7 Reasons Why Men Pull Away And Disappear on You

Have you ever been chatting with a guy online and things seem to be going well...but then he suddenly disappears from the face of the earth?

Or even worse, you actually go on a few dates, and you like him, but he eventually stops returning your calls, texts, and in-person dates.

They call this ghosting and sadly, a lot of people, men and women, do this.

Why? Because it’s not always easy to tell a person face to face, “I don’t think this is going to work out.”

Some people don’t take it very well and a lot of people just try to avoid conflict whenever possible. So they ghost to avoid the conversation.

Ghosting isn’t going to stop so let’s review 7 reasons why guys do it… and at the end I’m going to tell you what to do if you want to reconnect with a guy who does this to you.

1. Bad timing

There’s a fairly good chance that a guy might simply ghost you for a miscellaneous reason that has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with bad timing. 

Maybe he has other priorities that he deems more important than dating...

Maybe he has unresolved issues with an ex of his...

Maybe he's not emotionally available to be with someone...

Remember you’re not always at fault when a guy pulls away.

Sometimes, there's nothing you can do... nothing you did wrong... it just wasn't meant to be... at least not right now.

2. He was never invested in you.

Always remember this... 

Men value women that they have to work for and earn. 

It's something I call, The Law of Investment.

The more invested he is, the more he'll value you. The more he values you, the easier and faster it is for him to get attached, fall in love, and feel like you're the one special woman he wants in his life.

You deserve a man who puts energy and effort into being with you. Don't settle for anything less. 

If he never invested or he didn’t feel enough desire to want to invest, it’s easy for him to walk away.

Let him invest.

3. He thought YOU weren't interested

Amber came to me because she kept meeting guys, things would go well for the first couple dates, and then these guys would completely disappear on her.

She had been using this term, "leaning back" that she heard from her friends but guys seemed to disappear on her when she was doing it.

I gave a 4 word text message that I have women send to guys who pull away from them. 

She sent it to 7 different men who had pulled away from her, some of them she hadn't talked to in months.

She said that ALL of them messaged her back, some of them within minutes of her sending the 4 word text message.

What she found from talking to these guys is that most of them thought she wasn't really into them, probably because she was "leaning back too far."

Now, she's following my system, dating 3 of the best of those guys, and the biggest challenge she's having is choosing which guy she likes best to have a relationship with.

Often times, men and women don't text each other because they're both waiting for the other person, thinking the other person pulled away or disappeared.

But if you're both waiting for each other to text, who pulled away from who?

Sending ONE text message to reach out to the other person is NOT chasing... healthy relationships are built by both people communicating and putting in effort.

If you want the 4 word text messages that my clients use to reach out to men who have pulled away, you can get it at the link below for free...

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4. He only wanted to hook up

If a guy isn't looking for something real with you...

OR if he doesn’t feel like you’re someone he wants to be with for a long time...

He might only be interested in something physical with you.

99% of the time, this can be overcome through the screening process I teach.

And if he feels like it’s not worth it to hook up, he might just disappear. 

Think of this as him doing you a favor though because this wasn’t going anywhere, anyway.

You're right to want a man who is going to be in your life consistently, who is emotionally available, and who wants something REAL with you.

Remember, you are worth it.

5. He’s afraid of dealing with his issues

If you know for a fact that this guy was into you and then he went cold fast, there is definitely a reason. Oftentimes it is because he feels the NEED to be intimate and vulnerable and yet is afraid of doing so. 

He’s afraid of confronting himself, his own needs and wants, his issues, something mentally or emotionally that he hasn't dealt with yet. 

He is either rebounding, recovering from some past trauma, or maybe he never LEARNED how to be intimate with someone emotionally. 

Whatever the case, he might just like you too much for his own comfort, as strange as that sounds.

These men will often attempt to waste your time by keeping in contact with you while giving you hardly anything, trying to get you into a hookup situation with them, or having long and severe bouts of being hot and cold with you.

You're right to want a man who is consistent and values you so much that he's willing to deal with his issues, grow up, and have a real relationship with you.

Don't settle for anything less.

6. He’s self-absorbed

Sometimes you really do dodge a bullet. 

People with severe egotistical or sociopathic personalities oftentimes ghost people, dump lovers, and betray their friends for no other reason than complete self-absorption.

This type of guy (usually very charming and talkative at first) is only aware of people who can help him, serve him, or provide something for him. 

Don’t take it personally. Where their current mental and emotional state is, they're basically incapable of taking another person's feelings into any real consideration because they're too busy trying to pretend that they're perfect to themselves and others that your feelings only gets in the way of that.

7. You smothered him

There's something that I call a Communication Blueprint...

It means that everyone has a different idea about how much they want to be in communication with someone.

To some people, they want to talk every single day, all day long... others just want to talk once every couple days, and some want to talk even less than that.

That includes men AND women...

To be fair, when to people are really in love, that can often change.

But sometimes, both men AND women, need a break from it... and if you smother them instead of giving them that break (or you don't do things I teach in my system to prevent it), he may end up pulling away further...

And if you keep smothering him, he'll likely disappear completely.

If you want him to miss you, you have to give him space. He can't miss you if you're constantly trying to stay in contact with him.

And if you want to know what to say to connect with his heart, make sure you check out my system at this link.

8. There was someone else.

I know I said 7 reasons but I wanted to give you an extra one... this is actually what most women who come to me think the problem is...

They just immediately assume that he left her for someone else. And to be fair, it does happen.

But it's not fair to just assume that he's seeing someone else when you don't know.

It sucks when this happens. AND, you don't want to compete for his time and attention. That's a horrible position to come from that most women lose in.

Even if you did end up getting the guy, you're the one chasing him.

You need to turn that around. If a guy is chasing you, putting in lots of energy and effort to prove to you that he's the right guy... his emotions won't let him betray you like that.

When He Pulls Away, Text Him THIS

If you’re tired of men pulling away from you and you want to know how to make him want to come back and never leave again…

Here’s the secret…

In order for a man to come running back to you, he needs to feel two things…

The first one is REGRET for pulling away in the first place.

If you attack or punish him for pulling away, you’ll only make him want to pull away further.

Instead, you want him to feel like coming back to you is more pleasurable than being away.

The second thing you want him to feel is like HE MISSES YOU.

He can’t miss you if you smother him with calls and messages.

Apologizing, trying to see if he’s mad at you, seeing if he’s okay…

This only makes him feel like he needs more space.

There’s a 4 word text message that will make him feel both of these things when you send it to him.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

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