Send This Text To Your Ex…

(Start Winning Him Back
In As Little As 15 Minutes…)

This “Time Machine Texting” technique is so powerful, I want to make you a deal: Your ex will text you back by the time you are finished reading this letter Or I will send you my complete system on “Time Machine Texting”, for free.

I want you to send your ex one simple, little text.

I don’t care if you haven’t talked to him in years…
I don’t care if the breakup was completely your fault…
I don’t care if he is dating some other woman…

… Because I know my simple, little text will reignite a flame in his heart. The flame that burns for you, and only for you.

I know this simple, almost magical text has won back men from all over the country… heck, all over the word…

It has won back men who were driven away by cruel words… who were embarrassed publicly, even shamed or humiliated… it has won back men who were cheated on…

Just ask Andrea, from Milwaukee, who says,

Or Karen, from Los Angeles, who says,

But don’t trust me… don’t trust Andrea… don’t even trust Karen, or the thousands of other women who won back their men using this simple, little text…


I want you to prove the power of this simple, little text TO YOURSELF.

I want you to send this text message to your ex boyfriend or husband.

And then, I want you to finish reading this page.

By the time you read the very last word… either your ex will have sent you a text back...

… Or I will send you my brand-new system “Time Machine Texting,” for free.

If that sounds like a deal to you, then please keep reading…

As I show you:

1. The real reason couples actually break up - and it has nothing to do with fights, arguments, or anything like that…

2. The simple, powerful way to make anyone forget the rough patches - in any relationship. (So potent - and yet you never really hear about it…)

3. And one easy, innocent text message, which will start you on your path to happy bliss, once more…

Who am I to make these promises?

How am I so sure that I can back them up? 

Who Am I?

My name is Matthew Coast. I’m the “Commitment Coach.”

I’m the head dating coach, author, and founder at commitmentconnection.com.

Since 2005 I’ve taught, coached, and spoken to tens of thousands of people…

… Both men and women…

… From all over the world.

And I’ve helped them with dating and relationships. 

My videos reach millions of women, every month

Many of these women have gone on to:

Get married... 
Attract men who love and cherish them...
Live happily ever after...

And that’s my passion. Helping save marriages...mend broken hearts...and heal struggling relationships.

My specialty is helping women get back with past lovers.
Even when these women fear they made too many mistakes.

The first step for these women is always the same:

They need to first understand the real reason people break up.

… And it is absolutely NOT any of the reasons you think:

The Real Reason People Break Up Has NOTHING To Do With Their Relationship…

Do you know why your last relationship failed? 

A lot of women say they do. They give me reasons, like:

“I said awful things.”

“I did something unforgivable.”

“He just… fell out of love with me.”

“Some rotten other woman stole his heart.”

But… recent science doesn’t agree.

The thing is, scientists are people too: 

Scientists fall in love… they experience heartbreak…

… And so, some psychologists dedicate their lives to studying how to succeed in love.

And over the last 50 years, they’d figured out what makes relationships work.

Some of their discoveries are obvious.

For example, we all know that:

Listening to your partner can make them feel better about you, and your relationship. (Scientists from Japan proved this back in 2015.)
Non-sexual touch (like hugs and cuddles) helps partners feel closer and more connected. (Even in “cold” countries like Finland.)
Being in love makes you forgive and forget your partner’s flaws. (Proven in a study titled, “The neurobiology of Love.”)

Nothing earth-shattering, right? 

But one study helped me see relationships in a totally new light. 

This one was done by researchers from the University of Illinois. They set out to study the reasons people stay together…and then the reasons they break up.

They found that love is one of the main reasons people stay.

Dissatisfaction, on the other hand, is one of the main reasons people leave.

…but they also uncovered an incredible detail:

The Real Reason People Break Up Has NOTHING To Do With Their Relationship…

Turns out that the people being studied, loved their relationship. And they were still deeply in love with their partners. Even when they were on the verge of breaking up.

…they just didn’t like how their partners had changed.

You see, when researchers asked men to remember the early days with their girl, the men acted funny:

They would talk about butterflies in their stomach…

They’d smile, laugh, and light up with joy…

And their brains would flood with dopamine and oxytocin…

(The chemicals that make us happy and cuddle-y.)

But when these guys described how their partners currently acted, their body language darkened…

They would fold their arms, close themselves off…

They would frown and fidget in their chairs…

And their brains would light up in the amygdala…

(The part of your brain that controls fear and fighting.)

They seemed “out of love.”

The real problem, the researchers realized, was this: 

Most people break up because they didn’t like who their ex had become. 

Their ex had gotten stressed out by work, life…then the fear of losing their significant other kicked in, and things got worse…

And that stress changed them.

More importantly, it changed the relationship…into something highly dysfunctional.

And that’s why they broke up.

After all, let’s be honest:

Would You Want To Date
The Version of You Who 
Was Screaming, Crying, and Blaming?

I know I wouldn’t.

The end of the study was what REALLY excited me:

Because researchers concluded that nearly every man in the study was still deeply, hopelessly in love with the woman he first fell in love with…

…even if she was his ex.

The Love You and Your Ex Shared 
May Still Be Alive

In fact, when researchers asked men to think about their ex…

To remember the good times they had together…

To remember the smiles, the laughs, the gentle lovemaking…

Almost every man reacted the same:

Their brains released dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins…

Those “feel good” chemicals. The ones that give you butterflies, and make you love a person.

That proved almost every single man was still in love with his ex. And he would’ve taken her back in a heartbeat, if the “old her” were standing there before him.

This study floored me. Because it completely changed the way I saw breakups.

It didn’t matter what you did wrong…

It didn’t matter whether love could “fizzle out” over time…

It didn’t matter if you broke up violently, or swore to never speak again…

Your Ex May Still Harbor
Deep, Everlasting Love For You,
Deep Within His Heart…

This love is just waiting for YOU to activate it.

This study proved, to me, that you can fix almost any breakup. 

Nearly 95% of them, if we believe the studies.

With this information, I knew I could help women win their exes back. No matter how wide the rift between them. No matter how long it had been since they last talked.

And with that, I went on a quest to find the answer: what could women say to rekindle their ex’s love?

My Quest To Solve Breakups
And Help Women Win Back Their Ex
Cost Me Thousands of Dollars,
And Years Of My Life:

I checked out every book in the library on the psychology of relationships. 

I spent thousands of dollars on courses about love and marriage.

I even resorted to watching YouTube videos. You know, made by those so-called relationship gurus, the guys who promise ways to “trick” your ex into running back to you…

To be honest, a couple “tactics” seemed promising.

But the more I looked into them, the more I realized they were only proven to work for some women.

And anyway, something about them felt wrong. 

They seemed, y’know, gross and manipulative…

No. I just knew there had to be another way.

And I was determined to find it.

I Shut My Electronics Off For A Month… Holed Up In A Cabin… And Recalled Past Conversations I’d Had With Men And Women, Both As A Friend And During My Time As A Coach… 

… And for weeks, I could not find an answer.

One evening, I grew so frustrated that I threw the book I was reading across the room.

I even heard glass breaking. And worried I had hit a window…

… but then it hit me:

The way to re-kindle an ex’s love.

The magic solution. One that lets any woman travel back in time, to be with the man she used to love… to help him forget the struggles…the challenges…the conflicts that drew them apart…

I will reveal the full details I discovered in just a moment…

… but the results my clients achieved with this text were incredible:

"I got back with my ex using Matt's advice, coaching, and women's intuition. It does work if we don't rush things.

We are now talking about moving in together and we're in an exclusive relationship. It's the best feeling ever!"

- Rebecca

"It works! Matthew, I am so grateful for all of the videos. 

The past two and a half months have been almost more than I could take, but we managed to compromise and put things back together, starting around New Years. Thank you!" 

"This really worked. I tried using some sample texts on him and wow he was so impressed, turned on and just begging me to stop killing him with the sweetness he was feeling...

I really couldn't believe that it could work that way, so fast."

- Malinga

And, unbelievably, it won my ex back, too.

The Three Quick Steps to
Writing a Powerful Text That Will "Turn Back Time"
On Your Broken Relationship:

I’m going to tell you exactly how to write a Time Machine Text…so you can feel the joy that I and others have felt. So you can prove to yourself that it works.

Here’s all it takes:

1. Make a list of at least four of your ex’s hobbies or interests.

It can be as simple as this:

classic cars, steak, hiking, movies

2. For each item, think of a positive experience you two shared.

For example:

On our first date, we saw a flashy, red Mustang parked on the street.

At his mom’s 60th birthday, we ate at a steakhouse—and he had the best ribeye of his life.

3. For each item, think of something related that happened recently.

This morning, on my way to work, I drove by a mustang with the same paint job as the one we saw all those years ago.

Last week, I met with a friend who talked about how much she loves ribeye.

Now, put it all together. Talk about what happened recently…connect it to your positive memory…then help him feel happy and nostalgic. So, your final text would say this:

I just saw a red Mustang, and it reminded me of that red Mustang we saw together. I bet you would have loved it! 🙂

Here’s another example:

I walked by that restaurant where we ate for your mom’s 60th birthday. Remember how big that steak was? It made me think of you. 🙂

Now, It’s Your Turn: 

Use this powerful, three-step technique to write a Time Machine Text and send it to your ex. 

Then, keep reading. 

Because, By The Time You Finish This Letter, I Bet You’ll Get A Response.

And if not, I'll give you my system on Time Machine Texting, on the house!

Why would I make this promise?

It’s simple.

Because after I created the Time Machine Text, I tested it.

In my study, 87 out of 103 women got a text back in less than an hour.

And just to warn you, it wasn’t always a happy text…

Because sometimes their ex needed to vent. Sometimes they were angry.

In Every Situation, We Were Able To Turn That Anger Into A Loving Connection…

Even if they had been broken up for years…

Even if they were the ones who caused the breakup…
Even if they had been fighting and yelling at their exes nonstop, over text, ever since they broke up…
Even if they were banned from family events. (One of my clients even had a restraining order against her!)

In every single case, these simple texts won back the men they deserved…

So, even if I “lose” out on the cost of the course, it’s okay with me.

You see, one of the first women I ever helped was a close friend of mine, someone I grew up with...

Seeing a dear friend get back with the love of her life…hearing her gush about her new, fulfilling life with her partner…

Brought me indescribable joy. 

That’s why I want to help as many women as I can.

That’s why I want you to snag your dream relationship…

…with the man you love.

So I packed everything you could possibly need to know about winning him back—all of the texts, all of the follow-up responses, every piece of science-backed advice (from sending your first text to having sex, and how long to wait between the two)—into a powerful new program I call “Restart Your Relationship.”

Announcing Restart Your Relationship: 
How to Win Your Ex Back in 30 Short Days…

After helping thousands of women win their exes back…

I boiled my “magic” method down to a few amazing texts.

Texts you can send to any ex.

No matter how long you’ve been apart, or how messy your breakup…

These texts will remind him why he loved you in the first place.

AND…I’ve discovered some powerful ways to romance the man you lost.

Including some new ways to act on your first date together…

(Because most women are dating their exes in a way that totally screws up their success.)

I want to share my complete Time Machine Texting Method with you, which covers what to do after you send that initial message…

And I would love to show you exactly how to date him…romance him…flirt with him…to win him back to your side…

That’s why I created X.

Restart Your Relationship Is My How-To Guide for Winning Back an Ex, Developed Over 17 Years…

And it covers everything you’ll ever need to know about getting him back—and keeping him.

Along with step-by-step instructions for texting him back into your life, you get:

The real reason he broke up with you. He’s too afraid to tell you this. (Not for the faint of heart.)
The real reason men pull away… told from a man’s perspective. (Hint: It’s not because we’re afraid of commitment.)
Why you might be pushing him away without even knowing it.
How to restart your relationship in five simple steps. (Every woman I’ve seen get her ex back followed this exact formula, whether she knew it or not.)
How to stop being needy.
What to wear and say in the first meetup, to reignite his desire for you. 

Module #1:
How to Text Your Way
Back into His Heart…

In Module 1, I’m going to show you the Time Machine Texting Method. Every woman must know this, if she wants to win her way back into his heart…

And I’m going to show you how to write irresistible texts…

(Texts powered by “nostalgia secrets,” which NOBODY teaches or talks about…)

If that’s all I showed you, this course would be worth its weight in gold.

…but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Because I’m also going to show you:

The PEEP Technique, which rekindles his feelings for you over text.
How to use the magnificent power of “Text Telepathy” to make him miss you.
Texts you should never send.
Plus, the truth behind his toxic texts, and how to dissolve them.

….and so, so very much more.


… since I want you to win your way back into his arms, his heart, and his life…

Module #2:
How to Date Him Back into Your Life
Without Using Your Body OR Your Sexuality…

When my clients think of dating their ex, sometimes…they cringe.

Because they worry: 

“What if all he’ll want is sex?” 

“What if he’ll want to get intimate too fast, then disappear?”

In this Module, I will show you exactly how to date your ex...

… WITHOUT ending up as just a one-night stand.

You get the romance you crave…

You get the respect you deserve…

You get the time and space you need to win your way back into his heart…

…all without being tricked back into his bed.

I’ll help you with all of the common situations, including:

What if he meets another girl? (Hint: Don’t try to compete with her)
I’ve been stalking my ex for a while now. Did I blow it?
I want to get married and he doesn’t. Should I go after him?
He asked if I slept with other people. Should I tell him?
He cheated on me. Should I get back with him?
What do I do if I have to see my ex every day?
He won’t talk to me. What do I do?
When should I get physically intimate again?

…and I’ll show you tons of useful tips, including:

The three signs he’ll show if he’s looking to get back into a committed relationship. (Pursue him without these signs, and you might get hurt.)
How to know when a relationship is beyond the point of fixing, and when it CAN be worked out.
How to avoid becoming a booty call… a “friend with benefits”… a “hookup buddy”…or a person he has no intention of being with over the long-term.
And once you two are texting again…three places you should never meet up the first time you see him. (Hint: Do NOT meet at your house.)
How to make him never want to break up with you again, by changing ONE thing—so you really CAN live happily ever after.

This module alone solves the biggest problem most women run into when they try to win their exes back…

…but you won’t have to worry. 

Because I’ll hold your hand. I’ll guide you to the relationship you deserve. And I’ll save you money along the way.

Normally, You Can’t Access
My Ex Back Texting Secrets
Without Hiring Me For $2,000
Phone Coaching...

Before today, I didn’t feel comfortable coaching women on how to win back their ex…without walking them through EVERY STEP of the process.

… but my goal before I retire, truly, is to help one million women find the relationship of their dreams.

To do that…

…I know I’ll have to help more women, faster.

That’s why I’m sharing my powerful Time Machine Texting secrets.

Not for $2,000…

Not for $1,000…

Not even for $500...

… But for just $47.

For just $47, you get access to the complete Time Machine Texting Method I used to share ONLY with private coaching clients…

…at a small fraction of the price they paid.

So text conversations become interesting and exciting, once again...

Why Would I Offer
Restart Your Relationship
… For Just $47?

The answer is simple:

I’m trying to prove myself to you.

I believe you’ll log in to  Restart Your Relationship  …

…and you’ll fall in love with the way we do things.

I believe you’ll immediately see how powerful our Time Machine Texting Method is.

And I believe you will be so impressed, you’ll want my help navigating the rest of your relationship.

From winning him back…to keeping him happy and satisfied.

There’s no pressure to do so:

Restart Your Relationship is truly only a one-time payment of $47.

No strings.

No gimmicks.

No recurring payment.

…but I truly believe you’ll log in to  Restart Your Relationship  and see just how easy winning your ex back can be.

And I bet that a few of you will want my help.

When you do, I’ll happily introduce you to more of my powerful techniques.

Plus…I’ll even give you a special discount on any one of my programs.

Best of All, Restart Your Relationship Comes With Our Outrageous
60-Day Money-Back Promise

Get your personal copy of Restart Your Relationship.

Take two full months to use these techniques…then judge for yourself the value of this course to your relationship.

If Restart Your Relationship fails to live up to my promises…or your expectations…

…if you are anything less than 100% satisfied…

Just let me know. I’ll happily return every cent of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Just contact our customer support staff to set up a return by sending us an email at support@matthewcoast.com.

You can get a full refund, fast.

But I’m not worried.

Right away, you’ll see how the Time Machine Texting Method can transform your life…and help you win back your ex.

So what’s stopping you from getting the love you deserve?

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Plus: You won’t have to risk a single penny.

The choice is up to you:

You can continue to struggle to win back your ex, or you can laugh and smile, while you’re in his arms.

With simple, powerful, Time Machine Text Messages. 

Texts that wake him up…

…making him remember just how much he adores you…

…reminding him how much he needs you in his life. 

It costs you absolutely nothing to prove these secrets to yourself.

So click the “Next Step” button, and let’s get started.

Talk soon,

PS. If your ex has not yet texted you back, please read this:

1. I am including my full Time Machine Texting program for free as part of this special offer, to anyone who purchases Restart Your Relationship.

So you can absolutely take me up on my offer, and get the full program, for free.

2. Dozens of my clients were in your shoes, when I first started working with them. Their ex’s wouldn’t return their texts… or pick up their calls… or acknowledge their existence at work.

Don’t worry.

This is so common that I have dedicated an entire chapter in Restart Your Relationship to exactly this situation:

I will show you… step by step… what to do when your ex won’t even text you back.

It is a long process:

It may take you 28 days!

But, rest assured, my clients all see success with their ex’s.

Or they get every penny of their money back.

So… why wait?

Take the first step to rekindle your love… and win back the partner you deserve.

Simple click here, then fill in your information on the following page:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Restart Your Relationship worth the money?

I ask this question every time I buy a course.

So I made sure Restart Your Relationship was worth it:

Restart Your Relationship is packed with as many as 63 different tips, techniques, and secrets…

… And that’s including my powerful Time Machine Texting Method.

However…at the end…you will decide whether Restart Your Relationship is worth it, or not.

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I’ve helped more women find relationship success than possibly anyone else in the world.

Up until today, I haven’t shared my Time Machine Texting Method in any course.

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What if I made a huge mistake? 

What if I said something I regret? 

What if he has already met someone else?

Everyone has their own unique challenges.

Yours may be that you believe you made a “huge” mistake.

Or you may have said something you deeply regret.

Or he may have already met someone new.

So it’s natural to wonder if you can find success with Restart Your Relationship.

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