How a Man Feels When You Leave Him

How a Man Feels When You Leave Him

You might think that men are heartless creatures that won’t feel any sadness or regret once you leave them, but this is far from the truth. Just like everybody else, a breakup can weigh a man down with feelings of heartbreak, anger, and loneliness, among other sad emotions. And then men feel these sentiments of regret, they begin to miss the person they’ve lost and do whatever they think it takes to get them back. But for that to happen, you must know how to make him miss you after a breakup, or else you’re simply setting him free.

What a Man Feels After You Leave Him

To successfully navigate a breakup so that your partner wants to get back together with you, it’s important to understand the different emotions a guy feels after you leave him. Here are some ways a man might feel after a breakup:


Even if it doesn’t seem like it, a guy will always feel heartbroken during a breakup. He’s invested time and effort in this relationship and has forged a bond with a special person, and having all that go to waste does a number on the heart.


If you left on bad terms, your ex may become angry—mostly at himself for letting the situation reach a point where it had to lead to a breakup. He may play the blame game and even point fingers toward outside factors.


It’s normal for a man to feel nostalgic about all the good times he had in your relationship. He may feel particularly sentimental and reminisce through photos, souvenirs, and other mementos.


Do guys miss their crush? Of course! When they’re left alone, they can feel empty, yearning for the companionship of the person they lost. They may also indulge in cathartic behavior because of it.


Breakups can get complicated, and there may be actions left undone and words left unsaid that can make a man feel regretful. He can be thinking about your last time together and what he would’ve done differently to change the course of events.

How to Leave a Man So He Comes Back

Not all breakups are the end of a relationship–many times, taking a step back is just what a relationship needs to forge a better connection. But how do you ensure that you leaving him doesn’t have him running off with another lady? Here are some tips to leave a man so that he misses you and, eventually, comes back:

Cut Off Contact

This might seem counterintuitive–how is he supposed to think about you when you’re not constantly in contact? But trust me, this works. With all the space you give, your man will have no choice but to wrestle with his own thoughts that revolve around you.

Give Him the Bare Minimum

Leave him wanting more–don’t be too clingy nor too open. Keep messages short and conversations unfinished so that he’ll keep yearning for what you have to offer.

Be Mysterious

Don’t give yourself off too much. Introduce a bit of mystery back into your relationship so that he’s reminded of the beginnings of your courtship when he had to win you over.

Say “No”

It’s easy for men to take advantage of women who will do anything for them, so resist the urge to give them everything they want. Learn how to say “no” and regain your power.

Have Fun

Show your man that you can have fun even without him. Move on with your life and don’t depend on what he thinks to dictate your choices. Even better, post about your busy schedule online where you know he’s lurking! 

Leave Him to Get Him to Come Back

When a man misses you, he realizes how much he needs you in his life, and this just might be the key to building a stronger relationship in which you both know you’re better off with each other. Understand how a man feels when you leave him and make these emotions work for you in a way that causes him to long for you even more!

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