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  1. Understanding what really creates a deep, lasting, intimacy with a man (and not the stuff society tells you).
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  3. Knowing what to say to a man that makes a man's heart yours.

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Lasting Intimacy

Lasting Intimacy

Worth $297.85

In this course you'll discover...

  • 6 Powerful Ways to Create Intimacy - The first step to creating lasting intimacy is to create intimacy. I'll show you exactly how to do it, what to say, and what to do so that your connection deepens and your love blossoms.
  • How to Build Trust With Your Man - Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, you don't have a relationship. With lots of trust, HE will feel safe with you and open up to you in ways he doesn't do with anyone else in his life. This is how to create that.
  • 8 Things More Intimate Than Sex - Most people, when they think of intimacy, they think of sex... and with good reason! But there are actually many things that are more intimate than sex. And those things will help you build a lasting bond and love with your man that make him love you like nobody he's loved before.
  • Tantric Deep Connecting - You'll discover a tantric practice that feels uncomfortable at first but creates a deep and powerful connection that will strengthen the bond between ANYONE who tries it.
  • What Destroys Intimacy, Even in Good Relationships - I'll show you what destroys intimacy even in the healthiest relationships. There are seven of these and you'll want to make sure you don't do this.
  • How to Regain Intimacy After It's Gone - If you've had a deep level of intimacy and you lost it, how do you get it back? I'll give you 6 rules for regaining intimacy with your man so that your relationship is filled with romance, love, and passion.
  • The 5 Types of Intimacy - Most people only focus on physical intimacy. But did you know that there are five different types? The more of these five you have, the deeper and more connected your man will feel to you.
  • And much, much more...

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