25 Most Likely to Questions That Are Dirty

The “most likely to…” game is a great party game that lets all of your friends and new acquaintances to get to know each other and laugh at the outrageous questions and answers. It’s a variation on truth or dare that allows your guests to tell the truth AND also lets everyone else around them try to guess each other’s motivations. It’s fun to try for sleep over nights, drinking parties, get-togethers with large groups or even smaller groups. It can be lots of innocent fun or even some raunchy fun among consenting adults.

Dirty “most likely to” questions allow questions and answers to be sexy, shocking and hilarious. You may want to play with your friends with some laughs or even explore new relationships with other singles or open-minded couples. Here are 25 sexy or dirty questions you can jot down for the next game. For the best results, throw in a few shocking questions in between normal and easy questions to catch everyone off guard.

1. Who is most likely to become a sex addict?

Have some fun by discussing who is the most oversexed person in the room and let the guys (and girls) fight it out for that honor.

2. Who is most likely to get cheated on? (And will they enjoy it?)

This is what you might call a back-handed compliment! It’s funny but still edgy and dirty, since it lets everyone speculate how and why the affair might happen. Leaves room for some very imaginative answers!

3. Who is most likely to get it on with a vampire, werewolf or mythical creature?

Have some fun dabbling into supernatural sex, asking which of your friends would be tempted by a non-human entity…and more specifically WHY and just how exciting the affair might be!

4. Who is the most likely to get busted at work for looking at porn?

Have some fun terrorizing the guys (and girls) by speculating which of them has the worst professional manners.

5. Who is the most likely to become a porn star?

Really go for the cheap shot by speculating who would cave first and why – would it be for sex, money or for some other absurd reason?

6. Who is most likely to make a sexist comment?

Expose the closet sexism in even your most PC of friends and acquaintances.

7. Who is most likely to catch an STD?

Expose your friends’ lack of discretion and planning by debating who would be the one to get caught with their pants down and without protection.

8. Who is most likely to have a wet dream / sexy dream tonight?

And why? Perhaps because of a crush, or another running joke that you previously mentioned.

9. Who is most likely to send a dick pic?

It’s taboo but you know one of your friends has done it or would do it, depending on the circumstances. Have fun with this one!

10. Who is most likely to score with their best friend’s mom/dad?

Have some terribly dirty visuals with this provocative and hilarious question.

11. Who is most likely to have a gay or lesbian experience?

You might be surprised by the answers you hear!

12. Who is most likely to hit on a waiter/waitress?

Maybe you have some stories to share!

13. Who is most likely to be the most embarrassing drunk?

Either you know from experience or you can take a guess as to who really sheds their inhibitions at a party.

14. Who is most likely to orgasm first during sex?

For both men and women! This is going to be a feisty but funny argument for sure!

15. Who is most likely to buy a weird sex toy and use it on somebody?

A little robotic help? Or something in an extra large size?

16. Who is most likely to try pegging a guy (for women)? Or who is most likely to try being pegged (for men)?

Let’s see who the real experimenters are among the group!

17. Who is most likely to start weeping or throwing a fit during sex?

Really? At the worst possible time! But I’ll bet you have a few ideas on who!

18. Who is most likely to wax their privates?

Who really goes the extra mile to be physically perfect for the first time? And what’s your logic on that?

19. Who is most likely to visit a strip club? Or who is most likely to actually become a stripper?

Who is the true exhibitionist among the group?

20. Who is most likely to swing as a couple or become polyamorous?

Let’s see who really has the reputation of being the most open minded!

21. Who is most likely to have a secret crush over the Internet?

Who really lives most of their life online? Who is really going to take that chance?

22. Who is most likely to be secretly crushing on someone else in the room right now? And for who?

Now really start making things awkward and funny by guessing who has a secret crush on who. Let’s see how close you’ve all been paying attention to body language!

23. Who is most likely to have a super embarrassing one night stand?

Who has the worst impulse control among your friends?

24. Who is most likely to try to score with a widow?

Tasteless but I’m sure everyone has an opinion on this one!

25. Who is most likely to be friend zoned after a terrible kiss?

Have some fun discussing who qualifies for friend-zone status and just where the kiss went wrong.

The point of this game is for everyone to challenge their perceptions of each other and take a risk by guessing some unflattering details through Q&As. Nobody actually “knows” these answers for sure but we formulate an opinion based on meaningless trivia and hilariously out-of-context experiences we’ve had with each friend.

Just remember to avoid any subject matter too dark or creepy and stick to sex, dirty jokes and plenty of hilarious visuals. It will be lots of fun and is a nice icebreaker to start an evening of flirting and fun.

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