Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

9 Fantastic Texts To Send To Your Boyfriend

Learn some of the best texts that you can send to your boyfriend to show him that you are interested, you care and keep your relationship healthy. 

Communication is key to a successful relationship. Without the right level of communication, you’ll quickly find that you and your boyfriend begin to drift apart. This can be because you are not telling them how you feel or perhaps how they make you feel. 

Of course, we all live busy lives with various personal and professional commitments to juggle. This can make it difficult to iron out time in the day for effective communication. That’s why sending texts is an important part of any modern relationship. 

It takes a few seconds to send a quick text or a couple of minutes to send something a little more meaningful and substantial. The right text can provide your loved one with:

  • Confidence
  • Encouragement 
  • Self-worth 
  • And more 

That’s why it’s great if you know the best texts to send your partner. Here are a few examples of the texts guys love to receive from their girls. 

Come Home Soon. I Miss You 

This is a great text to send to your boyfriend when they are at work. It shows that you are thinking about them and that you want to be with them. It can provide them with the motivation that they need to get through tough work today and ensure that they look forward to coming home to you. Sometimes guys don’t know what to expect when they come in from work. This can provide them with the reassurance they need that there’s nothing but love waiting at home. 

I Love The Way You Look When You Smile 

Guys don’t always have a high level of self-confidence. They can need reassurance just as much as girls do. They may not feel attractive and it’s important that you boost the confidence levels of your partner. A text like this is a great way to do this. Other variations could include “I love the way you looked this morning,’ or ‘You Look So Hot Today.’ Anything like this shows that you find them attractive and it will help them to feel attractive themselves at the same time. Boosts of confidence can do wonders for your sex life too. 

You’re The Type Of Guy I Always Wanted 

If you’re in a new relationship, then it’s common for both boyfriends and girlfriends to have worries about whether their partner is going to stray. They may also be concerned that they are not exactly what you wanted and that you’re just settling for what you found on a dating website. These worries can stretch for months or even years. That’s why this is a fantastic text that will imbue confidence that they are both wanted and adored. 

You’re The First Guy Who Had Made Me Feel This Way

Guys can also worry about the people that you have dated before. They might think about how they measure up and whether or not they are delivering everything that you were missing from your previous relationship. They could also wonder whether you are still thinking about your exes. This text will let them know that’s not the case. It shows that they have essentially filled a gap that has never been filled. With a text like this, you can quickly put fears and concerns like this to rest. 

Good Morning Handsome Man 

A morning text will show your man that they were one of the first things that you thought about when you woke up in the morning. It will let them know that you are always on their mind. Many people also associate the first thought with what you dreamt about last night. As such, it’s worth sending this text as soon as you wake up. Particularly, if you are not living with your partner. 

Good Night Baby, I Love You So Much 

Just like a good morning text, a good night text is important to send to your boyfriend. This is particularly worth doing if you haven’t spoken to them much throughout the day. It shows that they are still on your mind. If you want to be romantic, you can include a little about dreaming about them or seeing them in your dreams. Anything like this will show them how much you care. 

I Love The Little Things That You Do For Me 

It’s the little things that tend to make a relationship. This can include anything from preparing dinner to picking you up or dropping you off on occasion. It might be watching your favorite film together. Regardless, it’s important to show that these little things are noted and appreciated. It will ensure that your boyfriend knows their efforts aren’t going to waste and help them to feel valued as your partner. 

I Know We’ll Be This Happy Forever 

It’s important to let your boyfriend know that your relationship is on the right track. They want to know that you are happy and content with them. That’s what a text like this will show. At the same time, it also provides a subtle hint that you are thinking about the long term and looking to spend your life with them. You can start to think about sending a text like this a few months into your relationship. 

There’s A Surprise Waiting When You Get Home 

Finally, you can use texts to inject spontaneity and playfulness into your relationship. A text like this is a great way to make your boyfriend think about you all day and ensure that they feel d in your relationship. It doesn’t matter what the surprise is as long as it connects you and them together. It can be sexual, a thoughtful gift or something that you have been planning for months. 

If you send these texts to your boyfriend, then you can easily ensure that they feel loved, valued and excited about the future of your relationship. Just a few seconds spent texting throughout the day can make all the difference. 

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