It's Time to Find Your Forever Man.

A Man Who Loves You, Sees You, And Cherishes You, In a Committed Relationship That Lasts.

In my new "Forever Man" Program, I walk you through the secrets to attracting an amazing man who is proud to love you once & for all.

Are you ready to FINALLY be done with nightmare & failed relationships?

It isn't working for you so far, is it? 

And you deserve better! 

You’re sick of attracting the wrong guys, and wondering if he’s really who he says he is. 

You’re tired of being STUCK in a cycle of relationships where he won’t communicate and you have NO IDEA what he’s really thinking.

And you know that if you could just find a way to identify and attract the right man, who’s ready for a real commitment, you’ll finally be able to build a loving, lasting relationship, just like Mollie:


Don’t get me wrong…

Trying to wait him out or talk him into changing may feel like the right approach in the moment

But the uncertainty and the fear of rejection can eat away at your heart!

Something’s got to give. Especially when there’s a proven way to get into a committed relationship with a man who loves and values you!

How much time are you spending: 

Bringing up issues with him only to have him go quiet and avoid the topic

Playing it cool, hoping he’ll come around

Going through one relationship after another because the men you’re attracting aren’t who they seemed to be at first glance

Poring over self-help books and even going to counseling but still not knowing how to apply it all to your real life and relationships

Holding back a piece of your heart so you don’t get hurt (but you also never really connect with him)?

This is NOT how your love life should be going, right? 

You should be finding a man who respects you, excites you, is ready to commit to you, and makes you feel safe all at the same time!

But Let’s Be Honest...

Conventional Dating Wisdom Has NOT Been the Answer for You, Has it?

Every time you’ve tried what the love gurus told you in the past, one of these things happened: 

You wound up trusting the wrong guy and got hurt
He strung you along with no commitment to you
He blew up or walked away when you mentioned taking the relationship to the next level
He changed the subject and refused to open up, or went silent and wouldn’t respond at all
You ended up “friend-zoned” or became friends with benefits but never found a trustworthy man interested in a committed relationship

Sound about right?

I’ve helped others in your shoes many times before. 

i now have a successful relationship

What if I Told You There IS a Way to Attract and Keep the Kind of Man You’re Looking for - And That It Just Requires a Proven Approach That No One Is Talking About? 

Look, there are two types of women…

Type #1 is...

💔 Chasing after men who will never meet her needs... and feeling frustrated with all that wasted time, energy, and unnecessary heartbreak along the way

💔 Waiting around forever hoping that he’ll change or make up his mind... and feeling heartbroken every time she has to give up on a relationship she had so much hope for

💔 Acting like someone she’s not to attract a man...and being tired of not being able to attract a committed partner by effortlessly being herself

💔 Giving away her time and energy without getting any real commitment in return... and wondering what's wrong with her that she can't get a man to commit to her (hint: NOTHING is wrong with you, I promise)

💔 Getting hurt and rejected over and over again... and if the cycle doesn't end soon, she's eventually just going to give up on love, thinking it must not be in the cards for her...

Why does this happen?

Because bad - and even dangerous - habits around relationships have been mirrored everywhere! With TV, movies, celebrities, and so-called "experts" pushing these ideas, it’s almost automatic to buy in and believe it’s the truth. 

If she never had an example of what a healthy, loving relationship looked like... how'd she even stand a chance?

But let’s talk about Type #2 ... She’s:

❤️ Attracting men who are honest, trustworthy, and open. She NEVER has to wonder where her man stands with her, what bothers him, or how much he cares. 

❤️ Reserving her time for men who share her goals in a relationship. So she's confident it's a long term thing, not just another fling! 

❤️ Walking in her feminine power and confident in who she is. And her Forever Man celebrates, loves, respects, and cherishes her in her confidence every single day!

❤️ Feeling safe, loved, and cherished by a man who treats her well. Finally, she gets to relax and enjoy love, which is a completely different experience than when she used to worry and be anxious in her relationships. 

❤️ Building a lifelong connection and LIFE with a man who only has eyes for her. She gets to focus on building a life instead of keeping a man. She's secure. It feels so different when he's all in!

Still, the question is….

Why are most women stuck being Type #1?

Because they haven’t discovered my proven method for attracting and keeping an amazing man who will treat you right and commit to you for LIFE

Hi, my name is Matthew Coast!

And my proven methods have helped women build committed relationships with high-quality men over.…

And over…

And over again

Over the past 7 years, I’ve helped thousands of amazing women find and attract their perfect guy. 

Men who respect them, excite them, are ready to commit to them, and make them feel safe all at the same time. 

As a love & relationship researcher, author, and speaker, I’ve seen and heard it all, and I share it every day with: 

- Over 200,000 YouTube Subscribers 

- A Facebook Community of over 26,000 women actively finding love every day

- Over 200,000 subscribers to my Newsletter allll about finding that Forever Man

- And of course, over 60,000 women who've purchased my courses, books, and more and are using my methods to finally start getting the results they're looking for 

I’ve boiled it down to what really WORKS to help you get what you’re looking for in a lasting relationship.

And you get ALL of the methods (and new secrets) in...

The Forever Man - Attract a Man Who Loves You, Sees You, And Cherishes You In a Committed Relationship That Lasts is designed to help YOU:

Find a man who would LOVE to spend his life with you (and one you’d love to spend your life with) so you can stop feeling stuck in bad/toxic relationship cycles
Avoid men with toxic traits or hidden commitment issues so you can ONLY connect with men who see your worth and are serious about you
Build a lasting relationship based on loyalty, respect, trust, and of course genuine chemistry so you can feel at peace and happy in your relationship, instead of anxious and worried 
Clearly communicate your needs and watch him step up to be the man you need him to be so you can focus on ENJOYING your relationship instead of feeling like you're managing it
Steer clear of the confusion, disappointment, and games that are so common in the wrong relationships so you can save your heart, time, energy, and even money for a man who's really worth it, only has eyes for you, and is going to stick it out for the long haul 
Build an emotional connection while also igniting passion in your relationship so it never goes stale and always stays exciting 😉 

But that’s not all...

How Will The Forever Man Help You? By Walking You Through Finding, Attracting, and Building a Committed Relationship with the Right Man, Step-By-Step. 

Forever Man is a fully online course you can go through at your OWN pace. You'll have lifetime access, support, a private community, and it never expires! But there's so much in store for you inside. 

Here’s what you’ll get: 

The Forever Attraction Method

Let’s be real, it’s not that you have an issue attracting any man. They’re everywhere - but they’ve all been wrong so far, haven’t they? The issue is that this time, you want to make SURE you get it right, but you aren’t sure how.

That’s why THIS module is about attracting a man who for sure respects you, excites you, really wants you, and feels safe to you all at the same time. Once you know what you want, this proven method makes it inevitable, soo you can finally start attracting a FOREVER kind of man. Not just any man.

The Golden Mirror Technique 

This is a 3 step communication technique that makes him feel like you really get him, love him fully, and are closer to him than anyone else in his life, including his friends, his family, and even his mother. I'll tell you exactly what to say so that this works every time.

The Commitment Test

Is he really ready to commit to you? See, early on, if he’s afraid of commitment (and if there’s anything you can do about it or if you’re just wasting your time). 

You’ll find out exactly how ready he is to commit and what’s standing in the way if he’s not. Don’t waste your time and heart on men who aren’t ready to give you what you need.

The Commitment Formula

How do you know if the timing is right? Is he holding back or is it normal? Timing can be tricky when you’re taking the next step in your relationship.

This module will let you know when it’s time to take the next step (and what to do when the time comes). No more wondering how soon is too soon. From exclusivity, to sex, to lifelong commitment, discover how to take the next step, what he’s really thinking, and how to make sure you’re on the same page. 

Relationship Rules Framing 

This is a fun way to set boundaries and enforce what you want in the relationship. This makes him feel like he should listen to whatever you say, even if you don't have a good reason for wanting it.

Putting Yourself Fearlessly First

Are your boundaries selfish? Whatever you may have been told, boundaries can either save you or sabotage you. You’ll discover the secrets to using rules, boundaries, and affirmations to get what you want and need in a relationship with no compromises. PLUS, unlock the power of Abundance in your love life.    

How to Spot a Toxic Man Right Away

How do the best women end up with the most toxic men? Why does it seem like they never realize until it's too late? Has that ever been you?

Discover how to spot red flags, toxic traits, and cheating/dishonest habits in men from the beginning so you can get out while you’re ahead. Is it worth healing or is it time to run the other way? You don't want to find yourself in another toxic relationship, do you?

Creating Two-Way Trust

If one or both of you have had bad relationships in the past, how can you really trust someone else? Trust is key to a growing, forever relationship, and you have the power to create it!

Unlock the secret to building mutual trust and what you can do to make him trust YOU with any truth he’d otherwise be afraid to share. 

How to Regain Value In His Eyes 

If he’s taking you for granted, lost interest, or even broken up with you, I’ll teach you how to break his image of who he thinks you are and make him see you as the valuable, amazing woman that he wants to have in his life forever. 

Communication Secrets

Are meaningful conversations with him like pulling teeth? Do you feel like you’re speaking two different languages?

Let me show you simple and shockingly effective techniques to develop open communication with any man who really wants to be with you (even if you seem to have different communication styles). 

Other Coaches Would EASILY charge $1500 for the main modules alone, but there’s more…

Bonus #1: The Stranger Text 

What to text a man if he ghosts you completely to reconnect with him

Think you’ll never hear from him again? Send this and he might invite you out the next day (this recently happened)! 

Bonus #2: The Turnaround Text 

What to text a man who plays “hot & cold” with you

Make him instantly realize his behavior is unacceptable and start making connecting with you consistently a priority 

Turn things “hot” for good!

Bonus #3: Going Deeper

Would you love to connect with your man on a deeper level?

You can use these questions and exercises to cultivate emotional vulnerability

Get him to open up AND be more attracted to you at the same time

Bonus #4: Taming the Jealousy Monster

Are your past relationships causing jealousy to flare up in THIS one?

Reframe and overcome those past experiences before they ruin the present

Learn how to handle jealous feelings WITHOUT damaging the relationship

You can move forward even stronger!

Bonus #5: The 4 Word Text 

If he pulls away when things get serious, text him these 4 words to get his attention and make him realize that it was a mistake to pull away from you in the first place

Women who use this experienced men apologizing, asking to meet up again, and even taking them out for dinner and drinks just to make up for pulling away 

Bonus #6: How to Light His Fire

No matter how long you’ve been together, you never need to stop feeling desired and pursued by your man

A few words, a look, or a touch is all it takes

I’ll share my proven tips to ignite passion in him (and you)

Find out how to keep things spicy in your relationship (and in bed)

Bonus #7: The Secret Commitment “Power Phrase”

What if he’s still taking too long to commit?

I’ll show you the one “power phrase” you can use to get him unstuck

Bonus #8: Exclusive Student Group 

Get support from a community of women who are on the SAME track (no more mixed bag advice that could lead you anywhere)! 

Know you’re not alone on your journey. 

Also get support from our team for the program and any questions that pop up along your journey to finding your Forever Man! 

But This ALL Goes Away Very, Very Soon (and the price is going up after)!

And here’s the thing…

Everything in The Forever Man is incredibly powerful when you put it to use. 

But what happens if you miss out on this opportunity and everything inside?

Where will you be next year?

Seeing another guy who just wants something casual and has no desire to commit (even though you do!)
Sitting by the phone and wondering if he’ll call?
Feeling like you’re not enough to attract the kind of man you really want to be with?
Finding out he wasn’t honest about his intentions or who he really is?
Longing for a lifelong connection but only finding a string of short-term flings?
Feeling used and confused and wondering why you just can’t find the right man?
Telling your best friend about yet another breakup (gahhhh whyyyy)

And what happens if you do take advantage of this limited-time steal on The Forever Man?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of the other women who join this program:

You get to grow closer and closer to a man who REALLY wants to spend his life with you (and who YOU want to spend your life with, too)!

Communicating your needs and watching him step up to meet them and be the man you want in your life

Confident in who you are as a woman, and reminded every day because he treats you like the only woman on the planet

Getting to know your man more every single day (and feeling seen because you get to share more of yourself too)

Finally free from the frustration of chasing love and able to just enjoy love with someone special

What would this kind of experience be worth to you:

I ask because The Forever Man is designed to get you exactly that, and you can start seeing a change as soon as the first module!

I teach these techniques and principles in a few different ways. 

My 1:1 coaching clients pay $5000 or more, but you won’t pay that… 

A spot in my workshops goes for $3500 but you won’t pay that either…

When this is full price, it’ll be $997, but because of our special offer during this introductory launch...

until the timer on this page runs out, you get to pay…

Only $297 (Or 4 Installments of $77)

To get results like



One more time, here’s what you get:

The Forever Man (Total Value - Over $1500 worth of our material): Which shows you the proven method to finding and attracting a man who respects you, excites you, makes you feel safe, and is ready to commit to you. You’ll also discover the red flags to watch for so you can avoid toxic and commitment-phobic men at all costs!

Bonus #1: The Stranger Text (Total Value - $27 ): This little known-text message to send a man if he ghosts you completely to reconnect with him. One of my clients recently used this text and the man she thought she’d never hear from again invited her out for drinks the next day.

Bonus #2: The Turnaround Text (Total Value - $27 ): This simple text gets a man to turn things around if he consistently goes hot and cold with you or pulls away and then comes back so that you can to turn things around with him, get him chasing you, and let him know his behavior is unacceptable.

Bonus #3: Going Deeper (Total Value - $97 ): This gives you the questions and exercises to cultivate emotional vulnerability, improve communication, and boost attraction, all at the same time

Bonus #4: Taming the Jealousy Monster (Total Value - $97 ): Discover how to overcome past experiences and handle jealousy WITHOUT damaging the relationship. 

Bonus #5: The 4 Word Text (Total Value - $37 ): This 4 word text is for you if he pulls away or goes cold on you to get his attention and make him realize that it was a mistake to pull away in the first place. Women who have used this have experienced men apologizing, asking to meet up again, and even taking the women out for dinner or drinks just to make up for pulling away…

Bonus #6: How to Light His Fire (Total Value - $147 ): Which gives you the proven secrets to ignite passion in him (and you), break out of a rut, and keep things spicy in your relationship at any stage!

Bonus #7: The Secret Commitment Power Phrase (Total Value - $47 ): Stop him in his tracks before he ghosts or anything goes wrong. ONE power phrase will instantly get any man to realize you’re the woman he WANTS to commit to - and it’s time for the games to stop. He can finally let his guard down and go all in with you!

Bonus #8: Exclusive Student Group (Total Value - $500): The free community is powerful and incredible, but take it to the next level with a smaller, intimate community of women who are going through similar journeys as you and following the same steps and advice. Limit the confusion of mixed-bag advice. The feedback and support you’ll feel from these women will help you stay on track, accountable, and keep YOUR worth first (because ALL of you will be committing to that at the same time)

At a total value of $2,497

But you
only pay $297 for all of this if you join right now!

Now, I know that $297 isn’t pocket change. 

But let me ask you: 

If ALL this did was spare you from a few toxic relationships, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was remind you of your value and the kind of relationship you truly deserve, would it be worth it?

If ALL this did was help you find the man of your dreams faster so you could spend an extra year or two of your life together, would it be worth it?

Now you see, in the grand scheme of things, $297 isn’t much to pay to change your life.

And Remember…

Once the doors close on August 11th, when the timer runs out - This price
will go up!

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to attract a man who loves you, sees you, and cherishes you in a committed relationship that lasts?

Only $297 (Or 4 Installments of $77)

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Only $297 (Or 4 Installments of $77)