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Course 1 - The Devotion Switch Advanced Course

devotion switch advanced

Worth $399.85

In this course you'll discover...

  • How to Tell a Man You Want a Real Relationship without freaking him out or making him fight against the idea. Instead, you'll want to say it in a way that makes him see you as MORE valuable and make him want the relationship that you want. I'll show you exactly how to do this.
  • 3 Ways to Make Him See You As Someone He Can Grow With And Be With Forever - Feeling like you're moving in the same direction in life is what makes him feel like you're right for each other. I'll give you exactly what to say and do in order to make him feel this way.
  • The Golden Mirror Technique - This is a 3 step communication technique that makes him feel like you really get him, love him fully, and are closer to him than anyone else in his life, including his friends, his family, and even his mother. I'll tell you exactly what to say so that this works every time.
  • The Secret Body Language Technique that makes him immediately feel like you're on the same side, "in sync," and it makes him lower his guard so that you can connect with his heart.
  • 8 Topics to Talk About When You Run Out of Things to Say- If you're ever on a date and you don't know what to say, I've got some things to talk about that'll bring you closer together, make him pay attention to you and learn more about you, and be the best date he's ever had.
  • The Formula For Addiction - Make him think about you all day long, feel like he doesn't want to be away from you, and make it so that all he wants is to have you in his arms again.
  • How to create and maintain passion and excitement in the relationship forever. Most men who cheat say that the lack of passion and excitement in their relationship is why they ended up in the arms of another woman. Don't  let that ever happen to you by making sure he's getting his emotional needs taken care of by YOU.
  • The Relationship Framing Technique - This is an advanced level technique to go from a friend with benefits, casual, situationship to a committed relationship. I'll tell you word for word, exactly what to say to make this work.
  • Relationship Rules Framing - This is a fun way to set boundaries and enforce what you want in the relationship. This makes him feel like he should listen to whatever you say, even if you don't have a good reason for wanting it.
  • And much, much more...

Course 2 - How to Talk to a Guy

Projectu howtotalk

Worth $97

The most important conversations from meeting a man to marriage. You'll learn everything from how to start a conversation with a guy you don't know to how to have the information conversations that you need to have with him.

I’m going to show you how to have the “Exclusivity Talk”

This is how you should ask him to be exclusive with you so that he happily agrees to it…

If you haven’t talked to him about this, you can just assume that he’s seeing someone else until you do.

I’m going to give you 3 simple techniques for how to get a guy to ask you out

If he’s stalling to ask you out on a date, say one of these to him and watch how quickly he goes from being unsure, to planning a date with you.

You’ll get something I call The Swan Technique

The Swan Technique is a step-by-step formula for how to have “the talk” and get him to agree to a committed relationship without freaking him out.

Here’s what to do if he says he’s “not ready”

This is the most effective way to get him from not being ready to committing himself to a relationship with you.

You’ll learn The Love Topics

These three conversational topics are the most powerful way to spark that emotional connection with a man that makes him fall in love with you…

Studies have shown that a man decides very quickly whether you’re relationship material or not…

If want him to feel like you’re relationship material, I’m going to give you the #1 reason why he’ll feel that way.

If you don’t know what it is, good luck getting him into a relationship.

You’ll get The Irresistible Boundary Script

This 4 step formula is exactly what you need to say to set a boundary and show a man that you’re a woman he should respect and appreciate…

All while making him feel good about himself and good about you.

Do you have a “hot and cold” type of man? Does he leave you for days or weeks with no communication and then come back like nothing happened?

I’m going to give you exactly what to say to get him to take your relationship seriously so that you never have to worry about him doing this ever again.

You’ll get The Enlightened Expression Technique

This is how to share your feelings with a man so that it actually draws him in closer to you instead of making him feel pressured or freaking him out.

I’ll give you The Flirt Like a Goddess Scripts

Use these scripts to capture a man’s heart and man him crave to be around and think about you…

You’ll discover The Life Partner Script

This is how to show him that you’re an essential part of his emotional support team…

You can make him feel closer to you than anyone else in his life, including his family…

And that’s not even close to everything that’s in this program…

You’ll also learn scripts to turn him on, express your love to him, tease him…

Compliment him…

Start a conversation…

Find out if he’s taken…

Get him to stop pulling away…

And a whole lot more!

Course 3 - What Men REALLY Want


Worth $47

What do men really want? 

What makes a man decide that one woman is someone he just wants to casually date but another one is someone he wants to commit himself to for life?

How do you make sure that you're connecting with a man's needs and desires so that he lets down his guard and allows himself to fall in love with you?

I'll be answering these questions and give you 7 secret principles to attract and keep the man that you want to have in your life.

If you're struggling to get in a relationship where you feel loved, seen, and cherished a man, you should know what's inside of this program.

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