10 Signs That He Misses You (And is Thinking About You)

Have you ever looked through Craigslist Missed Connections personal ads? If you do, you might notice quite a number of sad love stories that always send to end without resolution. Lovers who can’t work it out. Two people that met, felt a spark, but never saw each other again. Lovers who can’t stop thinking about each other, months, or even years later.

Yes, it’s a wonderful convenience…the ability to post anonymous messages and hope that your crush sees it by happenstance.

Well, let’s get real. The fact of the matter is, it’s highly unlikely that he’s ever going to read a message like that. Most people don’t post anonymous messages on Craigslist. Most people don’t send anonymous love letters either.

Usually what happens is that we think things over in our minds and think…and think and overanalyze. And then, finally, we just go and live our lives. We don’t post anonymous messages, well, most of us don’t.

But here’s what does happen. When a man really falls for a woman and can’t stop thinking about her, he makes sure to keep the flow of conversation going. He tries to get her attention. He sends very small but significant signals, hoping that he’ll keep her attention.

If he doesn’t send these little signals then he’s not thinking about her. But if he is sending them, he IS missing you. He is hoping for another chance to get to talk to you. And yes, there is still hope for a relationship blossoming.

Here are ten very subtle signs that show he may be missing you. In fact, he may even be missing you like crazy and is just too shy to admit it!

1. He comes up with the lamest conversation starters, just to keep the dialog going.

Whether it’s mundane talk about the weekend, sharing silly memes, or talking about movies or books he enjoys, he’s desperate to keep you entertained. Good sign…he doesn’t want you to forget him. He wants that open channel of communication.

2. He is suddenly very jealous or “interested” in your male friends.

Not that he’s jealous…but he is starting to notice all of your guy friends and seems more insecure than ever before. What’s odd is that he never seemed to care before, but all of a sudden he’s taking an interest in the “competition.” He might even become agitated when you talk about other guys and try to belittle them.

3. He has been socially stalking you lately.

If you notice your ex or your crush has been “stalking” you on social media, he may be trying to show just how much he misses you. It’s not the direct approach…but then again, why else would he like every new post, or try to befriend you, or like your photos if he’s “not missing you”? Men who stalk, definitely miss!

4. He avoids getting out and meeting new people or doing exciting things. He’s mostly sitting around missing you.

What’s the opposite of going out, meeting new people and moving on with your life? Of course, standing still and feeling nostalgic about the past. If he’s missing you, he’s resisting the urge to forget about you. He doesn’t want to move on and so stays home on the weekends, pulling away from everyone. This is clearly not the portrait of a man who’s over you!

5. He’s sharing photos or old posts of yesterday.

Sites like Facebook have made it easy to share memories and so your smitten man continues to look to the past—namely by sharing photos, events and status messages that involve you. It may be an inside joke he once shared with you, a series of photos, or a gift you gave him. He may also ask you for pictures (past or current). Nostalgic guys (who are missing you) are extra visual. They want to recreate those past feelings with a few glimpses of how life used to be.

6. He’s trying to impress you with major lifestyle changes.

Men are natural providers and so it’s not surprising that they may try to win you over with exciting new lifestyle changes that can “provide” better for your needs. Whether it’s a new job, a new fitness regiment, or some “wonderful news” he has to share, it’s very clear that he’s gone back to trying to impress you.

7. He answers messages and phone calls quickly.

Men who don’t care just don’t rush after the phone! But men who are still thinking about you are very quick to reply to messages, minutes or even seconds after you start a conversation.

8. He’s moody…and seems to rage whenever you do talk to him.

If your guy crush or ex seems unusually angry whenever you talk, it’s possible he’s having trouble dealing with you—and in other words, missing you dearly. He takes things out on you, hoping to elicit strong emotion from you one way or another.

9. He makes elaborate plans to help when you do meet up.

An uninterested guy would probably play it by ear. But this guy, who misses you so much, is going overboard, making sure all of your needs are met. He plans things in great detail and spends lots of time and money making sure your next meeting is everything you hoped it would be. He wants your next meeting to be special because he misses you so much.

10. He’s posting / saying strange things that almost seem like he’s talking to you…

Well yes, he probably is sending you strange esoteric messages, especially if no one else seems to get his mysterious references either. When guys experience divided emotions they do share their feelings. It hurts to keep it inside and so they express themselves in ways that don’t always make a lot of sense.

He may not be talking directly to you…but he could be processing how he feels inside. He’s coming to terms with what’s happened and what he wants.

Which is…you guessed it…that he misses you and wants you back.

When in doubt, pay attention to the more obvious signs. Don’t dream. Analyze his patterns of behavior. How hard does he work to get your attention and keep it? If he really misses you, he’s working overtime!

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  • natalie Cortez

    Reply Reply June 13, 2018

    The guy I like always does number 8 which kind of bugs me in someways!! Lately he has been humming and just really happy when I’m around!

    I guess that is a good thing right?

  • Adrienne N Oberg

    Reply Reply September 10, 2018

    He says that not interested and no time are two different things. However, won’t tell me where I stand when asked directly

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