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If you accept the proposal, it will cost you exactly $1.

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In exchange for this miniscule investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could give a woman who is looking to get a man's commitment and devotion for life...

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I’ll tell you why in just a bit. But first, I have a question for you…

What's The #1 Thing That Keeps Women Stuck in a Casual, "Situationship" With a Man When They Want a REAL Commitment?

If you’re in a casual, friend with benefits, “situationship” with a guy that you have feelings for but he doesn’t feel the same way or he won’t commit to you

If you're sitting around waiting for a man to commit to you and questioning whether you should walk away or give him more time...

If you’re single and you feel like all the men you meet just want sex, don’t put in any effort, or are all talk and no action...

If you’re tired of all the games, putting in all the effort while getting nothing back, and men who are confused or not sure what they really want…

Pay close attention because I’m about to tell you something that could change everything for you...

After over 15 years of teaching in the dating industry, the biggest mistake I see women make with men who they want a committed relationship with is something I call...

“Pushing The Commitment Phobia Button.”

I call it pushing the Commitment Phobia Button because men who otherwise would want to commit, settle down, and have one woman in their lives…

End up pulling away, getting confused about what they want, feeling like they’re not ready for a relationship, and ghosting just when you thought things were getting good.

The 3 Most Common Ways Women Push "The Commitment Phobia Button"

If you feel like you’re surrounded by commitment phobic men, men who only want to hook up, and men who are confused and unsure about what they want…

You’re probably making at least one of these three mistakes...

1. Convincing Him

The first mistake that pushes that Commitment Phobia Button is trying to convince him that he SHOULD commit to you.

This looks like trying to show him that you’d make a great couple together, trying to prove to him that you’re the woman he should be with, and logically laying out all the reasons he’d want to be with you.

The problem is this does the exact opposite of what you want it to do.


Because high value women don’t convince other people that they’re high value.

And that’s what men want to commit to, women who they believe are incredibly valuable.

We’ll talk about what to do instead so that he believes you’re the high value woman he wants to commit to in just a moment.

2. Assuming He’s Committed

The second way women push the Commitment Phobia Button is by assuming that he’s already committed to them.

This looks like finding a guy you like and just assuming that you’re together, that he’s serious, and that he wants to take things to the next level with you.

But here’s the problem with that...

Some men will TREAT a woman that they’re seeing as a girlfriend but still only THINK of her as a casual, “friend with benefits,” sex buddy.


Because he has emotional needs that he wants to fulfill. And if he can get his emotional needs met without committing or dealing with his emotional issues, some men will.

Maybe you've heard the phrase, "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"

Why should he commit when you're willing to fulfill ALL of his needs without it?

And they’ll do it for a very, very long time.

This can go on for years or even decades while you think he’s moving towards marriage or being together forever… but HE just thinks you're “having fun,” hooking up, and being casual.

We’ve had women who joined our community after spending up to 17 years in situations like this, only to end up heartbroken when they found out that the man they were seeing wasn’t serious about them at all.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a situation like this. 

You are worth more than that.

3. Using Force Or Manipulation to Make Him Commit

The third way to push the Commitment Phobia Button is through manipulation.

Let’s just be fully honest here...

You can force a man to commit to you through manipulation, tricking him, and making him feel like he has to in order to fulfill certain obligations.

However, these types of commitments NEVER last.

There’s only one type of commitment that will make a man fight to stay in your life and work things out, even when things get difficult.

He must CHOOSE, without pressure, that he WANTS to be committed to you.

If you manipulate him into committing to you, he will feel like he’s trapped in the commitment.

And instead of being fully committed, you’ll notice him looking at other women, flirting with women he meets behind your back, and he might even threaten to walk away from the relationship.

The commitment will be a lie.

You’ll have to continue the manipulation forever, which gets old and tiring very fast.

Instead, you want him to crave a commitment with you.

You want him to feel like he MUST take you off the dating market because he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

You want him to dream of being with you, and only you, from now until the end of time.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But how do you get him to feel that way about commitment with you?

The Secret That Makes Him Want to Step Up And Commit to You

I know this might seem strange in the age of the “hookup culture” but most men actually DREAM of being committed to a woman.

Here’s the thing though…

He doesn’t want to commit to just any woman.

Men have become VERY picky about who they commit themselves to...

He wants to commit to a woman that he sees as a “catch,” as a prize, as someone he’s proud to be with.

He has to believe that you’re special, amazing, and different than all the other women he meets.

He has to feel like you’re so valuable that he’s lucky to be with you.

He has to feel like you’ve captured his heart.

AND, he has to be scared that if he doesn’t step up that he might lose you to someone who’s better than he is.

Once he feels like this, he’ll try to convince YOU to commit to him and not the other way around.

If this sounds complicated and difficult, don't worry. It's not.

There's only ONE thing that you MUST do in order to make him feel this way towards you...

Here’s The Secret...

If you want your man to step up, pursue you, invest in you, and CHOOSE to be with you and only you…

You can sit around hoping and praying that he does it on his own and that you don’t end up wasting 10+ years with a man who isn’t serious about you…


You can put yourself into something that I call...

“A Position of Power.”

In a committed relationship, you want to have equal power to each other. That’s what keeps you both interested in the long run.

But before commitment, you should put yourself in a Position of Power because this makes him WANT to commit to you in the first place.

A Position of Power makes him FEEL...

Like he needs to step up in order to keep you around…

He’ll feel a stronger, deeper, desire for you and only you…

It makes him feel he doesn’t need any other women because you’re enough for him...

It separates you from all the other women he meets and makes him feel like you’re different, more valuable, and special.

It makes him feel proud to have you in his life and like he’s lucky to be with you

AND most importantly, he’s far more likely to step up, commit to you, and to fight to keep you in his life. 

I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

Here Are Some Real Examples...

Becky from Ohio came to me because she had been dating a man for two years and she was still waiting for him to make things "official."

She said she knew he loved her, he showed her all the time. But when she brought up the relationship, he would avoid her, change the subject, or get quite and pull away.

I taught her something I call, "The Power Phrase" and she used it on her man the same day I gave it to her.

He disappeared for four days. But when he came back, he told her that he was sorry, that she's the one for him, and that he needed her to tell him that.

When Diane from Austin came to me, she said that all of the men she met just wanted to hookup and nothing more. She didn't believe that there were men who wanted commitment out there.

When I taught her about The Position of Power, she was skeptical that it would work because she said, "nothing has worked so far."

But she decided to give it a try because it was either that "or be single for the rest of my life."

She agreed to jump in and fully take on what I taught her.

Not only did she find out that men DO want commitment, it suddenly seemed like most of the men she met wanted commitment.

She said it was like "men changed" and suddenly wanted something serious. And she said they looked at her differently, like they suddenly saw her value where they didn't before.

She's now engaged to a man she calls, "the man of my dreams" and burst into tears of joy and gratitude when she told me about it.

You CAN have the happily ever after you've always wanted.

I've seen it happen over and over again, with women in some of the most difficult situations you can imagine.

How Do I Know All This?

My name is Matthew Coast and I’ve been teaching in the dating industry since 2005.

Maybe you’ve heard of me?

Over the last decade I've spoken to, taught, and coached hundreds of thousands of women from over 40 countries about how to get into and stay in committed relationships that last.

I’ve helped save marriages, heal broken hearts, and helped women attract great guys who love, see, and cherish them.

Many of the women I’ve worked with have gotten into great relationships, gotten married, and are happier than ever before.

And their success can be YOUR success.

I believe that success leaves clues. People who’ve been successful before you have done certain things right…

What I do is research. I look for patterns for what works and what doesn’t work.

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this right now, you want a man to love you, value you, and COMMIT to you in a serious relationship.

You want him to have eyes for you and only you.

You want him to take your relationship seriously and fight to have you in his life.

That’s why I put together a program called... 

The Devotion Switch

Matthew Coast
The Devotion Switch

The Devotion Switch is the most powerful way to make him feel like he wants to step up and commit himself to you forever without playing games or pretending like you're someone you're not.

In this program, you’re going to learn how to get into a Position of Power so that you can turn the tables around and get your man to convince YOU to commit to HIM.

It's like flipping a (devotion) switch in his mind that makes him CRAVE you for a committed, lasting relationship.

This system will work for you, even if…

...You’re in a casual, friend with benefits, hookup and nothing more type of “situationship” with a guy who doesn’t want anything more with you.

...You’re single and you feel like every guy you meet just wants sex and nothing more.

...You're worried that maybe a guy will lose interest because of getting intimate with him too soon

...You're convinced that he'll NEVER commit to you.

...Even if you think you tried EVERYTHING.


This system is NOT about…

... Hurting a man, getting revenge on him, or beating him down until he submits!

... It’s NOT about twisting yourself into a pretzel or pretending like you’re someone you’re not to be with him…

... And it’s NOT a bunch of tricks that only work temporarily on a man and only if he doesn’t know you’re using it on him…

There’s enough nonsense out there in the dating space. I only teach advice that actually works, my reputation depends on it.

If you’re looking for nonsense, this program is NOT for you. Please don’t buy my stuff, I don’t want you using it.

This program is for women who want a man to CHOOSE commitment to them.

It’s for women who want a man to have eyes for them and only them. 

It’s for women who want a man to fight to have and keep them in his life.

If you want to be that type of women, here’s what you’ll get inside The Devotion Switch...

The Power Phrase - When he tells you he’s not ready, just wants to hookup or be casual, or isn’t looking for a relationship, use what I call, The Power Phrase to turn things around and get him pursuing YOU for a committed relationship.
The difference between exclusivity and commitment… and why so many women fall for the wrong one.
The 3 Elements of The Position of Power. These three things together will make men value you so much that they'll fight to get you to commit and marry them.
The Partnership Principle - How to make him feel like you understand him and are more supportive of him than anyone else in his life, including his friends, family, and even his mother. One of our coaches used this on her boyfriend who said he would never commit and now they're happily married together.
The Ring Rule - If you want to get married, there’s one rule that you MUST follow or your chances of getting engaged and eventually married, disappear. But if you do want to get married, this will make him feel it's something he wants as well.
The secret principle that makes him fall in love, convince himself that you're the right woman for him, and makes him feel like he never wants to let you go.
The Relationship Timeline - The difference between how women think a relationship progresses and how men think a relationship progresses. And why this confuses most women and will trick you into thinking you're in a relationship when you're not.
Negative Dialogue Triggers - Here’s a set of 7 toxic, communication triggers that will eat your relationship from the inside out and make him feel like you’re not someone who could be with long term… and if they’re used enough, it will eat your relationship from the inside out and cause him to lose his love for you and never want to be with you again.
And much, much, more...

If you’re tired of giving everything to a man, only to feel like he takes you for granted and doesn’t appreciate the work you put into a relationship…

If you’re tired of ending up in casual, friend with benefits situationships or having men only see you as someone he wants to hookup with and nothing more…

If you’re ready to have a man step up and convince YOU to commit to HIM

Normally, I charge $47 for this program but today, you can get it for $1 until the time runs out.

That's it... no catch.

Why would I only charge $1?

The truth is that this program is amazing and has helped SO many women out.

I just want to make sure you can get your hands on it without needing to worry about the price.

Click the button below and get a copy of my Devotion Switch program for just $1 and I promise you won’t regret it…


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Usually, 10 to 15 minutes after you order, you’ll be sent log in details to our membership site where you can access your program.

That’s it! And if you have any problems at all, you can either contact us at support@commitmentconnection.com or you can contact Clickbank directly.

Click the button below to get started…


$1 Offer Ends In...

Don't Decide Now... Go Through The Devotion Switch Risk Free
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I know that if you knew for sure that the answer to getting into the commited relationship was in this program, you'd want it, for sure. That's why I want you to have a chance to go through the program before you decide if you'll keep it.

The Devotion Switch comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Go through the program and try the strategies risk free. If the strategies and information in the program aren't helpful to you, I'll give you a full refund of your money, no questions asked.

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$1 Offer Ends In...

Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

What Others Have to Say...


"This program works! I found a boyfriend, we dated, he proposed to me today! I'm so happy!"


"Thank you so much for this. Matthew. I took you advice and everything has only gradually gotten better between us. He's done a complete 180. He's been talking about our future together a lot the past month (moving in together, marriage, kids). Haha. He's just been absolutely amazing."


"He has responded  in the way I was hoping he would and I'm so glad he did we are in a very committed relationship now and talking a very long term commitment and it's like I opened a book to his heart and he's very open about everything  now I couldn't ask for a better man than him thank you so much I'm glad I found your help."


"I should say Thank you Matthew. I had totally lost self-confidence. I was almost forgetting my worth after going through an abusive situation but finding you brought me back to life. I love you Matthew may God continue blessing and using you."


I actually did this...everything I could to prove how great of a catch I was. I did for 32 year marriage then again after the divorce and in a bad relationship for 2 years. I did until I found you, Matthew Coast and now I'm in the most amazing relationship with a man, who I do NOT "have to work to prove" anything. He treats me like a goddess and calls me "Beautiful, Queen, bride." ❤

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