Your Score Is...

Medium Distance

His interest scored between 24 and 36 on the quiz.

What Does This Mean?

You are a realist and you always take a cautious approach to new chapters in your life. Some people may see this as procrastination or even avoiding people. 

But you know that you deserve time to yourself and time to figure out what you want out of life. After all, you don’t want to make the same mistake again, with your ex. This time you have to figure things out before emotion gets involved. 

If you scored 20-29 points you probably tried to make the relationship work for as long as humanly possible. You gave till it hurt, and he gave of himself too. In the end, either one of you mercy-killed the relationship, or you both mutually agreed to move on. 

You have regrets to be sure. But then again, it’s not like you’re carrying the burden of the breakup all on your shoulders. It’s difficult to pinpoint “where things went wrong” in a relationship with two people who don’t match each other.

There are so many things that “go wrong”. And we’re not just talking about irreconcilable differences. Sometimes the “right person” just comes into our lives too soon or too late. You both loved each other, and of course it felt real to you, to both of you!

But love itself does not mean that a relationship is 100% going to work. It takes time and oftentimes it takes some failure and learning. 

What you’ve noticed about your ex is that he seems to be making an effort to stay in touch with you. Maybe your cynical side doubts his intentions. We don’t know yet, what the future holds or what he’s thinking. 

But he is interested in staying friends with you and that’s important. Sometimes we fall in and out of love, and sometimes relationships rekindle literally YEARS after the original breakup. 

You always have those shared feelings. And if he feels comfortable coming to you and confiding about his life, that’s a start. It doesn’t necessarily mean getting back together, but it’s a start and it could be the beginning of a NEW friendship, and relationship down the road. One, where you’re both better people and more mature in your perspective. 

Just try not to let the cynicism overpower your joy and curiosity. Continue to try new things, experiment, and open your mind to the possibilities. Remember, getting back together with your ex doesn’t have to be the final chapter of your life. It could be just one chapter, one nice chapter, before you see even greater and more amazing things. 

Live a life so colorful, fun and exciting, that your ex will be jealous of all your social media photos. That’s a good attitude and it makes you desirable again!

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