How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You

How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You

You knew you wanted something long term with someone handsome and successful. You wanted stability and romance, and Taurus offered you all of that. But what you didn’t account for was just how hard this Earth sign is to read–and you’re not alone. Maybe you were committed at one point, or even married. The man who adored you, showered you in gifts and dazzled you with delicious food has grown distant. The distance from this once loving and affectionate man might make you ask, “how can I make my husband miss me during separation?” The key is to fall back in love with yourself.

Making a Taurus man miss you is different from how to make a Scorpio man miss you. The ideas behind the actions are similar, but the execution is more nuanced. A Scorpio man will be attracted to your evolution and transformations, but a Taurus man will be dazzled by self-love. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and it succumbs to creature comforts and adores aesthetics. So, how can you pique his interest again? Follow these three steps and your Taurus man won’t be able not to miss you and commit.


Date Yourself

You may be saying “I want to date him, not myself!” but Taurus is all about stability and beauty. If you are not stable, if you do not feel love for yourself in all aspects of your life, why should he invest his time and efforts? You need to embody the romantic energy that radiates from Venus–get your nails done, buy yourself flowers, or treat yourself to that Pilates class and get brunch after.

Celebrate you in little ways, every day. Tauruses love pleasure, so when you generate your own romantic aura, they can sense it. Wake up every morning and think: How can I impress myself? Whether it’s taking the extra time to do your makeup or cook yourself a fancy meal, choose to pamper yourself until it becomes a habit. Compliment yourself and remind yourself of your worth. This investment will make you feel more confident and more aligned with the nature of Venus, and it will catch his attention.


Be In-Demand

A successful woman who has invested in herself and her quality of life is busy. You have work to do, friends to see, self-care to prioritize. When you are not answering his texts immediately or constantly checking in with him, he wonders what you are doing and who you are with.

The wonderful thing about a Taurus is they love a successful woman. They’re bulls—they work hard and charge forward in order to attain the wealth and security they need. Someone who knows what they want and prioritizes their work will catch his eye, but someone who does that and also lives a full life will keep his attention. If he’s the center of your attention and he knows it, he will doubt if you’re actually a catch. Surely, a successful, beautiful, social woman like yourself would have other things to focus on besides him? Maybe you’re not what he imagined.

Give his imagination room to grow, and give him space by filling your time with work and play. Say something like, “Oh, yes, I think I can make time for you this week, but I’m going to Cabo on Thursday after my presentation. What did you have in mind?” If he knows you have plates spinning, it will intrigue him.


Appeal to His Senses

Appeal to his senses–literally. A Taurus man loves earthly pleasures; he likes his sheets soft, his kitchen filled with divine aromas, and fine wine on his lips. When you see him, make sure you are seen. Treat yourself like a work of art. Wear something that makes you feel sensuous and confident and have a signature scent 

Give him just enough to have a taste, a brief scent, or a glimpse, into your beauty and self. Touch his arm, but not too often. Be close enough to him that he can inhale your scent and gaze into your eyes briefly. At this point, you should have stepped into your power and realized your worth. All along, you thought you were trying to win him back. But now? You realized you’ve been the prize all along, and he needs to work for it. At this point, you don’t need to spell it out for him—he knows. If he wants to bask in your world of beauty, he needs to earn his way there.

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