Your Score Is...

Low Pull

His interest scored 19 or less on the quiz putting him in the "Low Pull" category.

What Does This Mean?

You are dating the strong silent type. He’s not a bad guy, but keeps a lot to himself. Sometimes he does it to protect you or to stay strong and looking forward. While you might be tempted to draw him out, or let him go, the best thing to do is remain balanced - and be there for him, whenever he needs you. 

 If you scored 19 or less points then you have seen evidence that he’s trying to stay connected with you - not just pulling away on occasion. You have to analyze patterns, not just single episodes. For instance, if he has a family emergency or seems “out of it” lately, that’s not necessarily a man who’s pulling away from you. 

 The fact that he still talks about himself shows vulnerability; he’s not hiding from you. That he asks about you shows an interest in your life, and all the more so if you’re still part of his daily and weekly routine. 

 Whereas some guys tend to be hot and cold, your man doesn’t seem to get too angry or too distant. His somber moods are usually the result of life obstacles or sometimes disagreements in the relationships. 

But disagreements can be talked out. The fact that he still shows you respect, by keeping plans, and holding his tongue even under stress, shows that he cares about you a great deal. 

 The way he sees the future is very telling. He may see a completely different life for himself, maybe he’s a dreamer. But if he always sees you in his future life, then that means he’s bonded with you for life. He wants you to be his soul mate, his true love, and his life partner. 

In fact, he doesn’t have any other guy or female friend that competes with you, in terms of the time you spend together and the way you express yourselves. He may have close male friends but the fact that he talks to you most of the time and shares his most intense thoughts and feelings with you first is a wonderful sign. 

A busy guy doesn’t want five or six soul mates! Eventually, he gets tired of telling the same story. He may have an off day but if he is still communicating with you, his heart is still in this. 

When He Pulls Away, Do THIS

If you’re tired of men pulling away from you and you want to know how to make him want to come back and never leave again…

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In order for a man to come running back to you, he needs to feel two things…

The first one is REGRET for pulling away in the first place.

If you attack or punish him for pulling away, you’ll only make him want to pull away further.

Instead, you want him to feel like coming back to you is more pleasurable than being away.

The second thing you want him to feel is like HE MISSES YOU.

He can’t miss you if you smother him with calls and messages.

Apologizing, trying to see if he’s mad at you, seeing if he’s okay…

This only makes him feel like he needs more space.

There’s a 4 word text message that will make him feel both of these things when you send it to him.

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