How to Make a Guy Like You

When you have a serious crush on a guy sometimes impressing him and making him like you can be the most difficult thing in the world. Now that you’re actually afraid of him rejecting you, you may feel nervous, be unusually self-conscious, and perhaps even absent of the usual wit and charm you’re known for.

It happens! Sometimes when we really like somebody our nerves go haywire and we say and do the opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.

Instead of projecting success or confidence, maybe you come across as too overeager or too excitable. If you try to play it more subtle, maybe you come across as aloof.

Not to worry…we’re going to cover ideas on how to make a guy like you that can’t fail. These are involuntary “attractors” that men can’t help but fall for!

1. Project confidence…and remember what true confidence feels like.

Avoid imitating anyone when projecting confidence. Let it come from within. Be comfortable with who you are, how you speak naturally, and how your conversation flows. Don’t bother trying to appear outwardly confident. Instead, focus on projecting qualities like

• Friendliness
• Humility
• Curiosity
• Experience (Mystery)

Perhaps experience is the most important of all of them…because experience implies that you’re interesting. You’re mysterious because you’ve lived an amazing life already and you have plenty to share…but you’re not going to share it yet, not until the time is right. Don’t try too hard to be excitable or likable. Focus more energy on remaining calm and observing the man who’s speaking to you.

2. Look your best.

The great thing about #2 is that it can compensate for anything else you’re lacking at the moment, like a clever wit or a sexy aura. That stuff will come later, don’t force it. Instead, look your best physically and choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy. Now let your projection of “self” do the talking, at least for the first few seconds. Don’t feel the need to rush through the conversation or prove anything. Usually, guys want to do most of the talking…they just want to know that you’re agreeable to a conversation. Smile, make eye contact and remain friendly.

NOTE: If the guy doesn’t make an approach immediately then give him a glance and with a half smile—as if you caught him checking you out. Give him an opening to come and talk to you.

3. Friend-Zone him…in a good way.

Don’t try so hard to be a smoldering vixen and don’t feel the need to “let him know you like him.” Instead, treat him like a good friend. Give him positive reinforcement. Be enthusiastic when he talks to you. Laugh when something’s funny (but don’t giggle at everything). Listen to him explain his “bit” (he might be talking about his life, his job, his opinions, etc.) and encourage him to speak at length by asking questions.

Ask him more about his life and let him talk about his favorite subject. Make it your goal to see his passion come alive.

Now in case you’re asking, “Wait isn’t treating him like a friend a bad thing?” Not at all. It’s HIS job to break out of the friend zone and either ask you out, compliment you, or say something flirty thereby changing the energy in the room. It’s only your “job” to make him feel comfortable, confident and welcomed to send those signals.

Rather than say anything specific, speak to him with your eyes. Look at him with a feeling of attraction and lust but NOT love. Not a crush. Give him the inclination that you could be interested if he made a move…but don’t go past the line that makes your interest over-the-top and obvious. Send him signals but let his emotions guide him and make the first move.

4. If he’s shy, compliment him. Keep the compliment genuine and specific.

Some guys might be a little too shy to be bold and romantic right away. If you sense that he’s lingering around but hasn’t made it to his “opening” yet, then give him an ambiguous compliment.

I say ambiguous because it shouldn’t be anything sexual and it shouldn’t be too jocular (as in, something a man might say to a woman). Keep your compliment sincere and a little subtle. Compliment something “small” but specific…his haircut, his tie, his hate or his smile. You can even compliment his dimples or the color of his eyes. You can also compliment him on his intelligence, his passion for something, or a “good job” on a report he wrote or a speech he gave.

The key is to not make the compliment sexual but to make it innocent. This makes him wonder if you’re flirting with him or not. His curiosity is intrigued now. He is even more tempted to say something flirty just to see if it’s in his imagination.

5. If he makes an effort to flirt, give him encouragement…but match his energy.

Men don’t want to feel awkward, even if they do have an awkward come on. (Hey, not all guys are Romeos the first time up to bat!) That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage them by flirting back a little and matching their energy.

If he throws out a pick up line or maybe hints around that he should ask you out, then encourage him to follow through with his line of thought. Flirt back with a smile, or a teasing reply suggesting that he’s a suave romantic after all.

The focus here is on making the exchange playful and not too serious or too awkward for him. Send him positive energy but don’t go beyond what he’s said to you. Don’t admit you like him, don’t suggest a date, don’t go beyond his speed. Let him continue to lead the dating conversation but be receptive to his ideas.

Over time, he should learn to associate only positive experiences with you. This will allow him to escalate the relationship when he’s ready and when he feels confident in your response. Give him plenty of eye contact, letting him feel a mutual attraction. Look at him not just when he’s talking to you, but occasionally send him a glance across a room.

When he begins to really try to impress you, reward him with a friendly touch, such as a touch of his arm, a hug or a playful slap on his shoulder.

Lastly, send him a text message if he goes a few days without seeing you. Keep it safe, funny or interesting. The best way to a man’s heart is not to guide him along but to intrigue him and evoke romantic feelings from the heart!

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