40 Flirty Texts That Men Love

Hi, I’m Matt,

And today I’m going to give you some text messages that will ignite a man’s desire and interest in you…

They’ll make him think about you, miss you, and even crave you…

If you’re struggling to know what to message a man, that’s what this document is for…

But before we get into the text messages, let me introduce myself in case this is your first time hearing about me.

My name is Matthew Coast and I’m known as the “commitment coach.”

Maybe you’ve heard of me?

I’m the head dating coach, author, and founder at CommitmentConnection.com.

I’ve taught, coached, and spoken to tens of thousands of both men and women over the last 13 years about dating and relationships.

Many of them have gone on to get married, raise families, and live happily ever after.

I’ve helped save marriages, mend broken hearts, and heal struggling relationships.

My videos, articles, and dating advice reach millions of women all over the world, every month on hundreds of different websites across the internet.

And today, I want to help you attract and keep the guy you want.

Have you ever had a crush on a man that you thought was unattainable? Have you ever felt a man losing interest and you weren’t really sure what to do about it?

Have you ever considered that maybe one of the best ways to connect and communicate with a man is through text messages? But texting is so detached, right? Wrong!

You do realize that texting IS the best thing that a smart, intelligent and beautiful woman has going for her, since texting IS, for all practical purposes, like dating.

You might even say that texting is more intimate than a dinner conversation. It’s more emotionally connecting than going to a rock concert. It is, in many ways, the most seductive way to seduce a man and then have him fall madly in love with you.

Confused? Just remember that texting is nothing more than the intimate sharing of thoughts. These words are actually thoughts, feelings, and observations that give us keen insight into who we are, and the person we’re talking to. Thoughts that we might not be so inclined to share in person.

You might even say texting is the closest thing to mind reading we have, short of visiting a psychic.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “Huh I’ve never personally been that turned on at a guy messaging me saying, “YO WHERE U AT?”

Or of course, my favorite, “EY WUT U WEARING?”

Of course not and that’s because a good 75 percent of the population doesn’t know how to write, or converse, or flirt, or build anticipation and attraction!

But you do. You’re intelligent, you’re seductive by nature and you understand the power of feminine attraction. If you’ve visited my website then you probably understand what I’m referring to.

Namely that men respond to women who are feminine, who like men to chase them, and who consistently challenge a man’s ego to try a little harder to wow them.

So with that said, together with your charming and beguiling personality, and with this medium of “texting” – a quick way to share thoughts and feed into each other’s passions and imaginations we’re going to have a lot of fun in this special report.

We’re going to cover 40 sexy, flirty and “magic” things to text to a man that are going to have him going crazy. Even if you think he’s not that into you right now, I assure you if you send him some of these texts, and better yet put your own personalized spin on it, we will start to see you in a different light.

Let’s organize each section of texts according to some fundamentals of how to connect with a man the right way with just one text thought.

1. Take extra time to make a unique post.

The best way to differentiate yourself from other girls and prove yourself the higher caliber woman, is to say something new and unique—unlike anything anyone else has texting him.

Most of his other girls usually wait for a man to text them, and they respond with just a few lines or maybe an LOL. This is your chance to shine by writing more than just a mindless “tweet” and actually say something that resembles a real life, flirty conversations.

I like some of these lines, since they (1) make him laugh, (2) catch him by surprise and (3) sort of indirectly imply that HE should ask YOU out.

For example…

(1)YOU: Would you rather game time. Would live in the past or live in the future?

HIM: Lol, that’s a tough one. Hmmm… (since he’s a guy you know he’s going to think it over) Probably the past, then maybe I can get rich like Biff in Back the Future.

YOU: Good point. Would you rather date Topanga from Boy Meets World or Pam from the Office?

HIM: Wow that is a tough one. I like them both!

YOU: Last one. Would you rather getting eaten by a lion…or would you rather hang out this weekend?

His Reply: Lol, definitely the second. Although if we went to the zoo, who knows.

YOU: Lol, better stay away from the lion exhibit.

In this exchange, you captured his attention by playing a game. Then you showed him you were thinking about him. Great strategy if you already showed him you had a similar sense of humor in the first meeting.

(2)YOU: You know what I’ve been craving lately?

HIM: (Thinks to himself: Hopefully me!) No what?

YOU: Guacomole nachos. Thinking of trying out that new Mexican restaurant tonight.

HIM: That sounds awesome right about now. Want to meet up?

YOU: OK but you can’t have none of mine.

HIM: Lol, OK deal.

In this scenario, she immediately sends signals that she’s craving something, getting his attention. Then points his direction to a safe, platonic outing that just so happens to catch him when he’s hungry. Smart and not desperate because she has nothing to lose either way.

If you’re too intimidated to directly express a date or date-like evening with him then go for the groups approach.

(3)YOU: My friends and I are going bowling tomorrow. Need another “player” hehe

HIM: Really? Cool.

YOU: You could come if you want. If you’re not afraid of losing to me.

HIM: Oh it’s on!

If she really wants to toy with him she could even joke about him meeting some of her “friends”, making her curious as to whether SHE likes him as a friend or something more.

A far more conservative approach is to simply rehash the first conversation you had in an interesting and fun way. Most girls will not do this…he will be surprised you remembered every detail.

(4)YOU: So did you pass your certification exam? I’ve been dying to know.

HIM: YES! I did! Sooo relieved.

YOU: Awesome, because it was either electrician or modeling, right?

HIM: Lol, yeah or stripping. LOL j/k

YOU: Whoah

This may be the safest way to break the ice if you don’t feel like being bolder and heavily flirting right from the first text. You can always work your way up to it gradually, by simply rehashing what you remember from the first conversation. While you can tease him a little bit, always be “on his side” and be supportive of him.

(5)YOU: I’m seriously thinking of becoming a nun. Or a rock star. Definitely one or the other.

HIM: Hahah, nothing in between though?

YOU: No, in the middle is boring.

OR * I guess I should tell you now I have an identical twin sister. But she doesn’t like to be seen with me. So whenever you see me, you’re just never going to know who it is. 😉 (To let him know you’re joking)

Saying something funny is a sure way to get him to remember you. Don’t believe any advice that says men don’t like funny women or smart women. It’s not true. They’re just intimidated by women who seem condescending or think they’re “smarter than men.” Most men are actually tickled by a woman who likes to laugh and is bold enough to be funny rather than perfect.

2. Use his name and ask some interesting questions.

(6) Scott (or whatever his name is!), I want to throw an idea by you. I need a man’s opinion.

This is both a mystery and a compliment since it shows you value his opinion. Notice, you’re also building familiarity and the beginning of intimacy by using his first name. Don’t over-use it, but use it for special emphasis.

(7) Do you have any date from hell stories? Someone asked me that today and I figured Scott must have some doozies!

Teasing and kind of flirty without being too “in your face”, which can turn some men off.

(8) YOU: You seem unusually happy lately. I’m envious. What’s your secret?

HIM: Really? Yeah I suppose I got some good news…

YOU: Don’t keep me hanging, Scott.

HIM: Lol, didn’t know you cared.

YOU: I could tell by the smile on your face. Or should I say the smirk.

HIM: Smirk?! Hah maybe

Great way to tease him and get a response from him. Fun, mischievous but not aggressive.

(9) YOU: Hey Guacomole. Just wondering if you heard from Glenn. He was acting all weird and pouty on Facebook for some reason.

HIM: Huh, nope hadn’t heard from him. But that does seem like him, he’s such a weirdo!

While talking about other mutual friends is a safe conversation, an even better strategy is to nickname him something based on your first few experiences together. Make sure the name is humorous and not too “sweet”. It shows that you like him and yet kind of keep him at an arm’s length.

(10) YOU: Hey what did you think of Maslow’s Theory?
HIM: Whaaa?
I should mention that while it’s a great idea to just ask him his opinion on something you
both like, make damn sure he knows what you’re talking about! True, some men are
intellectuals and they may need to be “researched” a little.
The bigger point is of course, do NOT challenge him intellectually since he will take this
as a threat. Instead, challenge him in subtle and fun ways. Always make sure you
evoke his emotional response or his intellectual response.
But a much safer bet is to say:
YOU: Hey as a comic fan I have to know what you thought of Wonder Woman.
HIM: Omg, don’t get me started! We might have to talk on the phone for this.
YOU: Lol that much to say huh?
As you notice these are all OPEN ENDED questions and they are the best. Giving him
an opportunity to say YES or NO is a text flirt killer.