How to make a guy fall in love with you

When you find your guy and who you feel is “the one” then you should do all that’s in your power to make sure he doesn’t get away. There are right ways and wrong ways to approach this situation and you certainly don’t want to come off as desperate and have regrets.

Instead, you can take time to review advice that will cover in greater detail how to make a guy fall in love with you. This way you can give yourself the best chance of successfully navigating this situation and not only fall in love but enjoy a long-term and committed relationship that makes you happy.

Don’t Try to Change Him

Make a guy fall in love with you by not trying to change him. He is who he is and it’s why you fell in love with him in the first place. You’ll push a guy away if he gets the feeling that you want him to act or be a certain way that is uncomfortable for him. Instead, embrace who he is and give advice or input if he seeks it. You want to find someone who you can respect and appreciate now, not in the future.

Show You Care & Adore Him

Next, don’t be afraid to show him that you care and adore him. Show him respect and be forthcoming about the fact that you admire him. Genuinely care for him and show the guy your nurturing side. Be willing to give without expecting anything in return and find ways to ensure he feels special and wanted. Another way to do this is to always have his back. 

Dress & Act Confidently

Confidence goes a long way in attracting and keeping a man’s attention. Make a guy fall in love with you by dressing and acting confidently and keep smiling. Dress based on your style but then also choose to show off parts or wear things you know he likes. Be self-assured and learn to love yourself so that he sees this confidence in you, which he will appreciate and likely fall even deeper in love with you.

Take an Interest in His Life & Hobbies

It doesn’t matter who you are, there are hobbies and interests in life that you are passionate about and that make you smile. Find out what these are for your guy and then make a genuine effort to learn more about his interests and how he likes spending his time. There may be opportunities to do some of these activities together or a chance for you to support him such as going to see him play in his band or putting yourself out there and participating in a round of golf with him.

Avoid Smothering Him

Most importantly, do not smother the guy you like if you want him to commit and fall in love with you. You want to avoid coming off too strong too fast and him running the other way. Be mindful of how often you’re texting him and that you’re not constantly begging him for his time and attention. If he wants to see you and be with you then he will make the effort. Be careful to not force him into making a decision too soon or try to tie him down right away. 

Open up & Be Vulnerable with Him

The majority of men have a soft side and are willing to show it if they trust you and feel comfortable with you. They also appreciate and enjoy a woman who is vulnerable and open and honest. Allow yourself the chance to be more vulnerable with him and in your interactions. Also, use open body language around him. It’ll draw you two closer together on an emotional level and he’ll begin to understand how you truly feel about him. He’ll start to realize he doesn’t want to lose you to another man and will likely reciprocate your vulnerability. 

Allow Yourself the Chance to Give & Receive Love

Stay optimistic and hopeful that if he’s the one for you that it’ll all work out and he’ll fall in love with you in the end. You can make a guy fall in love with you by allowing yourself the chance to give and receive love. You have to be open to it and dive all the way in even if it means having your heart broken if you want to be in love. If you have walls up and are closed off then how can you expect the man you’re dating to fall in love with you? Be happy, be positive, and let your funny and spontaneous side come out at times.

Be Yourself

With that, you should also focus on being yourself and not changing to meet his standards as well. After all, you don’t want a guy to fall in love with you if you’re putting on a show and aren’t being your authentic self because chances are in the end that the relationship won’t work. Be independent, take good care of yourself, and have your own interests and hobbies that you enjoy doing. You want him to fall in love with you and let your unique self shine through. 


While you can’t and shouldn’t try to force a man to fall in love with you, there are tactics you can use to make a guy fall in love with you. These are some of the actions and thoughts that should be at the top of your priority list when you’re dating the guy who you think is the one for you and whom you want to marry someday. In the meantime, enjoy the journey and ride and stay positive that, if you continue to be yourself and go after what it is you want in the right way, that you’ll end up with the love of your life in the end. 

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