how to make a Scorpio man miss you

How to Make a Scorpio Man Miss You

So, you delved into the mysterious and intense depths of the Scorpio man and you feel him pulling away. Scorpios are an intensely emotional water sign and notoriously difficult to read. Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, it’s easy to confuse their passion and vigor (masculine energy of Mars) and their sensitivity and depth (feminine energy of Pluto.) What approach should you take to entice this seductive and complex man?


When attempting to draw in a Scorpio man, it can be helpful to look at what he isn’t, rather than try to pin down what he is. How to make your brooding Scorpio miss you will be different than how to make a Taurus man miss you. Taurus is the “sister sign” of Scorpio, which means they sit opposite of each other on the zodiac wheel and can bring out the best and worst traits of one another. While a Taurus man prefers to be more passive, a Scorpio prefers to lead the charge. If he has you readily available at the drop of a hat, he can grow bored. He needs intrigue and he often craves the mystery he provides to others; to make a Scorpio man miss you, you must give him something to miss. Scorpios can read people like a book with just a glance—keep your cards close to your chest to keep him guessing what may happen in the next chapter.

Looking for some texts to make him miss you? Read on–we’ve got you covered.

1. “Sorry, I can’t tonight. I know we’ll figure something out soon!”


Nothing is more alluring to this determined man than the elusive and unattainable. While deep down he craves security and partnership, he yearns for someone who is as complicated as him to explore the secrets of the universe. 


Try not to be at his beck and call. Enjoy your hobbies and friends—book yourself up and don’t over-explain yourself. Keep him guessing,as he doesn’t need to know you’re curled up on the couch, chardonnay in hand, watching Sutton Stracke and Erika Girardi duke it out on a Real Housewives reunion. He’ll be wracking his mind with your previous conversations, trying to guess where you are and who you’re with. 


Sweeten your decline to his invite with something kind and optimistic. You aren’t punishing him—we know we don’t want to activate “revenge mode” on a Scorpio, especially because he can be more inclined towards passive-aggression than your average man.


Make it clear you would see him if you weren’t tied up with whatever you are tied up with. Are you finally taking that pottery class you mentioned? Are you at that rooftop bar you showed him a picture of, laughing over a Manhattan with some other man? Water signs are known for their imaginations and you can bet he’ll be exercising his to fill in the blanks, triggering his desire to chase. 


2. “I’m excited to see you! I have a surprise.”


Remember that imagination we talked about? Giving him a surprise to envision will certainly tickle it.


We’ve talked about how Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars loves pursuit and action. Now, here’s your chance to lean into Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Relax, it’s not so grim! Focus on the rebirth aspect–what is something you’ve always wanted to do but have held yourself back from? Now’s your chance to do it. Ignore the voice of your middle school bully telling you your bangs looked dumb, or your mother saying no one will hire you if you get that ankle tattoo. You deserve to live life on your terms. Have the confidence to shake off the nay-sayers of your past and embrace physical change.


When you next see your Scorpio man (because he will definitely want to see what you have in store) dazzle him with a new change and give him a peek into your psyche. “I’ve always wanted to go brunette, so I thought, why not?” He’ll see a woman who always has something up her sleeve and will keep him guessing, but he will also see a woman who isn’t controlled by the boxes others put her in and isn’t afraid to embrace every part of herself. His desire to reinvent and rediscover himself will feel connected to your ability to embrace change.


3. “I caved. I finally started watching that show you mentioned and you were right–I’m hooked.”


Despite all the mystery and desire for reinvention, a Scorpio man has boundless loyalty to give when he knows it will be reciprocated. How do you express loyalty without surrendering that chase he needs? Playful, small comments and gestures that show you are hearing him when he speaks and thinking about him when he isn’t around shows him that he is on your mind. Sprinkle in references to things he’s mentioned. 


Go to that restaurant he loves with a friend, then message him, “At that restaurant with my friend. What’s the go-to appetizer we should get? No pressure, but if we hate it, you may have to make it up to me.”


You’re not readily available to him, but you’re checking in. Be flirty. Be playful. Be challenging without competing. He knows he needs to step up to keep up, but he also gets the gratification that you remembered and chose to explore his favorite restaurant. It could be a show, a band, or a book. He’ll know he’s on your mind enough to know he interests you, but not so much that the chase is done.

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