deep connection. How it helps him open up. So he shares his past, his dreams, his desires + fears with you. So you know his heart, and can truly trust the man he is.


Three studies¹² ¹³ ¹⁴ show how obsession is the secret that helps even an intense man learn patience. So he listens to your needs… so he respects your values… so he tells you what he needs from you to stay happy for life.

In fact, there have been so many studies done on the power of obsession, you can’t give enough space to each:

The study where obsession helps with depression¹⁵ - In both you and him. Where he loves to see you… where just your face lifts his spirits… where he feels better about him, because you’re in his life…
The study where obsession helps with criticism¹⁶ - Where he does now criticize  your personality & interests… where he listens to your feedback… where he realizes all the ways he hurt you, in the past…
The study where obsession helps let “the little things” go¹⁷ - Where he stops trying to “fix” you or your relationship… where he stops picking on you… where he can even forgive you, after an affair…
The study where obsession helps prevent + reunite separated couples¹⁸ - Where just talking with a man lowers his desire to break up with you… where his jealousy melts away… where exes get back together...

… Once you know where to look, the benefits of a man TRULY obsessed with you really go on and on.

But this, final benefit has to be my favorite:


I know some women will read this page and think, “That’s not me.” That’s why I love this study from 2009¹⁹. In the study, scientists tried to figure out why some relationships lead to obsession.

You would think the answer would be “natural fit,” or maybe even “luck.” 

I thought the answer would be “how hard the man is willing to work.”

… But the reason some men became obsessed and others did not? Because THE WOMAN chose to make her man obsessed with them.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

This study said that ANY woman has the power to make a man obsessed with her: 

Even if she doesn’t look like a pencil thin model… even if she’s given up all hope that her man will commit to her… and even if she feels she’s getting too old to find a man who wants to settle down.

So how can you make your man obsessed with you, so YOU can reap this true love?

Here’s how:

Just Follow This 4 Step Path For Passion & Bliss That LASTS…

All of the benefits I mentioned above happen when and only when a man is OBSESSED with you.

Until then, you’re just playing relationship roulette.

Luckily, the breakthrough science I found in Prague gave 4 steps any woman can take to make a man obsess over her.

I turned those 4 steps into a checklist you can use to make the man of your dreams in love with you.

All of the benefits I mentioned above happen when and only when a man is OBSESSED with you.

Until then, you’re just playing relationship roulette.

Luckily, the breakthrough science I found in Prague gave 4 steps any woman can take to make a man obsess over her.

I turned those 4 steps into a checklist you can use to make the man of your dreams in love with you.

I call it “The Path to Obsession” checklist.

Here’s how it works:

Dating a new man? Start at step one: Start with the very first step and work all the way to the end. You’ll start your relationship off right, and get the warmth, worship and wonder you deserve.
Already in a relationship? Start in the middle: Use the “Path to Obsession” to see out where you went wrong. Then fix that, and move on. By the time you fix every step in the checklist, your man will be head over heels for you.
Broke up with the love of your life? Start at the end: I added a section at the end about breakups. It shows you how to start over with an ex (no matter whether he’s an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.) Once he starts to text you back, start the “Path to Obsession” at step one. This gives you the chance to start over again!

So you see, when you use "The Path to Obsession” checklist, you FINALLY have both clarity + certainty in your relationships!

Use "The Path to Obsession”, and:

Never again worry that a man sees you as just a lover…
Never again wonder whether he’s busy working, or if he’s “dodging” your texts…
Never again wish your man would tame his eye… or become more thoughtful and romantic… or commit to you, once + for all…

And you can have this thanks to the step by step science in those papers from Prague. (A study that pulled from more than 47 years of research!!)

That’s why I have been selling the “Path to Obsession” for $25. And hundreds of women have been help by its power:

“It works! Matthew, I am so grateful for all of your help. The past two and a half months have been almost more than I could take, but we managed to compromise and put things back together, starting around New Years. Thank you!”

- Amanda

“This program works! I found a boyfriend, we dated, he proposed to me today! I'm so happy!”

- Emily

"I have paid to other online love courses and it was either playing tricks, art of manipulation with hypnotic words and this just feels more realistic, more simple and more easier to understand. Nothing really should be too complicated. This program has helped me open my eyes to the few mistakes I have made."

- Kelli

But you won’t pay $25 for the “Path to Obsession.” In fact...

"The Path to Obsession” is yours as a bribe. A bold & shameless bribe...

I know the second you get the “Path to Obsession” checklist, you’re going to ask it about a man you like.

And I know you’re going to see, plain as day, what steps you need to take to make this desirable man hungry for you and only you.

I also know you are a busy woman. A woman who doesn’t have the time to fail over & over again.

This is why I created a course to go along with the checklist. A course which shows you exactly what to say and what to do.

A course which makes obsession simple… certain… and foolproof…

I call this course The Obsession Formula. And, if you take me up on a 60-day, risk free trial of this course... 

… I’ll give you “The Path to Obsession” checklist free.

The Secret? The Obsession Formula Uses A Special Four-Step Process To Capture Men’s Minds…

I call it “Connection Cycling.” Here’s how it works:

When you “connect” with a man, use one of the techniques I’ll show you in The Obsession Formula. 

(They are written in such a way that your man loves everything you say.)

Then follow a special sequence. This causes a “void” in your man’s life. A void he fills with thoughts of you.

When you create this cycle of connection and space, your man misses being around you. He wonders how you’re doing, when you’re not around.

And… as you do this over and over… that feeling grows stronger and stronger. Until your man’s mind belongs to you.

I will show you how to do “Connection Cycling” in The Obsession Formula. All four steps which give “Connection Cycling” it’s power.

And I’ll show you dozens more powerful techniques. Including:

THE PRIDE PRINCIPLE - This is the ONLY way your man will introduce you to his friends and family. If you don't do this, you'll end up being his 'dirty little secret.' Instead of what you really want... for him to tell the whole world that you're the ONE AND ONLY woman he wants in his life...
INSTANT INTIMACY - Three minutes spent doing this with your man creates instant love. Even the New York Times featured it in an article titled, “To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This”...
THE ATTAINABILITY PRINCIPLE - This is how to make sure he knows you're interested and keep him on the hook so he's can't get enough of you.
FANNING THE FIRE - This is the #1 reason why men have mind blowing, toe curling, passionate romantic desire for a woman. And it is the #1 reason men lose interest and end up filing for divorce.
EMOTIONAL BOOSTING TECHNIQUE - Use this to avoid the #1 mistake women make that drive men away from them. And train him to want and crave a deeper connection with you...
ATTRACTIVE ABUNDANCE - Here’s what you should do if you want to destroy your insecurities. And how you can get a man to work harder, fight more, and move mountains to have your love…
THE PARTNERSHIP PRINCIPLE - Discover the secret principle that one of our coaches used that turned her commitment-phobic boyfriend into a man who proposed and married her to prove how much he loves and cares for her. Use The Partnership Phrase I give you to make your man feel the same way.
THE POWER OF ANCHORING - This technique will make it so that everything around him reminds him of the good times you've had together. Men who experience this have been known to send their woman messages, romantic love notes, and say things like, "I can't wait to see you" throughout the day when they're away. Be careful, this is powerful!


The list truly goes on and on.

To Help You Along Your Own “Path to Obsession” I’ve Made The Obsession Formula A Very Good Deal...

I want you to have the relationship of your dreams. I want you to have the power to make any man completely obsessed with you. And I want you to afford it.

That’s why I’ve priced The Obsession Formula at the low price of $37

No tricks. No “huge,” fake discounts. No gimmicks. Just a powerful, step-by-step program at a price you can afford.

And… as you know… I will also include my step-by-step “Path to Obsession” for free. Even though I sell it for $25 on it’s own.

When you’re ready to make a man obsessed with you, just click this button to add The Obession Formula to your cart:


My 1,000 Study 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Try The Obsession Formula for 60-days, risk free

Watch as any man you set your sights on treats you with Warmth… Worship… Wonder… and the other Obsession Benefits…

Enjoy the power to demand love and respect from the world.

… And… at the end of 60 days… put me to the test:

Come back to this page. Read everything I’ve said. Then compare this page to your own life.

If you aren’t enjoying every benefit on this page, simply send me an email. I will send your money back - every single penny. And you can keep the Path to Obsession as my gift to you. 

I want YOU to win, in this deal. So I’ve made sure you have nothing to lose.

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Finally - A Step-by-Step Way To Make Any Man Obsessed With You…

Imagine waking up next to a man who worships you for the warm, loving woman you are.

And imagine how satisfying it will feel to KNOW that your man is in love and obsessed with YOU: 

To have a checklist that PROVES how loved and worshipped you are. (No matter how confident or afraid you feel, that day.)

Imagine how exciting it will be to step into the love you know you deserve. 

To be proud of yourself... 

To be proud of your man…

… And to be proud of the effort he puts into your relationship, every single day.

Thousands of women trust me to guide them to the relationship of their dreams. I’d like to show you why:

Simply click this button to invite obsession and love into your life, once and for all:


There are some moments we feel for years and years. We look back at them as moments when we changed our lives. When we finally bet on ourselves.

I’ve done everything in my power to make this moment one of those moments, for you. All you have to do is click the button below, and come with me:


Talk soon,

Matthew Coast



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