How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You (Do These 4 Things)

Is your boyfriend taking you for granted? Maybe he seems distant lately or maybe he’s just not feeling your affection as much as usual.

Don’t freak out. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to go all Tiger Woods on you. All it means is that he is backing away because he wants some independence. If that’s the case, it’s time to give him more of what he wants. Independence…but with a side of sexy danger and allure. That’s what’s going to get him chasing you again.

But maybe the idea of being “distant” or backing away too much worries you. You don’t want to totally diss him or give him so much independence that he wanders off, thinking you don’t really like him. You do like him…you just want him to chase you, right?

This is why we’ve created a few simple tips you can remember that encourage independence, but also get him excited about winning back your favor.

1. Start saying less and become “mysterious”.

One of the reasons he liked the initial date was because he thought you were mysterious. You didn’t talk as much back then. He had to entertain you, he had to work hard to get you to open up to him. The fact remains that men love mystery! They love it when women give them a little and make them work for more. When you volunteer information constantly, men don’t place as much value in that information. When you avoid giving details and keep things as vague as possible it challenges him.

At some point, a man may become provoked if he senses you’re not volunteering information like usual. In this case, cooperate…but only give the minimal amount of information he wants. Answer just the facts, leaving him desiring more details and descriptions, which he has to ask for and work for, by giving you a reason to talk.

What’s happened here? Why, it appears that you now have his FULL attention! That’s exactly what you want and ironically, what he wants!

2. Become more attractive to men…all men!

Your instincts may tell you that once you find a great guy there’s no need to flirt, dress sexy, and act like you’re single. But this is a myth! Encouraging attention from other men gives you self-confidence. It makes you feel good.

And if you do it right, it makes your man happy too. It reminds him that you’re a great catch…that you’re a desirable woman but one that only he has the privilege of exclusively dating.

There’s no need to be crass about it or make him think you’re cheating. That’s not what he wants. He simply wants to be reminded that you:

• Dress well
• Pay attention to other men when they talk to you
• Smile, be friendly, flirt in a platonic and conversational manner to whoever talks to you

This will make your man want to compete more for your attention. He will try harder, talk more and even be MORE affectionate with you, as if to remind you and other men that “She’s mine!” Mission accomplished.

3. Make a BIG change in your life.

What’s an easy way to get a man’s attention, a man who thinks he knows you? Change things up! Changing something about yourself—your wardrobe, your hobby, your personal project, your weekend schedule, anything! A change in your appearance or in how you manage your time sends a strong message: this is a side of me you don’t know!

A man will be fascinated at seeing a new side of his partner (or crush) and will give her more attention for this pleasant distraction. Even something as minor as a change in hair color can do wonders. The reason why is NOT just because it’s a superficial change in appearance…but rather because you will feel more confident. You will have a sexy new look and can also try sexy new personality traits to go along with it. Want to be feisty for a change? Want to tease him more? Want to gently push his buttons and get him flustered? A change in appearance or in lifestyle will get his attention quickly.

4. Plan a vacation with friends and keep in touch with him…but keep it brief.

Some women have the right idea. They take off for a weekend with the girls and give the boyfriend back home the gift of missing her. But then they make the mistake of being too available to the guy, with long phone calls, detailed text messages, video conferencing and the like. A woman like this may actually put her girl pals on the back burner just to please her man who “misses her.”

Big mistake! How can he possibly miss you if you’re giving him the same amount of time you always give him? The “gift of missing you” means that you keep all communications BRIEF. You have obligations to hang out with your girlfriends, not divide your time between them and him. Frankly, it’s disrespectful to your friends…and all it really shows him is that you’re a pushover. Men take advantage of weak women.

It’s almost biological. Don’t do it. Let him miss you and be more unavailable so that he can heap affection and attention on you when you come back.

Why are men so attentive in the beginning of a relationship? Because they have to work harder, try harder and compete. That makes them happy. All it takes to give your routine relationship a little spice is to let him miss you.

Let him miss you by saying less, taking pride in your appearance, keeping busy and happy in your own life apart from him, and lastly, by giving him enough quiet time so that he realizes…

“Wow, I really am a lucky guy!”

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