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Have a Success Story You Want to Share?

Have a Success Story You Want to Share?

“Matt, this is fabulous! That is to your articles and videos (as well as those from Helena), I took a guy I dated in my late teens and entered a friends with benefits type situation with last summer (25 years later!), and we are now an item

I’ve managed to tame an alpha male and make him a yes dear puppy just by using your advice.”

- Jeni

5 Star Rating

"Thank you so much. I met with your program almost two years ago. Then I realized what I was doing wrong dating (lots of things! everything!) and what to do instead.

Very soon after realizing that, I met and attracted such a wonderful person (huge hearted, high quality man) and all the women around him secretly wanted him. But he chased me while all of them chased him!

We started dating and after 6 months he proposed to me and now we are married.

If I could do it then there is no reason why any other woman could not do the same. I work on the construction site. I'm an engineer. Not the most feminine of jobs you could think of!"

- Zagreb

5 Star Rating

"I decided to join and dumped a waster I was seeing and met a really great guy. I've met the most amazing guy and using the program he's already telling me that he wants to be with me and he loves me and we've only been dating for 2 weeks!!

The program is absolutely amazing. I don't have to play games or pretend I'm someone I'm not. This guy likes me for who I am and truly accepts me."

- Christina

5 Star Rating

"I am now in a happy long term healthy relationship thanks to Matt. I spent so much time dating focusing on my outside personality that I failed to connect on a real level.

Being honest and vulnerable opened up a whole new world following Matt’s advice as to how and when to do that was key as well."

- Meghan

5 Star Rating

"I'm enjoying the fact about learning how to phrase the questions by posing and setting up the scene to ask them. I have been successful with the man I am seeing with everything that you have been teaching. I have been looking for this kind of relationship quality with a quality man for years. I want to express my deepest respect and appreciation for your helping me find the right things to say and do. Thank you just isn't enough.

It has benefited my life a lot. I have learned how to talk to guys in general and one specific and special man is my goal in keeping close to me. He is interested in keeping the flames burning with me as well. Thanks to this program."

- Anita

5 Star Rating

"It works! Matthew, I am so grateful for all of the videos. The past two and a half months have been almost more than I could take, but we managed to compromise and put things back together, starting around New Years. Thank you!"

- Amanda

5 Star Rating

"This program works! I found a boyfriend, we dated, he proposed to me today! I'm so happy!"

- Emily

"I thank Matthew so much. His program changed my life. His advice and techniques are invaluable. Easy to understand and implement."

- Kim

"I'm a whole new woman because of your program!"

- Sonya

"Matt, thank you for your program. Going through it has really helped me get over and cope with the damage from my ex husband and have helped me to be a better woman for my now fiance of a year. We've been able to look past the damage from our ex's and our pasts. We're better together and as individuals, for ourselves and for each other. I hope God blesses you greatly for the blessings you've been to us.

Thank you!"

- Rachel and Colton

"He has responded in the way I was hoping he would and I'm so glad he did we are in a very committed relationship now and talking a very long term commitment and it's like I opened a book to his heart and he's very open about everything  now I couldn't ask for a better man than him thank you so much I'm glad I found your help."

- Nicole

"This program is superb, I am a beginner in it but it helped me to get in touch with myself and i realized that how I have been shutting myself to love. Ever since watching the videos, I started to see men having interest in approaching me for love.

I was giving up in my love life but the program has given me hope that there is still love out there waiting for me to take hold of it. To personally change inside and also my attitude towards love, men and relationships.

It has made me to realize that I can still fall in love and get the kind of love that I have always being dreaming of.

It has revived my attitude towards relationships and made me realize that love is possible and I can be happy in a relationship as long as I know the right things to do with my man. I am now positive towards having a relationship that will last."

- Kgomotso

"You helped me go from an abusive mind set my ex husband did to me. To a mind set that I am worth something to someone. My current boyfriend is very patient. I am not ready for marriage but you have helped me out a lot. So I say thank you."

- Phyllis

"Update from me about Mr Hickey man. So I kicked him to the curb . He kept pulling me in close and then away. I watched a lot of Helena and Matthew videos and leaned back into my femininity and really gave the situation a lot of thought. He really wasnt giving me what I needed and so when he said he was having commitment issues and wanted a FWB relationship I said no and used one of Matthew Coasts responses. I wrote it down and sent it to him. I redid my Facebook dating app and decided to change my approach to who I was “liking” and met someone two hours later. We’ve been on three dates and he treats me the way I want to be treated, so far so good. He makes time for me and his actions match his words. He’s a little younger than me, is a little shorter than me, loves my curves and I could not be happier. Thank you"

- Rhonda

"I actually did this... everything I could to prove how great of a catch I was. I did for 32 year marriage then again after the divorce and in a bad relationship for 2 years. I did until I found you, Matthew Coast and now I'm in the most amazing relationship with a man, who I do NOT "have to work to prove" anything. He treats me like a goddess and calls me "Beautiful, Queen, bride." 

- Lisa

"I should say Thank you Matthew. I had totally lost self-confidence. I was almost forgetting my worth after going through an abusive relationship but finding you brought me back to life. I love you Matthew may God continue blessing and using you."

- Rachel

Have a Success Story You Want to Share?

Hey Matthew,

Thank you so much, your advice is to the point. Really helpful.

Thank you

Caroline Da Rocha.

I love you emails and you are an awesome person who really helps and cares thank you!


This is amazing and very true, exactly the same what's happening with me right now.
I have no words to thank you.

Rimpy Sachdeva

Hi matt thank you so very much for this mail you are God sent.you made me realise my biggest mistake and am ready to rectify and see what comes out of it.

Kind regards

Thanks so much for the encouragement and great advice. You are a godsend .
Please keep the advice coming . I greatly appreciate you!!!
Thanks again ,
- Christy

I just wanted to say Thank you.

Last year I found myself in a very destructive relationship and was so broken and confused.

I turned to your website, at first it all seemed so difficult, trying to be something I wasn't or actively considering what I said and did. I spent a year single and just kept reading.

I recently reunited with a college years boyfriend, who used to adore me but things never actually went that far. He recently proclaimed that he never knew I liked him and would end up hurt and it would end, time and time again. We would both hurt.

We spent the summer as friends and recently started dating, he is the most wonderful, tentative and supportive man and I could not be any happier. He said things feel ten-times different this time. He smiles and stares at me with glee that I know 'get him', it's as if I have woken up but to a dream rather than from it.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes. No longer will I listen to my friends asking me what he's bought me or why he's going on holiday without me and planting seeds of hatred and doubt. I trust and love him and I show him everyday. I want to make him as happy as he makes me.

Hoping this never ends!

- Laura

I already purchased your Make Him Want You program a week before I received the offer by email. I am so happy with the program it is worth every penny of the full payment. I sent the following email earlier today.... Dear Matthew, Thank you very much for the very kind offer. I luckily already purchased your amazing copy of Make Him Want You Before I received your email. I am enjoying your book immensely and I am inspired by every word you have wrote. I am delighted to have put your advice into action and am receveing great responses. Because of your programme I have allowed myself to express my truest feelings and I am Receiving the best responses ever in my life! I am regularly referring to your book for guidance. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found your program. I truly admire you, your work and your amazing wisdom. Many thanks and best wishes, Sinéad.

Thank you so much !! I truly adore your videos. I find your videos are honest and relevant to my dating life! I really appreciate your insight!

Changed my life. I thank Matthew so much. His advice and techniques are invaluable. Easy to understand and implement.
- Kim

It gave a new insight in or of the mind of men.
- Sonya

It either brought light to some things I could change or gave me confidence that I am doing other things right.
- Victoria

This program is excellent! The program was very helpful. I learned alot about relationships. this time I will start the relationship off right.
- Rebecca

I have to say you have a very kind hearted energy and I can tell you're a genuine person and you truly care about helping us ladies 🙂 You're also cute to look at 😉 Thank you, Matthew!
- Marcella

So much great info I have to listen over and over to get it all. Thanks alot!

How honest Matthew is when he addressing the issues. His suggestions are spot on. In my current relationship. All his recommendations have worked. It's a new relationship so now sure yet. But so far it has been positive. I like the pod casts. They add a personal touch Leanne

Its informative and provides good insight in terms of handling relationships
- Farah

I love how much I learned about how men think and what they are truly looking for. I have been in management for 27 years. A male dominant environment. 

For 19 of those I was in a stable relationship. For the past 5+ years I have been single and really wanting a relationship. I was the queen of the first date and rarely was I asked out for a second. I longed to know why. 

The program made it clear, what made me successful in business was ruining my dates. I looked over many of the dates I felt really good about and realized I was putting out masculine energy. I had forgotten how to lean back, how to be a girl. 

I was so focused on proving I was independent, that I didn't need a man, that I didn't show the man there was room in my life. By focusing on these aspects, I have had some great first, second and even third dates. It is still not natural for me, but it is getting easier to transition from work to woman.
- Deanna

I've been using it on my guy friends and they are much more attentive. ONE told me he had a dream about me, lol.
- Karin

I have paid to other online love courses and it was either playing tricks, art of manipulation with hypnotic words and this just feels more realistic, more simple and more easier to understand. Nothing really should be too complicated. This program has helped me open my eyes to the few mistakes I have made.
- Kelli

Hi Matt,

Not sure if you can see this ...... You must have tons of emails everyday.....

I just want to say thank you. I bought the programm two days ago, already finished it. Once started I just can't stop, because what you said is so true, I totally agree to everything. This is exactly what I need.

And I want to thank you for the emails, (although I know they've been sent automatically:) ), they mean a lot to me. They make me feel that I'm not alone and being taken care of.

I wish I have a successful story to tell you, but not yet, not in a few days. Still, I can feel things are starting to change, slowly.
Thank you again for the wonderful program~
Talk to you soon.


Have a Success Story You Want to Share?

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