Do Guys Miss Their Crush

Do Guys Miss Their Crush?

Many relationships start with a simple crush. This mutual attraction flourishes with subtle glances and soft touches, and eventually flowers into a potential long-term relationship. But while the connection hasn’t been labeled, is it possible for strong feelings to already occur—so much so that a longing forms between the man and the woman? Yes, and this is how we can definitively say that guys can miss a woman who’s special to them, even if that gal is only a crush.

But, what happens if they don’t express this yearning? Even if you know that they miss you, it can be difficult to know for sure if all you’re getting are short messages or, even worse, radio silence. In these cases, it’s important to regain your power and take matters into your own hands; take advantage of how a man feels when you leave him and learn to make a man miss you, instead. 

How to Know if a Guy Misses You

A guy doesn’t have to tell you he misses you for you to know that he does. Here are some subtle signs to know that a guy is thinking about you in your absence:

He Contacts You First

A guy misses you when he texts or calls you first, especially on silent days when there has been no communication between you two. This shows that he wants to interact with you and is thinking about you during the day.

He Keeps the Conversation Going

When you’re talking and the guy actually keeps the flow of conversation going, it’s a tell-tale sign that he misses you. He wants to prolong the time he spends with you by keeping you engaged.

He Interacts With Your Social Media

Your crush is probably looking at your social media and if he gives your posts a like or a comment, you can assume that he’s doing it because he misses you. He wants you to feel his presence as much as he’s longing for yours.

He Makes Plans With You

A guy who makes plans with you is a guy who yearns for your companionship. He wants to be with you and he knows that by setting a date, he can achieve that.

He Tells You Things That Remind Him of You

When a guy randomly messages you about something that reminds him of you, then you better believe that he misses you! He’s thinking about you so much that even the slightest memories of you pop up and prompt him to reach out.

How to Make a Guy Miss You

If your crush isn’t showing any signs of missing you, then it’s one of two things: either he’s not interested anymore, or you’re doing something that’s turning him off. If it’s the latter, then here are some tips to tone down the neediness and make him miss you instead:

Be Discreet

Is it okay to tell a guy you miss him? The answer depends, but if you’re trying to make him miss you, the answer is no—unless you’re discreet about it. If you really want to express your longing, do it subtly and let your actions speak louder than your words.

Keep Him on His Toes

Introduce a sense of mystery back into your relationship and keep him wanting more. Don’t give too much of yourself off, and that will make him yearn for what you’re keeping behind closed doors.

Show Off Your Time Well-Spent

Empower yourself by proving to him that time without him is just as enjoyable as time with him. Enjoy yourself and, most importantly, post about it. He’s likely tuning into your socials and seeing you happy may just be the ticket to making him realize he wants you.

Missing Each Other Is Healthy for a Relationship

The push-and-pull of missing each other seems like a game, but this type of longing is healthy for a relationship. It’s important for partners, even if they’re just crushes, to yearn for each other as this helps build the foundation of the relationship. If you miss him and he misses you, your connection will only get stronger! 

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