9 Signs He Does Not Like You

Sometimes “eating humble pie” makes you gag!

No sexual metaphor there. Just suffice it to say, it does kind of hurt one’s ego when you discover that a person really doesn’t like you. They’re not attracted to you, they’re not interested in you, and the more you try to work things out and talk it over…the more they seem to dislike you!

It’s even more frustrating when you start off having such a good relationship. Maybe at first, he was flirty, energetic and totally into you. But as the weeks passed, he gradually became distant.

Worse yet, maybe you had sex with him or shared a romantic date…and he STILL seemed to stop calling, stop acknowledging you and stop the friendship entirely.

What gives? Why do guys suddenly go into this Robocop mode, where they lose all emotion and treat you like an auto part they didn’t order?

The truth is simple but hard to swallow. He doesn’t like you. Maybe he liked the idea of you, maybe he liked your appearance. Maybe he even liked the first conversation you had. But as you two of you began talking, he discovered something about you that he didn’t like.

It’s not necessarily a flaw. It’s probably just a quality that he’s not used to dealing with, or perhaps one that his ex had that drove him crazy, who knows. The point is, he doesn’t like you. And here are nine signs that he doesn’t like you.

(You may have to read this tequila shots)

1. He doesn’t spend time with you anymore.

Guys that like you will always volunteer to spend time with you, even if they’re being jerks or sexist pigs or whatever. Guys like to be around women…unless they have decided they don’t like you.

2. He never remembers anything you say. He barely listens at all.

It’s true, guys are often distracted by boobs and sometimes get lost in their own mind. But if they never listen to you, or if they look at their cell phone while you’re talking—stuff like that—rest assured they don’t care about anything going on in your life. They’re either oblivious to you or are trying to send you a message.

3. He is not jealous. At all.

Yes it’s true, sometimes guys pretend not to be jealous even when they’re jealous. But guys that do this are usually bad actors and they end up demonstrating how insanely jealous they are, right?

But when a guy literally doesn’t care (he may actually encourage you to go date other men) then he is definitely not secretly jealous of you. He wants you to go find happiness so that he’s “relieved of duty.”

4. He treats you like one of the guys.

That’s bad, that’s very bad. A guy who likes you will always treat you special—even if he’s being all cocky and claiming he’s not. He pays closer attention to you, he wants your approval, your reaction to his words. If he treats you like someone just tagging along with him, you’re one of the guys. And guys don’t try to score with their own guy friends!

5. He no longer seems curious about who you are.

There’s a big difference between a man who is fascinated by you and a man that literally doesn’t care. He doesn’t ask questions. He doesn’t ask you to elaborate. He simply hears you and accepts. He may even reply with one word answer or a sentence saying, “Ah, I see.” There’s no request for more interaction. He simply doesn’t have an interest in learning more.

6. He says he’s interested in someone else.

Yes, this hits you like a ton of bricks, doesn’t it? And your next reaction determines whether you want to walk out of this relationship with some dignity, or become a keychain to a man who doesn’t even know you’re alive. When a man indicates an interest in someone else this means he either doesn’t care that you know, or he’s sending you a message saying that he’s no longer considering you for this position. It’s been filled! Sad, indeed…but very true.

7. You always contact him first.

If you’re always the one calling or texting to start a new dialog, this means you’re the one guiding the relationship. In general, men prefer to be the ones guiding. They not only want control, but they want to feel as if they are the ones interested—so they are the ones calling and texting.

8. He’s always busy.

Men who are interested change their schedules around, even if they’re coy about it. They want to be near you and so they will work their way around to fit in time for a date. If he’s just always busy and seems to put…well, everything ahead of you, he’s not playing games. He just lost interest.

9. He flirts with everybody!

Another sure way to tell if you’re reading too much into a relationship: Does he flirt with other women the same way he flirts with you? Then it’s NOT just you he’s playing. He just likes to play. He gets a rush from chatting with multiple women at a time and you were simply the right woman at the right time. You are no longer “at the right time” and he has moved on.

Some people say that women have an innate way of reading a man’s gestures, eyes and body language to sense if he’s interested. Deep down, you probably already know if the look of love is really there or if he’s just being polite.

Once you discover that the guy doesn’t like you anymore there is only one option. STOP trying to make him like you. Move on and don’t look back.

There is a small possibility that once he senses you’re gone, he will come running back to you. But in all likelihood he won’t, and you must allow him to go on without you. Clinging to him is not being respectful to him, nor to you.

By walking away, standing proud, and moving on in life you will feel better about yourself. And along the way, you will attract a man that admires your self-confidence and your ability to overcome unrequited love.

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