How to Make Him Chase You After a Fight

How to Make Him Chase You After a Fight

Fights in relationships are inevitable. It is normal to disagree with your partner now and then, and a little argument here and there might actually be healthy for your relationship.

Fighting with your partner, if done in a healthy manner, allows you to explore disagreements more in-depth and brings you closer together in the long run. If you fight 24/7, though, that’s a different story. Fighting can be healthy, but if you are both bickering at each other more often than not, it might be a signal that something needs to change. 

Now, I didn’t say fighting with your partner is fun–conflict can be stressful, and of course you don’t want to lose your partner. So, you might find yourself in a frenzy scouring the internet for tips on how to mediate the problem. A quick search will yield countless results on how to make him chase you, especially after a fight.

Here’s my problem with those tips: storming out of the room, slamming doors, being petty, posting messages directed at him, giving him the silent treatment—these are not tips that will make a guy chase you. In fact, they might push him away. 

I get it. You want to evoke a little fear in him. Maybe you’re wondering if guys get bored after the chase, and you don’t want this fight to bring an end to your relationship. 

If you want a man to chase you, especially after a fight, you need to do it in a loving way. Take the time to remember what caused you to fall in love with him—what causes someone to fall in love doesn’t change.

You’ve both made it this far in your partnership. Fueling a fight with more fire won’t help anyone–so, let’s make him chase you the right way. Ready?  



The best thing to do after a fight is to give your man some time and space to cool off. Everyone needs time away after a fight to reflect on what was said. 

As hard as it might be, don’t bombard his phone with calls or texts. Respect his need for space. Take some space yourself, too. Breathe, cool off, and reflect on the fight. This will allow you to both come back to the conversation with a more positive mindset. 



Trying to make your man chase you by giving him affection sounds contradictory, but who would you rather chase—the person slamming doors in your face and giving you the silent treatment, or the person who gives you an affectionate hug and respects your need for space in a mature way?

I’m going to guess that you’d rather go after the second person. That is the person I want you to be! The key to executing this successfully is to make it simple. I’m talking about a quick hug or a peck that signals to your partner you still care for him. 


Positive Mindset

I say this with love: when you’re in a fight with your partner, it’s easy to be dismissive, defensive, or passive. In order to move past this fight in a healthy way, you need to rise above these impulses.

Be positive, have an open mind, and be willing to hear him out. A man will be more likely to seek a resolution if he’s met with a calm and positive attitude. It reassures him that his efforts won’t be in vain and that you are willing to work through issues together.

This will not only help you become a more emotionally mature lover, but it will amplify the fact that you are unlike other women he’s come across and make him work harder to meet you halfway. 


Final Thoughts

One of the key parts of a healthy relationship is learning to fight well. Staying positive, patient, and kind will remind him why he loves being with you—and it will help you both come out on the other side stronger than before.

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