Get Him to Chase You (This Is ALL You Need)

Things get awkward after the initial conversation, whether it was flirty or completely platonic. First impressions are hard to change. And sometimes even when you do make a great first impression and flirt with a guy, topping that first encounter with an even more exciting exchange of dialog is difficult.

The problem may be that you’re trying too hard, and or setting your expectations too high. Playful banter doesn’t have to be movie-quality and it doesn’t have to “surpass” the first encounter. All that’s really required in getting a guy to chase you is to keep the game going – the psychological game that is the beginning and end of all relationships.

And that is: Make him chase you. Here are four ideas on how to constantly remind a guy to chase you and flirt more often, rather than suffering through more awkward and platonic conversation.

1. Master the art of mystery.

A woman who’s friendly and mysterious is always going to be bait for a curious guy. Men are naturally inquisitive and they halfway expect a woman to answer all the questions they have – and then add fifty pages of irrelevant dialog. This is why a woman who says fewer words than necessary and who keeps a man guessing is always attractive.

When he asks questions, do NOT satisfy his curiosity with the answer. Ask him questions about why he’s so concerned, and deflect the topic of conversation. If he really presses on (and believe me, guys do get very competitive) then answer only the basic question and do not provide details.

It’s important to be very friendly and keep a smile going when you’re giving mysterious answers. A pleasant disposition makes all the difference between rude and snotty vs. mysterious and sexy.

2. Show appreciation only for the effort he puts forth.

Guys really don’t want to be admired for what they “are” – physically buff, rich or charismatic. They want to be admired for the effort they put forth. You might be surprised at how well a man reacts when you show appreciation for something minor that he DOES for you. This could be paying for a dinner, opening doors or planning a very exciting evening of fun.

He may even be very flattered when you show admiration and respect for his job, or his hobby, or passion in life. Because these things are what’s important beyond the surface. This lets him know you’re paying attention to all the minor things that most other women neglect to mention.

3. Have a career, have a social life and have a lot going on. Let him feel as if he has to “earn” you.

Men always want to feel that the woman they crush on is slightly “out of their league.” It gives them something to aspire to, a goal beyond their reach that they can still achieve. In addition to appearing beautiful, work on projecting success so that he can see how exciting your life is. And how you’re not going to roll over and change your life just because he’s an attractive man. He has to earn your attention. He has to qualify to date you.

But don’t fake it…men can see through that.

Instead, focus on living life to its fullest and sharing this success with others. Take your career seriously, or a hobby or charity work. Give attention to your friends and family. Don’t just have fun with him—have a fun life! Don’t rearrange your schedule just for the possibility of running into him. Make him covet you…make him want to steal you away from your busy life.

An even more powerful “hunter trap” so to speak (that is, getting the “hunter” to chase you) is to remind him ever so subtly that you are still single and still get a lot of offers from other men…offers that you accept.

Now you don’t have to brag about it. You can casually mention in on social media or reference your upcoming date plans in a conversation with him. He gets the message that you’re very “in demand”. He has to work a little harder to get your undivided attention.

An ultra-confident man might say something like “Break those plans and go out with me!” On the other hand, a shy man may want to retreat if he thinks you like someone better than him. But you can always encourage him to keep trying.

Which brings us to the next tip…

4. If you sense that your man is shy, or shall we say “confused” about the positive signals you’re sending, it’s okay to help him along with simple encouragement.

Men do not want to be told what to do – it makes them confront their shortcomings and question their own masculinity. Men also hate it when women wait around for them to take the lead but do nothing to flag them in. Men hate missed opportunities too!

Impossible situation? No, there’s one simple trick you can do to get even the shyest of men to chase you properly.

Frame the invitation to date you as hypothetical situation. For example if you want to just come out and say, “Take my phone number down!” but don’t want to be overly aggressive reinvent the line to flatter his ego.

Say something like “Speaking of missed calls, did you try to call me the other day? If you wanted my phone number, I’d probably give it to you. Just wasn’t sure if that was you or not…”

It’s best to use a connective word or phrase, so that the conversation flows smoothly and you don’t jump right into an invitation. You’re encouraging him with a thought, but not actually forcing him to do anything. Now all he has to do is say, “Ohh yeah I do want your phone number!”

Better yet, leave him with an idea to go along with the conversation, like “And then you can tell me what happens with the job interview.”

This relieves more pressure off him and gives him an easy, comfortable reason to call you minus the nervous “date” obligation.

As you can see, it is very important that a man be motivated to chase you, rather than feel as if you’re chasing him. But even if he’s playing hard to get, or seems too shy to make a bold and romantic move, you can still use these techniques to lure him closer to you.

Unleash his hunter instincts with feminine charm and creative seduction!

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