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"The Disappearing Men Dilemma"

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I'm Matthew Coast, bestselling author, speaker, relationship researcher, coach and the creator of this assessment.

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Based on what you've shared and the info I have about your current situation, your primary "Relationship Blocker" holding you back from the love life you desire is what I call "DMD" or "The Disappearing Men Dilemma".

Here's What That Means

Here's what this means for you: When it comes to relationships, you may find yourself in a frustrating pattern where promising connections with men suddenly fizzle out.

You invest time and emotions, feel a spark, but then he pulls away and goes MIA.

This leaves you confused, questioning what you did wrong, and stuck in a loop of almost-relationships.

You may overthink every interaction, worried you'll scare him off.

This fear can cause you to hold back, dimming your light.

You crave a real, lasting commitment but the inconsistency makes you doubt if it's even possible.

Biggest Mistake

A big mistake many women make when facing The Disappearing Men Dilemma is to blame themselves.

You may internalize his behavior, thinking if you were "good enough" he would stay.

This leads to people-pleasing, walking on eggshells, and morphing yourself to fit what you think he wants.
In reality, this only pushes him further away.

Let me explain further...

Here's What Can Happen

You see, if unaddressed, this pattern of attracting men who pull away can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and sabotage your chances of a healthy, committed relationship.

Blaming yourself erodes your confidence. You stop trusting your judgment.

You may settle for less than you deserve or stay in unfulfilling situationships hoping he'll change.

Worse, constantly bracing for abandonment can make you clingy and insecure in relationships.

You end up manifesting the very rejection you fear.

Studies show a lack of relationship security increases anxiety and depression by up to 60%.

This transforms dating into an emotional minefield, not the joyful experience it should be.

If you don't break this cycle, you risk a lifetime of loneliness and heartbreak, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Ultimately, it's not just your love life that suffers, but your overall happiness and well-being.

Here's What You Can Do About It

Fortunately, you can take concrete steps to overcome The Disappearing Men Dilemma and finally attract the lasting love you crave.

It starts with using something I call, The Forever Woman Formula and using it for YOUR situation.

This plan needs to address three crucial elements:

1. Belief in Your Value

If you believe that you're not valuable, a man will ultimately start believing it as well, even if he WANTS to believe you're valuable. Instead, you need to believe that you're worthy of a great man and a great relationship at your core.

2. Positioning Yourself in Value

If you want a man to NEVER want to pull away again, you need to make him feel scared of losing you. Put yourself in a position where he feels and knows in his core that he could lose you if he doesn't play his cards right.

3. Communicating Your Value

You want to say something to him that makes him FEEL like it was a mistake to pull away in the first place.

Ultimately, you want him to value you, appreciate you, and cherish every moment he's around you. 

You want him to fall in love with you, see you for the amazing woman you are, and feel like he wants to move mountains and travel to the ends of the earth to be with you.

Your Next Steps

Now, I know what you're thinking:

How can I integrate ALL THREE elements of the Forever Woman Formula into my dating life?

And how do I do it without getting overwhelmed and giving up altogether?

Well, empowering women to do this work is my life's mission. 

I specialize in helping women from all backgrounds break through their Relationships Blocks and attract great guys and get into great relationships where they feel loved, seen, and valued.

I do this through articles, videos, and coaching.

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