Your Score Is...

Low Distance

You are a warrior queen. You do what you must to survive, to thrive, and to reinvent yourself after a bad relationship ends.

If you scored 10-19 points then it’s safe to presume that he does miss you - and it’s mostly because of the way things went down. You can also say without a doubt that you learned something from this relationship, the good times and the bad.

You did something amazing - you either ended the relationship yourself or you helped him to realize that you didn’t belong together. This is something that probably hurt you in the moment, but you also felt strongly that it was the best thing for both of you. You knew this relationship had come to an end.

You sensed it wasn’t working. You also showed respect to him and yourself, by not desperately clinging to a dysfunctional relationship and then cheating as some sort of therapy. That shows inner strength.

Naturally, you still miss him at times. You miss the good times, and you were sincere when you said you loved each other. Nothing can replace those positive memories and in that respect, you don’t regret trying this relationship out.

Now, let’s be honest. The fact that you eased him out of the relationship (either directly or working towards it) means he was taken by surprise. He probably would have preferred that he end it, rather than you.

This is a little bruising to his ego, so it’s no wonder that he has been very vocal, and very consistent in trying to message you or call you.

It’s not necessarily because he lost you and just wants to save face. That might be part of it, but the deeper issue is that he realizes you had high values. You didn’t need him to survive. You didn’t cling on to him, as if he was the best thing in the relationship. You retained value and he sees that, even to this day.

Does he want you back? Of course! He may joke about it, or insist that he doesn’t want to get back together. But actions speak louder than words. He is thinking of how to get back together with you, what might work, and what approach will not work.

If you think you are getting mixed signals, you know, because he’s dating or you’re dating someone else, don’t take that too seriously. Emotional connection IS hard to find.

You both may be exploring your options but the fact that you can’t seem to find “one person” that completes you suggests it’s all sex and rebounding, but nothing personal. Nothing special.

Lastly, the fact that you’re happy in your present life has made you very attractive to him. He realizes that your life has only improved since the breakup, while his life has remained mostly the same, or is maybe even going into a downward spiral.

He now associates you with the best times of his life, and wishes he could qualify to be with you again. He wants you and he wants to be successful in life, like you. He has some growing up to do, however. It’s up to you to help him to realize that, before you start seriously chatting again.

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