Why Does He Keep Looking at My Online Dating Profile?

Why Does He Keep Looking at My Online Dating Profile?

You matched days ago, but he takes forever to respond to your messages. Maybe he keeps mentioning the possibility of going out on a date, but then skirts his way around making solid plans. You get the impression he’s not actually interested, but he keeps checking your dating profile. What is that all about?

The truth is, there are plenty of reasons why a guy would keep checking your profile without making any major moves. He could be trying to tell if your dating profile is fake or if it’s based on dating profile examples, or he might be trying to find a way to answer your dating profile questions. Maybe he is just participating in online dating for validation, or maybe he isn’t who he says he is.

Before you blame yourself, consider that there are many reasons a guy might take his time, and none of them have to do with you. These include:


He’s Seeking More Information

This mystery man could be searching through your profile for more info–maybe he thinks you’re too good to be true. Having your profile link to one of your social media accounts can help verify you’re not a fake profile.

Maybe he wants to reach out but isn’t sure what to say. Your profile should contain information that is unique to you; this can help attract men who share your common interests as well as make you stand out against generic profiles and scam profiles. 


He’s Afraid of Rejection

If he hasn’t asked you out yet, he might be mustering up the courage to take this step. Guys can overthink just as much as we can. Haven’t we all compulsively looked at someone’s profile and imagined kissing them, spending hours in each other’s arms, and fantasizing about the future? 

He could be getting ahead of himself and it’s making him nervous. He could be thinking, “What if I make a move, and she turns me down?” Then, the fantasy is over.

He’s Not Ready

If he’s looking at your profile but not messaging or taking a long time to respond, he’s likely not ready to commit. Not that you’re asking for a ring already, but a man who can’t even send a quick note or question is not someone who is ready for a serious connection. Do you want to invest your time in someone who isn’t even sure if they want to meet for coffee?


Final Thoughts

Navigating the dating scene in the modern age can feel like rowing a boat without a paddle. The first step is nailing down your goals, and then operating in a way best aligned with them. When you do start with an online dating platform, don’t get overly anxious if a man keeps checking out your profile but doesn’t take any action.

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