How to Answer Dating Profile Questions.

How to Answer Dating Profile Questions

Before you can jump into the world of online dating and start swiping or scrolling, you need to complete your profile by answering the app’s prompts; you might even have taken a peek at some online dating profile examples for women.

Whether you’re confined to the short, precise answers on Hinge or have an endless character count like what’s offered on Match, it can be intimidating to talk about yourself to strangers. How can you explain who you are and what you want while still standing out against hundreds of profiles? It is important to know how to introduce yourself on a dating profile because you only have one chance to make a first impression.

First and foremost, you want to be authentic and be yourself. If you lie about loving CrossFit, you might attract a CrossFit trainer who will want to do a session with you. Save yourself the discomfort and embarrassment by owning who you are. If you’re a foodie, talk about your favorite recipes and restaurants. If you’re creative, talk about art galleries or suggest a wine-and-paint date. 

When crafting your dating profile, you need to consider it holistically. What message are you sending with your profile as a whole?


Be Honest, But Don’t Go Overboard

If you have children, it is important to mention them. If you have major deal breakers, such as religious beliefs and certain long-term goals, find a way to bring them up in a positive way. 

Perhaps you are coming on too strong if you say: “No hook-ups. Only looking for a serious man. Must love kids. No broke men.” Consider phrasing these needs with something like: “Looking to share a lasting connection with someone who is family-oriented. I am attracted to people who understand the value of hard work and have established a life, just like I do.”

When you explain what you want, frame it in a way that would excite a man who is looking for the same thing. Starting off on a negative or pushy can lead to a rocky start.


Highlight Your Quirks

If you geek out over Game of Thrones or cooking with uncommon flavors, you aren’t alone. When you are open about your quirky side, it opens the door for others to start a conversation.

Instead of saying: “I love video games” or “I like to bake,” try: “I wind down in the evening by trying to speedrun Resident Evil. Tell me your favorite horror franchise,” or: “When I’m not baking cookies for my friends, I’m searching for new recipes to try. What two unlikely flavors should I pair for my next baking project?”

Ending with a fun question that isn’t overly specific but gives men something to work with conversation-wise can give them insight about who you are while opening the door to start a great chat.


Keep It Positive


When you’re comparing yourself to other profiles, it can be tricky to frame things in a positive way. You don’t want to bond over disliking or bashing the same things–you want this connection to start off on the right foot.

For example, instead of saying, “I’m not outdoorsy, I hate working out. I’m tired of everyone pretending to hike every weekend,” try: “You can catch me curled up with a glass of merlot after work, rooting for my favorite Real Housewife like it’s Superbowl Sunday. Looking for a quick-witted homebody like myself to keep the couch warm and our glasses full.”

While these examples can get you started in the right direction, they may not be tailored perfectly to you. It’s important to identify your dating goals and find an approach aligned with them–this is where the dating experts at Commitment Connection come in. We work to empower women in their dating approach by helping them find a long-lasting connection! Curious about why he keeps looking at your online dating profile but may not be reaching out? I get it–check out my recent article.

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