The Successful Woman's Guide to Attracting Lasting Love

You've achieved remarkable professional success through determination, wisdom and savvy. But when it comes to relationships, you feel stuck in a cycle of frustration and disappointment.

It's not for lack of trying - you make an effort to put yourself out there. Yet the men you meet either can't handle your strength and independence, or simply don't share your maturity and desire for real partnership.

You want someone to grow old with - not just another dead-end situationship. This report shares key mindsets and strategies to finally attract the lasting love you deserve after 40.

Before we get into that, let me tell you…

Who Am I And Why Am I Talking to You?

Hi, I am Matthew Coast, and I've been deeply entrenched in the world of women's dating since 2013.

My journey has led me down a path where I've had the privilege of guiding thousands of women worldwide to find their true love through committed, lasting relationships.

Imagine this: You're standing in an orchard filled with apple trees. Some trees are laden with luscious fruits while others bear shriveled or rotten apples. My job is akin to helping you pick only the ripest apples – men who are right for you.

Venturing into the realm of dating can feel like navigating treacherous waters on a stormy night without a compass. It can be daunting and exhausting as you meet man after man, trying to figure out if they're 'the one.' This process often feels endless, leaving many feeling disheartened and emotionally drained.

As your guide, I offer a beacon of hope in the rough sea - my method called The Soulmate Attraction System. Think of it as your personal compass that helps steer you clear from wrong turns and dead ends leading to unsuitable partners while swiftly directing you towards finding true love.

My experience over these years has not just made me an expert but also allowed me to empathize deeply with every woman who comes seeking help. Each story tugs at my heartstrings because behind every question or doubt lies a woman yearning for companionship and love she rightly deserves.

The beauty about my method is how simple yet effective it is; it’s designed to ease your journey rather than complicate it. More importantly, it brings back fun into dating! After all, isn’t laughter said to be the shortest distance between two people?

In essence, I'm more than just a teacher; consider me your confidant and friend on this exciting journey towards finding true love using Value Screening.

Now that we have established my role, let's move onto understanding how precisely this system works in making your quest for love much faster, easier and enjoyable!

Step 1: Inner Alignment

Before you go out and start dating, it’s important to make sure that your psychology, your beliefs, and your emotions are in alignment with the man you want to attract.

I call this, “Inner Alignment.” And it’s the first part of the Soulmate Attraction System.

This is important to do first because if you don’t…

It’s really easy to keep attracting the same kind of men you were before.

It’ll help you get clarity on what you actually want so that you can attract what you actually want.

It’s easy to get jaded and closed off when challenges come up that make you just want to give up and go back to focusing on what you’re already successful at because that’s what’s most comfortable for you.

So one of the most fundamental areas of Inner Alignment is your belief systems.

Here are some of the most common limiting beliefs I run into with women who have similar backgrounds as yours (as similar as it can be).

Be honest - do any of these limiting beliefs ring true for you when it comes to love?

"All the good men are taken."

"I'm too set in my ways now."

"Men only want younger women."

"My success intimidates men."

"I don't have time for a relationship."

It's understandable you feel this way after past dating frustrations. But these beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies that repel men.

Beliefs are just thoughts that have a lot of emotion and evidence behind them.

Think of beliefs like a table and think of the evidence you have for the belief as the legs… the more legs a table has (theoretically), the stronger it is.

The fastest way to remove legs is to question the evidence you have for the belief.

For each belief, ask yourself, "Is this really true?" and "What evidence do I have that this is false?"

Write down your answers.

Then, create a new empowering belief that feels more true and aligned with your desires.

For example, change "All the good men are taken" to "There are many great men out there who will appreciate and love me."

The more evidence you find for a belief and the more emotion you have that the belief is true, the more the belief will become true for you.

Beliefs aren’t based in reality, they’re based in past experiences. 

So look at each belief and ask, “is this serving me?” and if it isn't, get rid of it and replace it with a belief that does serve you.

Step 2: Make Love a Priority

Between your career, family, friends and hobbies, your calendar is overflowing. But finding love requires getting intentional with your time and energy.

Simple shifts:

Set aside time for dates - Have some time set aside for going on dates with men.
One of the most common mistakes I see successful women make is that they don’t actually have any time to meet and date men.

If that’s you, decide that you’re going to make this a priority and create some time.

Set boundaries around work - Stop work from bleeding into your whole life.

Alongside setting time for dating, create some real boundaries around work. Make sure you actually have time to go out on dates and make it so you have time for other things.

Set aside time for online dating - online dating has a bad reputation but it works really well for those who know how to use it.

Part of using it is taking time out to use it consistently. If you do this the right way, you’ll meet men you didn’t even know were on the app and pleasantly surprise yourself.

Book a makeover - I recommend getting a makeover to signify moving into a new phase of your life.

This part of your life will be filled with more fun, ease, and joy. Also, get some new photos taken, ideally professionally, so that you can use them for the dating profile you have.

This could change everything in who you attract online.

Invest in mentorship - You can get a mentor or coach who has experience working with women in situations like yours.

Their expertise and external perspective can help you accelerate the process and avoid common pitfalls. This is an investment in yourself.

Approach dating with an abundance mentality. When you exude confidence and joy, men take notice.

The mindset is shifting dating from a side hobby to a top priority like your career. Set goals, block off me-time, leverage your networks, outsource what you can. Make space for love!

Success Story - Linda

Linda struggled with a common problem - guys disappearing after a few dates, never making it past the third date mark.

There are typically three reasons this happens:

- You're picking the wrong men because you're focused on the wrong things.
- He doesn't feel an emotional connection because the communication was stale, logical, or just boring.
- Or either one or both of you have emotional blocks that prevent you from actually developing intimacy with another person.

In Linda's case, the issue was a "broken man picker." She didn't realize she was selecting partners using the wrong criteria.

I coached Linda in a process called Value Screening - choosing men based on character and compatibility versus superficial factors.

Just 3 weeks later, she met a man she felt instant chemistry with. Linda said he was her "perfect match."

8 months later, their bond is stronger than ever. They've taken the commitment to the next level by house hunting, ready to share their lives.

By fixing her man picker, Linda went from serial dead-end dates to finding a true partner. She proved you can escape the wrong pattern and manifest the right relationship with inner work.

Step 3: Screen Men the RIGHT Way

The Trap of Chemistry First Dating

Many women, in their search for love, prioritize the immediate and superficial traits that spark initial attraction.

They gravitate towards the men they feel an instant chemistry with, often overlooking the deeper, more meaningful qualities necessary for a lasting relationship.

This approach, I call, "Chemistry First Dating," can lead to thrilling but fleeting connections. If you find that relying solely on chemistry hasn't brought you the love you seek, it's time to consider a new approach.

Introducing Character First Dating

Rather than letting chemistry be your primary guide, shift your focus to something more substantial and lasting: focusing on his character.

This approach is the foundation of the Value Screening Method I use in my Soulmate Attraction System coaching program and prioritizes the assessment of a man's character over initial attraction.

Here's how you can start using Character First Dating in your love life...

Understand the Difference Between a Good Date and a Good Mate: Recognize that immediate attraction and fun dates don't necessarily translate to a suitable long-term partner.

Look beyond the surface to assess whether a man's values, actions, and behavior align with what you truly need in a relationship.

Screen for Character from the Start: Even in the earliest interactions, you can observe a man's character. Is he respectful, honest, consistent?

Does he show genuine interest in you and your well-being? These are the signs of a good mate, not just a good date.

Embrace a Holistic Approach: Character First Dating doesn't mean neglecting chemistry altogether.

Instead, it's about balancing physical attraction with the deeper attributes that make a relationship truly fulfilling. It's not about settling; it's about aligning with a partner who offers both excitement and substance.

Enjoy Better Dating Experiences: By focusing on character, you'll find that your dates become more meaningful and enjoyable.

You'll connect with men who align with your values and can offer genuine companionship, not just fleeting excitement.

Find the Right Man Faster: This method allows you to quickly weed out the wrong men, leading you to the right match more efficiently.

It saves you time, energy, and emotional investment in relationships that aren't meant to last.

Step 4: Leave the Past in the Past

If you've experienced past hurts or traumas around men, dating, or relationships...

If you had bad or missing role models for relationships growing up...

If you have negative relationships with one or both parents...

If you have a negative self-image...

If you've stayed with the wrong man for way too long...

If you've been single for a really long time...

Any of these things can cause you to attract the wrong men or have a hard time allowing healthy men into your life.

I want you to remember this, write it down, circle it and put a start next to it...

You don't attract what you want. You attract what is most familiar.

If what is most familiar to you is abuse, abandonment, loneliness, neglect, or being with the wrong man or men...

You'll likely go back to that unless you make a pretty dramatic shift in your psychology.

If you want something different in your life, you need to become familiar with something different.

You need to create a new "home" for yourself... a new place that you go back to over and over again.

We all have something that's most comfortable, most familiar. And that's what we go back to...

Often for successful women, that's whatever they're good at... usually in the form of work, health, and all the other areas of their lives they have together.

If you want to attract a new man... a healthy man... a relationship that will give you peace, joy, satisfaction, excitement, and love...

You need to become familiar with those things...

Get around those things...

Make those things your new home.

Success Story - Blake

I had a very wealthy client who loved her luxurious lifestyle - fancy restaurants, hotels, experiences.

No men she ever dated came close to making enough to afford the lifestyle she wanted. 

It often created conflict with men she dated, made her feel very comfortable, and she was convinced this is why guys didn't stick around.

She faced a dilemma - how to stay feminine while dating men who make less AND still having the lifestyle she most enjoyed?

I coached her on creative options to bridge the gap. She decided to just pay for things herself but do it in a way that made her feel taken care of by the man without emasculating him.

She maintained her standards AND femininity by clearly communicating her desires. She eventually started giving her boyfriend (now her husband) the credit card before they went out because it just felt better to her.

They recently got married in the South of France and she's created a balanced solution that honored both their needs and desires.

The moral is that femininity is an energy, not specific behaviors. It's about the way you connect with yourself and men.

Step 5: Connect a Man’s Emotional Needs

When I was in my early 20’s, I dated this girl who used to always do this light massage thing on my back.

I never really understood why she did it and it always seemed weird to me.

One day, I did the same thing to her that she did to me, just as a joke… and to my shock, she purred like a kitten.

It turned out that she was doing these light rubbing massage things to me because SHE liked having that done to her, not because I liked it.

This is often the same thing people do when they try to connect with another person… if you try to connect with him in the way YOU want to feel connected to, not the way HE wants to feel connected to, he won’t feel the connection the way you want him to.

Most women I know who are really successful, base their identity around their success. So when they meet a guy they really like, they try to showcase their success to attract him.

This almost never works the way you want it to… why?

Because most guys, especially masculine men, aren’t looking to compare resumes with a woman to see who is more significant.

The truth is that most men only need a few things… but if you give him those things, you’ll do far less work and he’ll like you far more as a result.

So how do you connect with a man?

You do it through his Emotional Needs. This is the third part of the Soulmate Attraction System coaching program that I call The Connection Code.

Remember this: Men get with and stay with women because of how they feel about themselves when they’re around that woman.

If you want him to be attracted to you and stay attracted to you, focus on connecting with his emotions when he’s around you.

The more emotions he feels, the more you’ll stand out in his mind. The more you stand out, the more he’ll pay attention to you. And the more he pays attention to you, the more you can connect with him on every level.

Too many women make their conversations too logical, too boring, or emotionless.

If you want a man to be attracted to you, he has to FEEL something which involves connecting with his emotions.

Success Story - Nancy

Nancy was a 53-year old divorced woman who had married her high school sweetheart but eventually got divorced. tried online dating for 6 years without meeting a single man she liked. 

She was ready to delete her profile and give up on finding a man.

As a last ditch effort, Nancy came to me for help. 

Within just 3 weeks of using the Soulmate Attraction System, she met a great guy... 

There was mutual attraction, he valued and prioritized her, and they were looking for the same thing.

What changed? 

Before, Nancy was over-screening in unhealthy ways and pushing away quality men over unimportant things. 

This is common when reacting to past hurts. You don't want to end up back in the same situation... attached to the wrong men... it's totally understandable.

I helped Nancy identify what truly matters in a good partner versus what she was looking for... I call this Value Screening. 

We got her to stop over-screening so she could be open to the right men again.

Here's the thing... studies show the traits that makes us feel the most attraction are often the exact opposite of the traits that make a good long-term partner

It's important to screen for both attraction AND healthy partner traits.

With a more balanced approach to screening, Nancy quickly found the relationship she wanted. She proved it's possible to course-correct unhealthy patterns and still find love with the right mindsets.

Want To Learn More About The Soulmate Attraction System?

If you’re looking for more personalized guidance to attract the love of your life, book a call with either myself or one of my top relationship advisors.

We’ll diagnose what’s going on in your situation, show you what to do moving forward to attract the man you want, and if it makes sense, we’ll also offer to work together with you to get there.

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What Makes Our Soulmate Attraction System So Revolutionary?

1. It helps you quickly weed out all the wrong men and get to the right men a lot faster, from the first interactions with him.

Our Value Screening Method helps you speed up the process of getting into a committed, lasting relationship with a guy who is on your level without going on a million boring dates, dealing with men who aren’t good for you, or pretending like you’re someone you’re not.

Meeting men has never been faster, easier, or more enjoyable than when you use this method.

2. You can meet a life partner as quickly as 3 weeks.

As incredible as this may sound at first, it’s not uncommon for women in our program to meet men in just a few weeks of joining.

I will say that everyone’s situation is different. Some women meet the right man in a few weeks, some a couple of months, and others might take a little longer.

However, using the Value Screening Method, you go from wondering whether this will ever happen for you to knowing that it WILL happen, it just becomes a matter of time.

3. You can start doing this 'on the side' if you like, without giving up what you are currently working on or who you are currently seeing.

Sure, I recommend that you make this a priority. But I know a lot of our clients are busy with amazing lives.

The Soulmate Attraction System requires minimal time to initiate and minimal ongoing effort but the results can be amazing. The more time you spend doing it, the faster the process will work but you can do it even with a busy schedule.

4. Systematic and predictable: The Soulmate Attraction System is systematic and predictable, which is why we can have so many amazing results with it.

5. Sustainable and long-lasting: This isn't some quick fix solution that fall apart but rather a way to find, attract, and keep a man through our connection method called, The Connection Code, which is all about connecting to a man’s emotional needs to attract and keep him.

This is the most powerful connection method that exists and will keep your relationship exciting, fun, stable, and committed.

6. Something to take pride in: With our Soulmate Attraction System, you're establishing a foundation for lasting love based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values - something truly worth celebrating!

Excited to learn more? 

Apply for a consultation call with one of our top relationship advisors who will help you diagnose exactly what is going on with you, show you what you need to do to attract a great guy going forward, and ask you to work with us if it makes sense.

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