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Hey there, affiliate rockstar! Ever wished you could sell something that's basically a love potion but in text form? Well, welcome to "Irresistible Texts."

This isn't just another texting guide; it's like a masterclass in human chemistry. We're talking about texts that stimulate hormones like testosterone, dopamine, and oxytocin. Imagine your customers knowing exactly what to text to make a man not just read but feel each message. 

Intrigued? They will be.

You know how texts can often sound like a broken record? "Irresistible Texts" gives women templates that are a full-blown concert. We're talking texts that grab attention, fuel attraction, and seal commitment.

The best part? I run these on cold traffic and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising these things... and it just keeps making me money.

The guide is a neat 40 pages—no fluff, just copy-paste texts ready to fire off. Like the Swiss Army knife of texting.

Worried about credibility? Don't be. Testimonials are pouring in with stories of quick responses, banished ghosting, and newfound commitment.

And because we believe in love at first text, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who wouldn't want to promote a product that promises to make love as simple as sending a text? Let's give women the key to texting—and to the hearts they desire.

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Email 1


This makes him excited to text you back

The One Texting Trick He Can't Ignore

The Texts He Wishes You’d Send Him


Whether you just started seeing a guy, are still on the dating app, or you've been together for awhile...

There are some texts that will bore a man to death and make him not want to respond...

And there are texts that men respond to, spark conversation, and make him more excited about the woman who sent them...

Which type of texts are you sending to your man?

If you want to know what to send him to get him excited about YOU...

Make him feel like he can't wait to respond...

Make him want to meet up faster...

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Talk soon,


P.S. No matter how far away he is...

No matter how your conversations have been before...

Use this to connect with him, attract him, and get him to take action...

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Email 2


Text him this to trigger his desire to chase you

Texts Men Love From Women They're Seeing

Texts Men Crave From the Women They Love


Did you know that you can trigger a man's hormones through your text messages?

It's true. How you communicate with a man can actually release different hormones in his body.

One of the most important ones is testosterone because that's what makes him CHASE you, pursue you, and invest in you so that he gets "hooked" and desires something more with you.

Want to trigger this in your man?

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Talk soon,


P.S. You can actually trigger a "cocktail of emotions" inside a man that make him feel like he can't get you out of his mind and even feel addicted to you, if you text him a certain way.

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FAQ Section

Who is this product for?

This product is targeted toward women who want to improve their texting interactions with men. It's ideal for those in any stage of a relationship, from online dating to long-term commitments.

How is this different from other texting guides?

'Irresistible Texts' focuses on the psychological and hormonal triggers that make men respond. We offer five unique types of "hormone-triggering" texts that each serve a specific purpose in attraction and bonding.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

If you don't already have a ClickBank ID, you can sign up for one here. After that, just enter your ClickBank ID on our affiliate page to generate your custom affiliate link.

What is the commission rate?

We offer a competitive commission rate of 75% on each sale made through your affiliate link. If you run cold traffic, just email us and we'll change it to 90%.

When and how do I get paid?

Payments are processed through ClickBank and are usually disbursed bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your settings in your ClickBank account.

Can I use the promotional materials on my website and social media?

Absolutely! Feel free to use any of the banners, email templates, and other promotional materials provided on our affiliate tools page.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to give your audience complete peace of mind.