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3 Flirty Text Messages to Send a Guy You Like

Sweet Good Morning Text for Him

Good morning texts always seem a little awkward, don’t they?  Whether you spent the night with your new crush, or just had a great date with good conversation, you both feel like you should say something.  The date went well.  You wanted to keep talking.  You both said goodnight. Now what? How about a safe…

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Stop Chasing Him and See What Happens

Clingy.  Desperate.  Psycho.  Needy.  Scary. All of these insulting names are basically describing the same thing.  A woman who chases a man is very intimidating. At first he might find the chasing approach cute and bold.  But over time, his defensive instincts kick in and he starts to think something is wrong. Why?  Why can’t…

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5 Types of Women That Men Love and Never Want to Leave

Signs He Loves You Secretly

Some men are very honest and romantic by nature.  As soon as this kind of guy realizes you’re “the one”, he sings it, he gives gifts, and he asks you out in front of the world. But let’s be honest…not all men are like that!  Even if a man is a natural romantic, wearing his…

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The Secret To Getting Him to Move Your Relationship Forward

Signs He Is Jealous But Hiding It

Have you ever experienced this?  You see your ex-boyfriend one day. You’re either with a new guy or you talk about a new guy in your life. You halfway expect your ex to say something, do something…react in some way! But he doesn’t!  No apology, no bittersweet moment. In fact, he seems totally oblivious. You…

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The Secret to Making the Best Choices in Your Relationship With a Man

Signs from the Universe Soulmate

One of the first things you learn when you start to investigate astrology and psychic phenomenon is that “signs” are everywhere and many of them have a personal meaning for you.  Regardless of who your higher power is in your life, these “signs” are about you and your personal growth.  In relationships then, theoretically, finding…

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7 Ideas on How to Make a Man Chase You

Signs a Guy Likes You But Is Scared

“You’ll know when a guy likes you.  Trust me, you just know!” Hey wait a minute.  Is that cliché really true?  Actually it’s not always easy to read a guy’s signals.  He might like you…or you might be reading too much into his facial expressions or conversation.  He might like you, but not be interested…

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How to Attract Men

Really Good Dares

Isn’t it fun playing Truth or Dare?  It’s not only a fun getting-to-know-you game, but it can also be very exciting, even erotic, the more your relationship develops. While we usually don’t think of Truth or Dare as a game of skill, it IS a game of patience and strategizing. That is to say, there’s…

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The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Becoming a Man Magnet: 4 Can’t Miss Moves

Plenty of Fish Headlines

You know what I like to do?  Surf dating websites just to see what singles today are doing right and wrong.  It’s educational and kind of fun.  Sometimes I look at profiles and come up with blog ideas, based on what I see out there. What’s been my observation for most of 2019?  Single people…

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the secret in attracting your soulmate

Older Woman Younger Man Dating Sites

What’s with the sudden popularity of older women dating younger men?  Can we blame Stranger Things for teasing us with all the flirtation between Mrs. Wheelers and Bill?  (I haven’t watched the whole season yet, no spoilers!) It’s actually not a very trendy thing, although you do hear about it now more so than you…

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Can I Get My Ex Back If

Nicknames for Guy Best Friends

It’s fairly common nowadays for a woman to have a friendship with a man that doesn’t involve sex.  Call it a bro-mance for women! And of course, you have people that say, “A man and a woman can never be friends.” But actually they can.  Consider these scenarios: Two lifelong friends that aren’t sexually attracted…

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