8 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush That Drive Him Crazy for You

An interesting phenomenon happens when a guy puts you in the “friend zone.” (And yes it happens to women too!)

You talk a lot. You have a good conversation. He may even confide in you. You’re thinking to yourself, “Well this relationship is progressing!”

But then he throws something at you like, “I’m going on a date with so and so.” Or “I wish I could meet somebody…”

Why hasn’t he noticed you? Or more to the point, why has he friend-zoned you? Don’t guys understand that a woman usually DOESN’T play therapist unless it means she’s interested?

Well that’s where it gets tricky. Men can really get into the habit of confiding in a free therapist. It feels good to get baggage off his chest. But if you haven’t actually created any sexual tension, then you are being friend-zoned or shall I coin a phrase… “Therapist-Zoned.” And that’s not where you want to be.

So here’s an idea. Remember these 8 cute things to say that will break you out of that zone and remind him that you’re a woman, he’s a man, and he should be chasing you. These eight cute questions and statements will drive him crazy and make him think about you long after the conversation is over.

1. “What does your ideal girl look like or act like?”

This is a seemingly innocent question, but one that really helps him see the obvious: you’re not such a good “friend”, but really more of a single woman that’s available. When you ask him this question he gets to describe ideal qualities that impress him and why they appeal to him. Now you’ve learned his “secret combination” and can begin accentuating these qualities (that you probably already have). Soon, he will realize you’re the perfect woman he never noticed before.

2. “I had the weirdest dream about you last night.”

This is a brilliant statement because it piques his curiosity. Dreams are an indicator of how a person really feels about a situation, a person or a belief. Naturally, the guy will want to know what you think about him and since dreams are “involuntary” it’s not even that forward of a thing to say. He’s probably thinking, “Were were kissing in the dream? Does she like me?” You can just shrug the dream off…but you’ve planted the idea of romance in his head.

3. “Describe the perfect kiss” OR “What was the best kiss of your life?”

It’s not all that awkward to use this question, if the subject of sex, romance or intimacy comes up—usually speaking about friends, or even a TV show that has a kissing scene. This gives him the chance to ponder on what a good kiss feels like, gives you some tips, and actually makes him think about kissing you. Now, he’s going to ASSOCIATE a good kiss with your face, since you brought it up.

If you really want to turn him on you could even ask where he likes to be kissed. This is a little dangerous of a move, but it will definitely have him thinking of you in a non-therapist way.

4. “What kind of tattoos do you like on a girl?”

If the guy is into tattoos he will probably really enjoy this question and may even mention some of his favorite tats that he’s seen. This is actually a bit of a kinky conversation (though disguised) since it focuses attention his attention on a woman’s body, and in his imagination, on your body.

5. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I find most attractive about you. Your mind. Your intelligence and brilliance. I’d still like you even if you were a Beast and I was Belle.”

This is a great line because while looks can fade and charm and confidence can be feigned, men are very proud of their intellect and their thinking abilities. Give him credit for how unique he is and how his personality is really what attracted you. His killer good body is just icing on the cake! (Feel free to use that one too)

6. “Whenever we say goodbye you always give me this look. It makes me hard to walk away from you.”

This line works very well (IF he actually does stare at you, or smile at you, after a long conversation) because it comments on the obvious sexual tension you both feel. It also gives him an opening, even though he’s nervous, because you’re telling him that you can sense how he feels and you feel it too.

7. “I love the way you laugh.”

An innocent comment, right? And yet it’s really loaded with sexual tension, since you’re using the word “Love” and you’re letting him know that what he’s doing is turning you, or at least having a BIG effect on you that’s emotional and positive. Men do love to “provide” for women and humor is a resource they have an almost unlimited supply of, so encourage them!

8. “That smile of yours always puts me in a good mood, even after a bad day.”

Along the same lines, a man prides himself on the ability to make you happy with his effort, his enthusiasm and willingness to try anything. Getting that pat on the back is important, even in the dating stage. By telling him that he actually improves your mood, even after a bad day, you’re letting him know that if he keeps it up you might be falling for him. That encourages him to try even harder and that’s what makes him happy.

The secret is to flirt with him casually and with a lower energy, rather than coming out and directly saying it (or being too over the top sexy). He will like the softer approach because it’s going AT HIS PACE. You’re letting him know that what he’s doing is working and that it’s his job to escalate the tension when he’s ready.

Getting out of the friend zone and therapist zone is just a matter of challenging his view of you in a non-direct and teasing way. A few questions/statements like these and he’ll be considering the options.

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