How To Make Him Obsessed With You.

How To Make Him Obsessed With You

For many women in relationships, there’s an underlying fear that you’re more into your partner than he is. You’re head over heels in love – but does he feel the same way? You want him to be absolutely obsessed with you, as you are with him. 

First of all, don’t feel guilty for thinking this. You’re not demanding too much of your partner by wanting them to be obsessed with you. After all, this should be the case in every healthy relationship. You spent a lot of time getting a boyfriend, so now you want to have them for as long as possible. 

The obvious question is how?! How do you make him obsessed with you without coming across too strong? I think that’s the key here. You want to be the center of their lives, but you also don’t want to seem like an overbearing or needy girlfriend. At times, it can be hard to navigate this fine line, which could end in you breaking up. Then, instead of focusing on making him obsessed with you, you’re trying to win back an ex

Don’t worry, this post will explain everything you can do to make your boyfriend as obsessed with you as possible: 

Take A Genuine Interest In His Interests

For men, there are few things as attractive as a woman that likes the same things as them. Moreover, we love it when you make an effort to entertain our interests. This is as straightforward as sitting down to watch the game with us on the weekend and actually seeming interested. Or, it can be playing video games with us or watching our favorite shows. 

The more interest you show in his interests, the more obsessed with you he becomes. He starts sitting there thinking to himself “I can’t believe how lucky I am?! I have a girl that actually wants to do these fun things with me!”

Obviously, don’t go too far. It’s okay to have different interests – after all, they’re unlikely to be interested in everything that you enjoy. Pick a few core interests and make an effort to like them. Who knows, you might actually find some new hobbies or things to do. 

Make Him Feel Appreciated

I think there’s a problem in lots of relationships where men don’t feel that appreciated. If I had to say why it would be down to the old stereotypes we still weirdly live by. For example, it’s stereotypical for men to go out and buy flowers or shower their girlfriends with random gifts. As such, you never really see women do the same. 

It’s kind of like you don’t think men want that sort of thing, but they do. Who doesn’t like being shown how appreciated they are? This doesn’t have to be through gifts – though that does help – it can simply be through the words you say. Tell them you love them, talk about how important they are, and how much you value what they do for you. 

You’ll be amazed at how quickly a guy becomes obsessed with you when they feel valued and appreciated. It’s all they’ve ever really wanted, trust me. Even something obvious like telling him you love him and are obsessed with him will work wonders. Men rarely get told that someone is obsessed with them – we’re not used to it. So, when we’re aware of how much someone cares, it makes us obsessed as well. 

Don’t Neglect The Physical Side Of Your Relationship

You’re in a relationship with someone, which means you can do things that nobody else can do with your partner. 

You can be physical with them. 

So, don’t run into the mistake of neglecting the physical side of your relationship. Men are naturally very sexual beings. We think about sex more than women, and research tends to indicate that we enjoy the thought of it more. Why? Well, it’s all down to how we experience sex, and also the high testosterone levels help. Regardless, sex should be a big part of your intimate relationship. 

Your man will become utterly obsessed with you if you have a good sex life. This doesn’t mean you’re having sex every waking minute. It just means there’s a spark there that never goes out. What’s more, you show how interested and eager you are. It makes them realize they’re not the only person in this relationship that’s keen on the physical side of things. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a girlfriend who wants to have sex with them or try new things. 

Have Fun & Joke Around

Again, societal stereotypes have led us to believe that men are the ones who have fun and joke around a lot. You see things like “lads banter” all the time in the media or on Twitter. At the same time, women are largely made to believe they should be quieter and more reserved. 

This is complete bs. 

Women shouldn’t be afraid to have fun and joke around. In fact, guys love this. Guys in relationships adore it when they can have fun with their partners. They love being above to joke around and banter with you, knowing that you can take it and dish it back out. He will become obsessed with you so quickly if you’re not afraid to have fun. 

Ultimately, making your man obsessed with you is far easier than you think. A lot of women believe you need to enter all kinds of mind games to trick their men into falling for them. This doesn’t work and isn’t necessary. Be yourself. That’s all it takes. Be yourself and show your partner how much you care about them. This can be through showing an interest in their interest, buying nice gifts, making an effort on the physical side of things, and so on. Very soon, you will have a man that is totally smitten and thinks about you 24/7.

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