How to Get a Guy to Chase You After You Chased Him (Tips on How to Make a Man Chase You)

How to Get a Guy to Chase You After You Chased Him (Tips on How to Make a Man Chase You)

Here’s one of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked about dating.

What if you do everything wrong the first time around, not having any experience with dating, and then realize your mistake…and try again?

How can you get him to chase you after you’ve already chased him?

Is it possible to get a man to chase you?

Is it possible to try again with a guy that you’ve chased, or that you’ve basically scared away (let’s just admit it!) and start all over again? Is it possible to just tell a guy, “Look can we start over? Forget everything I’ve ever said or done and let’s just start over. Hi I’m Amanda!”

Funny…but if that’s how you feel, I can relate. We’ve all done embarrassing things, said the wrong thing, and yeah probably chased people too hard because of youthful inexperience. And heck, sometimes even when we get older we make silly mistakes to chase dating relationships.

It’s a legitimate question. Is there a way to start over and make the guy forget about all that awkwardness, rejection and negative energy – you know, without one of those Men In Black memory eraser gadgets?

Well let’s start by focusing on the problem, which will actually help us find the solution. The problem was that you were chasing him and trying too hard to make him want you in his life. That sent strong negative signals that you’re trying to “sell him” on the idea of a romance. His natural inclination is to resist and stop chasing you, especially the harder you try to flirt, get his attention and make small talk.

Therefore, the only logical way to fix the damage that’s already been done by chasing him is to go in the opposite direction. Stop chasing him and focus on reversing the energy in the relationship. How can you do that, now that he’s “marked you” and thinks you like him more than he likes you?

How to Make a Man Chase You After You Chased Him

Let’s consider 9 tips to turn a “runner” into a “chaser” by using simple strategies. In this article, you’ll read about how to make a man chase you and start dating.

1. Give the guy time to be confused…let him wonder why you stopped.

You’ve made the best possible choice when you give the guy space and stop chasing him. Now he’s thinking about you because you went from all over him, to stopping completely. The guy wonders, by pure instinct at this point, why the change? That’s good. That’s where you want him. Let the man sort out how he feels. Let him realize how he misses the attention. Male psychology needs some time to be confused and miss having you in his life.

2. Transform your lifestyle into a more successful and confident one!

What matters next is not what you say but what you show to the guy. Start working on yourself, working towards self-improvement so you can become more confident in your life. This is what creates magnetism. Guys want to be part of your success and men love driven women. Don’t bother talking to the man again unless you have changed in at least one very noticeable way. Whereas some women like to get new haircuts or new hobbies, what’s truly impressive is an attitude adjustment, a positive change in lifestyle, and of course, success in achieving all your goals!

3. Be busier, NOT more available to men.

If you want him to chase you for a change, don’t always be available to answer his call. In fact, do the opposite if you want a guy to chase you. Playing hard to get is key to getting the dating relationship you want. Be less available, stay busy with the rest of your life, and put the guy on the back burner so to speak. That is exactly how to get him to chase you. The man will immediately sense when he has become a second priority in your life. That will provoke him to feel jealous and possibly motivate him to start working for your attention. He may even ask you on a date. That is a sign that he is ready to start chasing you!

4. Whenever you do show interest in the man, do so as a friend, not a potential date.

Don’t bother sending the guy any more signals because that obviously didn’t work the first time. Instead, treat the man like a platonic friend. Don’t be cold or petty when spending time with him. Showing friendship is the kindest thing you can do and the sneakiest thing you can do all at the same time. The man will wonder how you feel about him and will not get a clear answer in return. Guys like that.

5. Mysteries demand to be solved! Be mysterious!

If you really want to talk about what causes a “chase” in the first place, it’s the incentive, the desire for the man to get what he wants – to get the girl he wants. If you want someone to chase you in conversation, like a Sagittarius man, then simply avoid giving him a direct answer to anything. Instead, tease them with partial answers or more questions. This attitude of mystery is what makes him want to know, what makes male psychology work harder to get that information that he now wants twice as much.

In addition to coyly answering questions, you can also try to do the opposite of what he predicts you might do. You want him wondering “Who is this new person? She’s changed!” Because that will appeal to his curiosity and make him chase you.

6. Make an effort to be more attractive on the outside and on the inside.

As much as possible, try to dress up whenever you see the man and post only your best photos. But don’t stop there…work on finding inner happiness because that’s how you project real confidence. And how to make a guy chase you. When you are happy from the inside out, you exude love and you wear an attractive smile that brings men forward like a magnet. Every guy likes a girl that is happy and positive.

7. Don’t be afraid to flirt lightly, but leave the major come-ons to the man.

Don’t be so afraid that you come across as stoic or cold when interacting with guys. Be warm, be a little flirty, but leave the man guessing how you actually feel. This little bit of mystery will intrigue the guy and make him want to spend more time with you.

8. Make him work harder for your attention, once he decides he wants it.

Be friendly, be polite, but once again be busy with your life. Give him just enough attention that you notice his efforts, but don’t focus UNLESS the man makes a more serious effort to engage you in conversation. If he starts to show interest, this is a sign that he wants to have you in his life.

9. Don’t just make him lust after you…help him realize how you fulfill a need in his life.

This is an easy one to forget. Romance is not all about looks. Sometimes we pursue dating and relationships because we want specific qualities in a mate. Once you sense exactly what he’s looking for, that gives you an advantage and can help you know who to make a guy pursue you. You can project that quality and remind him subconsciously that you are exactly what the man needs in a relationship. Show, don’t tell!

Getting Guys You Love to Chase After You’ve Been Chasing Them

As you can see, the simple equation when it comes to chasing is that one person must perceive a higher value in the other person. If you can work on improving your image and projection, the man will soon find out that you have special qualities and that you deserve his full attention. You’ve changed in wonderful ways and now he’s the one chasing you, looking to see what happened and trying to get you back in his life.

Now that you’ve got him where you want him, don’t coast. Make him work harder for your approval and reward him with attention according to his effort. That’s the kind of chasing dynamic a man likes!

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