what causes someone to fall in love

What Causes Someone to Fall in Love?

Have you ever wondered what makes someone fall in love? Do we have any control over who we love or how we end up there, or is it completely out of our hands? If you’re reading this, chances are there is someone you have your eyes and your heart set on. Maybe you have fallen for them–big time–and you want them to reciprocate your feelings.

So, how do you get someone to fall in love? Is there anything you can do? 

I mean, sure, there are questions you can ask to make a guy fall in love with you, but there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to feelings. You might figure out how to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love with you, but the same tactics might not work with anyone else. You might learn how to make him chase you after a fight, but every technique you figured out might not affect every man the same way. 

We can’t deny what we feel and who we are attracted to, however, and while we can’t necessarily stop ourselves from falling for people, there are certain factors that cause us to fall in love.


Physical Attraction 

Physical attraction is often one of the first precursors to falling in love with someone. Sure, people can be objectively attractive, but if you are not attracted to them, is it really objective?

When you fall for someone, there is often a moment full of intense connection and chemistry. You feel something. There is no denying the tension between you. 

As you continue to get to know this person, that feeling can intensify slowly and serve as the foundation for further connection and emotional attachment. 



People are often drawn to others with compatible personalities. If you meet someone who shares similar values and interests as you, there is a high chance you will form a strong connection. 

The more compatible your personalities are, the more you can relate on a deeper level. Add a sense of humor that resonates with you and the kind of intelligence you respect, and you might feel like you really hit the jackpot. We are often more attracted to individuals who challenge us intellectually, who make us laugh, and who share our values and interests.


Mutual Respect

Respect is vital for forming a healthy relationship. You do not need to be in a long-term relationship to receive respect. An individual who shows you respect from the get-go helps set the foundation for a successful and loving relationship. 


In Summary

Falling in love is a complex process composed of various factors that we rarely have control over. We cannot control how physically attracted we are to someone in the same way that we cannot control how compatible our personalities are. 

The next time you find yourself falling for someone, look at what is attracting you to them in the first place. We will take a chance and assume these three qualities play a big factor in shaping your feelings!

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