10 Sexy Card Games to Play with Your Crush

10 Sexy Card Games to Play with Your Crush

I don’t know if you ever played “truth or dare” as a teenager, but for me, it was a lot of fun! It was a game invented to break the ice and get two people talking honestly, rather than forcing their way through safe and boring conversation. Well, what if there was a way to bring that same dynamic back now while you’re single and dating? Enter sexy card games!

In fact, one of the best ways to break the ice with your crush is to start asking sexy questions and playing other social games to get them talking. It will get you both past that awkward and nervous phase and get you back on track to fun and flirty conversation. In this article, we’re going to review 10 sexy card games and why they’re a lot of fun to play with your crushes and friends of friends.

Sexy Card Games for Your Crush

Who can say no to playing cards? The key to enjoying sexy cards with a guy you met only recently, or are going on a first date with, is to keep things a little subtle. You can ask flirty questions but don’t ride him too hard (pun intended!) on the direct sex questions. Try to keep things PG-13 rated, and try to get him to talk about himself and share his honest answers to general dating questions.

In case you’re wondering which game can I play with my crush, here are a few options to consider.

1. Intimacy or the “Truth or Dare Card Game.”

Let’s not forget that Truth or Dare has been reincarnated as an adults only card game, and can be bought online OR you can make your very own Intimacy card game by just filling out some ideas on some notes using a pen or marker.

First, write about 25 (embarrassing) truth questions and then follow it up with 25 or sexy dare questions. These dares are not really about embarrassing the person, but more like specific actions that will make the other person nervous. Action or “Dare” cards involve doing something bold or flirtatious.

For example, Truth questions could be asking questions about your game partner’s sexual preferences, or past experiences, or even their most taboo fantasies.

Actions could be something cutesy, like getting a guy to “pretend propose” or pretend to be a male stripper and take off one item of clothing, or even something ridiculous, like ordering a pizza in the voice of a cartoon character. The dares should be funny and the questions should be sexy.

Just remember, he gets a turn too, so don’t make it too difficult for him (or you) to play!

2. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

This game is almost the same thing but with one big difference: three sets of cards instead of two. Now you have one set for questions, one set for flirts, and one set for dares.

Try making the first set of questions about “getting to know you.” Ask your game partner how well he knows you, and how well you know him. These questions are like “quizzes” to show how well your buddy listens to you.

The second set should be flirts, or more specifically sexy questions that are about secrets, fantasies, preferences, and the stuff you might say online but not in person. Admitting it in person is what makes everyone giggly!

The last set should be more dares that can be sexy or silly. You can buy this game online or make your own set with three sets of notes, up to 50 each.

3. Would You Rather…

WYR is an internet sensation AND a card game, one that you can buy or create yourself. All you have to do is create multiple cards with idea topics to choose from. The questions can range from simple this vs that scenarios, or more complex conundrums that really get your brain working.

Of course, the whole point of an ice breaker game is to keep things fun and not too morbid. So shy away from anything too dark and instead make the questions silly, sexy, and more about your DESIRES, rather than your survival instinct.

Try to mix up the idea cards from simple scenarios to outrageous erotica plots that make the guy contemplate some very sexy options.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a game that can be played without cards, in theory, but I suggest using cards to help you both “lie” more skillfully. Simply choose two cards from your “Lies” category and then put them back in the discarded pile.

Now you can tell your buddy three statements: two lies (from the cards) and one truth.

He has to guess which is which. So if he knows you very well (which he probably doesn’t yet) he may have to use his logic and intuition to figure out which of the statements is true.

For the best results, try to develop some believable lies and write them onto the cards. These lies can be stolen from stories you’ve heard about other people or stuff you heard on the news,or even plots from movies. The key is to make them believable. That way, your buddy will have a hard time guessing what you REALLY did or saw, or whatever.

It’s a great way to surprise him AND tell him more about yourself in a fun way.

5. Kiss, Marry or Kill

This is another game that would work better as a card game, simply because it’s much more fun to write down weird options, and three in advance, than thinking of them off the top of your head. Remember, you don’t have to stop with just celebrities. Think about fictional characters from TV or movies, cartoon characters, and so on.

The game’s fun comes from a person having to explain his or her controversial choices. Meanwhile, you really do get the sense of a person’s lust and love patterns. So it’s almost like a personality quiz!

6. Fill in the Blank AKA Cards Against Humanity

The top-selling game Cards Against Humanity is a variation of Fill in the Blank. The cards have scenarios and sentences printed or written on them, with missing words. The words could be nouns or verbs or even adjectives.

In the case of CAH, each player draws ten cards. One Card Czar player reads the question or the fill-in phrase out loud. The other players must now answer the question (or the phrase) by passing one of their cards onward to a pile for the Czar. Then, that player shuffles all the cards and publicly announces all the answers, preceded by the question.

The funniest response gets an awesome point. White cards are nouns or phrases, while black cards are questions or fill-in-the-blank statements.

Of course, you can alter the game any way you like if you’d rather create your own version. Have fun coming up with absurd fill-in-the-blank cards, and then some fun questions or statements.

You can also make the game less ribald, and more innocent or romantic if you prefer. Simply dispense with the comedy and make it a more natural “fill in the blank phrase” for how the person actually feels about the question or statement asked.

7. Guest Host aka In Character

In this card game, you can pretend to be your favorite character (or real person) and then give clues to your game partner to try and guess who you are, based on your statements. You draw a card (filled in with many examples of characters or people) and it’s the other person’s job to figure out what name is on the card.

But he must ask questions (or play talk show host) and then listen closely to your answers, solving the mystery of your identity. This game works well if you can both “stay in character” and answer all the questions like you’re acting.

Sex Card Games to Play with Your Boyfriend

Now let’s consider a couple of games to play with your boyfriend when you’ve already bonded emotionally and physically. These sex card games are not very subtle at all, but they will spice up your love life!

8. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a multi-player game but it’s still ideal for a couple who are just now getting intimate. It’s a game that really lets you get to know someone and encourages total honesty, which is great for connecting beyond superficial chat. The first person starts by saying the line and then listing something they have never done. (This is where the cards come in because oftentimes it’s hard to think of flirty questions on the spot!)

If the other person or persons have done that thing, they take a drink, and then the next person takes a turn. A few sips of your favorite wine will also relax the both of you and let you answer candidly…which of course, can be an aphrodisiac in bed.

If the other person or persons have done that thing, they take a drink, and then the next person takes a turn. (The game could also be played in a group of people, such as a group date with friends and made PG-13)

9. Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds is similar to Twenty Questions or Truth or Dare, except that you simply make a list of 90 or so sexy foreplay ideas, 10 “naughty item” cards to choose from, and then mix and match to create a variety of erotic scenarios.

A variation would be printing out cards of body parts and then another set of specific actions, like kissing, sucking, or fondling.

Dirty Deeds can be made even more kinky fun by adding roleplaying ideas in addition to the dirty deeds themselves.

10. Strip Poker

When someone loses money or just plain loses, there is only one solution – strip for a second chance! That’s the basic instruction manual for strip poker. Strip Poker is an old favorite, and frankly, the rules can be adapted into any other card game, including the above-mentioned card games.

One of your strips when you “lose” the question, whether that means not confessing a truth or not going through with a dare. Or if you run out of fake money, you can exchange one item of clothing for a loan.

Stripping games can even be played over texting since you can just take selfies of each other to prove you’re following the rules of the strip.

What sexy games can you play over text besides strip poker? Don’t forget Strip Trivial Pursuit (if he gets the answer wrong, he has to strip) or Strip Pictionary, to test your drawing abilities!

You could even play Strip Monopoly if you find the idea of stripping for Boardwalk Avenue sexy!

For more information on what sexy card games are available to buy visit this link.


Do Guys Like Sexy Card Games?

The easy answer is yes because sexy card games allow both of you to safely but thoroughly discuss sex, and intimacy, and to learn more about each other. Ice breakers allow us to share more of ourselves openly, and without worrying about the right time to discuss these matters.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you use good judgment when deciding what game to play and what version. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to play R or X-rated card games with a guy you’ve just started dating and you haven’t even discussed sex with him yet!

On the other hand, if you both want to make love, and have talked it over – but are also struggling with shyness – then a risque card game might be just what you need to get the conversation started.

In case you’re wondering what games to play with a guy you like, besides cards, keep reading my blog. There I discuss many dating topics, including dirty questions and sexy conversation starters. Check out these dirty “most likely to” questions for inspiration!

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