5 Love Sayings That Will Make Him Think of You

It’s downright scary for a woman to tell a man she’s dating how she really feels – especially if she’s head over heels in love with him!

Men are difficult to communicate with anyway, since many men are very reserved about expressing their feelings. It’s quite common to hear a woman say, “Why is it men only have three moods: horny, angry and funny?

So not only do you want to say the right words to make him fall in love with you, but you also want to make sure he gets the point.

That’s important because, I do have to tell you, MANY men will miss the point entirely if you’re too subtle. Guys may have an impression of what you mean, but more often than not, they DON’T get the point when you’re being too safe or too subtle.

And of course, you don’t want to come on too strong and use heavy emotion, or guilt, or anything else negative when you communicate love because it might scare them away for good.

It’s quite a challenge to say the right words! But don’t worry, we’re going to discuss five love sayings that will help him to understand how you feel and all without causing a panic or completely missing the mark.

1. “When you’re with the right guy, you don’t have to work so hard at being happy. It just happens that way.”

A fairly common saying but one that’s undeniably true! When you’re with a difficult man, you have to become a workhorse just to keep the marriage together. He’s never dependable. He’s always angry or just one conversation away from blowing his lid. He’s keeping secrets, while you’re working so hard to make him smile. Is there a pattern? Of course.

But when you’re with the right guy, it’s easy. And yes, telling a man that is perfectly okay. You’re basically telling him, “You are the right guy for me,” in so many words. You’re rewarding him, telling him that you love the way the two of you interact. He will feel comfort, knowing that this relationship is progressive and that the two of you naturally click. It’s going to make for a good marriage someday!

2. “I want to spend the rest of my life next to you.”

Believe it or not, there’s nothing needy about this line. You’re expressing love in so many words, in the idea that you don’t want this to end. You desire to spend time with him, forever, or the rest of your lives. You don’t “need” but you do want to be with him. This reinforces his view that you are equals in the relationship and yet you want him with all your heart. It’s a love you have both created and invested time in. You are each other’s reward!

3. “Your voice always calms me.”

You know when a friend of mine once told me that when she spoke to her husband on the phone, his voice could always put her to sleep. And we laughed about that and said isn’t that a bad thing? But the answer was no, it was a good thing. They actually talked for hours on the phone. But at some point she had to go to sleep. And HIS VOICE made her feel so comfortable, so calm, so safe, and so trusting, she could always fall asleep with ease. This continued into marriage too. His voice would always calm her because this was the man she loved and trusted completely.

So telling a man that his voice calms you, and that you feel safe with him, is one of the

best compliments you can give a man. You’re opening up to him and letting him know that you’re no longer guarded, or suspicious of his motives. You accept him, trust him and want him in your life.

4. “When I talk to you, even my bad days don’t feel so bad.”

What a tremendous compliment! To tell a man that even though you may have a work day from hell, his presence, his personality, still makes you feel better. It’s not needy, but it is a wonderful compliment. You’re telling him that simply being together reduces your stress and makes you feel good.

His charm, his funny remarks, his kindness, all of these qualities make you feel loved, and in return you’re beginning to love him. This is the message you give him and it’s a great milestone in the relationship. From there, you can further deepen the bond and turn it into a lasting relationship.

5. “Even now, whenever you’re near me, my heart pounds and I feel butterflies in my stomach.”

This is not only a great lust quote, it’s a great love quote! Telling a man that you physically and intellectually respond to him is a wonderful boost of confidence. It’s easy to take for granted a relationship after you explore the sexual attraction.

But hearing this – that you still think of him as a handsome and powerful man, that you still feel the same excitement when you’re around him even after all these months (or years), reminds him that you are truly his girl, now and forever.

Telling him he still makes your heart pound will make his heart pound too! You’ll remind each other just how exciting the relationship is and how each day is a new discovery. Lines like this are a great way to communicate to him that you want a commitment and that you are falling in love.

Don’t make commitment an obligation or a time-focused goal. Make it about FEELINGS. Make him feel the same excitement you feel. This is what men respond to. So when it’s time to talk about love, don’t just hint or imply things. Show him how he makes you feel and let him connect the dots. Let him be the romantic hero and he will love you all the more for it!

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