How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology (Works Every Time)

One of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked lately is whether seduction and dating techniques are gender interchangeable – like, can a woman use the same male dating techniques on a man and get similar results?

The answer is sort of…as long as you’re replacing the masculine energy and masculine attitude with feminine energy and attitude.

Case in point, masculine women are usually not considered attractive by men. Masculine women are clingy, overbearing, domineering and controlling. Most men don’t like that.

But there are definitely what I call “high value qualities” that are attractive to both sexes (and every other gender in between) and you should be projecting those good qualities and attitudes when you communicate with guys.

When you cultivate these positive qualities and learn how to project them when you speak to others, you will come across as a high-value woman. The effect will be that you will be chased by men who are basically responding to your male seductive techniques.

Kind of funny, right? But of course the joke is that many of these techniques are unisexual and will work on mostly anybody because high-value always feels like high value.

So let’s consider five “male psychology” techniques / attitudes that are just as effective when you use them on men.

1. Don’t apologize…don’t hold back. Be proud of who you are.

You might think assertiveness is a masculine quality but it’s not exclusively male. Assertiveness is a high-value quality, regardless.

It’s sometimes misinterpreted as controlling and mean-spirited behavior, when in fact, true assertiveness is the exact opposite. Being mean to others is bullying behavior, a weak attempt to control other people. Being assertive means you stand your ground, you’re not afraid to speak your mind, and you’re confident enough to speak without fear of offending him.

2. You don’t need to chase him…if he’s interested he will chase you.

This may feel like a mostly masculine attitude but it’s actually a genderless quality of “high self-esteem.” Whereas an insecure person might need to be more aggressive and “force” someone into talking to them as often as possible, when you have high self-esteem you never feel inclined to chase.

You never NEED a man’s attention to feel complete. You are happy in your own skin, happy with your own life. This contentment, this confidence is what draws people to you. And by keeping this very strong “alpha” attitude (speaking of alpha male or alpha female) you will eventually have guys chasing you, because they will learn you never chase. They enjoy chasing you and that suits their masculinity just fine.

3. Be mysterious because mystery is always more intriguing than logical conversation.

Mystery is not an exclusively male quality either, though it’s usually the “mysterious handsome stranger” bit that attracts women. However, you can do the same thing and become a high value “mysterious woman” who draws men to you.

What makes a woman sexy and mysterious? It’s not all about looks or about that killer smile and wicked eyes. Being mysterious by nature is simply the art of NOT telling him all about yourself and actually focusing the attention on HIM. Get him to talk about his own interests, hobbies and passions…all the while avoiding revealing personal details about yourself. He will soon realize although he’s told you everything about himself, he really knows nothing about you. Mysteriousness achieved!

4. Don’t be afraid to flirt…at least a little. There’s nothing shameful about light flirting.

This is actually one of the first lessons that men learn when they’re looking up dating tips. Too many guys are afraid of sexual tension and the same is true of some women. But the simple fact is that sexual tension, confessing your attraction and actually ENJOYING the tension between you, is what starts jumpstarts the dating process.

Don’t be afraid to flirt just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be overly sexual or even too embarrassing. Simply learn the art of touching a man platonically (on the shoulder or hand) and making stronger eye contact with him. Smile, giggle when he makes you laugh and ask him personal questions when the moment feels natural.

In other words, dare him to make a move on you by putting the idea of sexual tension into his head first.

Some women are exceptionally good at flirting. They go beyond physical intimacy and superficial gestures and actually start TEASING the guy and getting him to laugh. This is a somewhat male behavior but it DOES work when a woman does it.

A man likes to laugh and it’s much easier to get him to admit his attraction when you’re constantly teasing him and pushing him to tease you back. It works like a charm…try it some time!

Speaking of which…

5. Make him laugh. Keep him smiling. Keep things positive. Keep him wanting more.

Finally, let’s embrace the male technique of “leave her laughing” and convert that into a guideline for women on men. The more you make him laugh, the more you talk about fun and positive things, the more positive associations you will leave with him.

So that means…don’t complain, don’t be too honest too fast. Don’t dwell on negativity. Don’t reject him so coldly. Keep things positive. Discuss things that you have in common that are really fun, or interesting, or thought-provoking.

Then, just as he becomes fascinated by you, tell him that you have to leave. You’re busy…you have things to do. That makes you high value!

Now that’s a Batman-dating move if I’ve ever heard one. Make him adore you and then tell him you’re needed elsewhere just as he wants to flirt and talk more.

This always works brilliantly, because as soon as we learn that something we like is “hard to get” we work harder to get it. Natural human instinct, regardless of sex or gender.

So yes, certain techniques of male psychology can be used on a man, by a woman, or really by anyone that wants people to like them. Experiment a little and you may be surprised at how easy it is to meet people!

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