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When to Stop Texting a Guy

Deciding to stop texting a guy, especially after months of correspondence, feels like a big loss. You started things off on the right foot. You enjoyed chatting. But along the way, something changed.

Conversations became shorter. He seemed less enthused. Maybe he became distracted, or just bored. Now you’re faced with the question of, when should I give up?

You do have that option. The option to start a new conversation, or share a funny joke or story, and get him involved again…

Or you can just bow out and leave the chatroom forever. And usually, it is forever, because most guys that are bored or tired of a text conversation, won’t come crawling back.

So the question is, what are some situations that would merit a full stop? When do you know when it’s officially time to give up? I think you’ll agree the following situations are a red flag, a sign from above, or whatever you want to call it.

This is “IT” – the moment where you know you have to say goodbye.

1. He goes days or months without texting you back.

Really, it’s kind of insulting that he doesn’t even respond in hours. But days? Weeks? Months? A man who likes you should always treat you like a priority, not a chatbot. If he doesn’t respond in days or weeks(!) then don’t bother saying anything else.

2. For every three or four messages you send him, he sends maybe one. Sometimes.

If the ratio is four to one, or even three to one, then it’s time to admit you’re fighting a losing battle. You’re putting in all the effort, you’re coming up with flirts and chats. But what is he doing? Is he only responding? Is he avoiding doing anything, other than just a couple of words of a reply? This is a one-sided conversation.

3. He’s not very sociable with you on Social Media.

Sure, maybe he texts you once in a while. But do you notice he never publicly comments on your page? He never chats with your mutual friends. Maybe he doesn’t even like your special status reports or photos. In fact, it kind of feels like he ignores you in public and then just sexts you in private. That’s not really much to build a relationship on. It doesn’t even feel like a friendship.

4. He makes excuses on why you can’t hang out in person.

If he never wants to meet in person, then that means two things. One, he’s not interested in dating you. And two, he probably doesn’t even want a sexual thing with you. It’s just like an online friend, someone he only occasionally chats with. If that’s the case, give up the texting and just focus on social media interaction. Because it sounds like you’re on the back burner.

5. No one else thinks the two of you are an item.

Friends and family can be perceptive. They know what their favorite guy is like, and who he goes for, and who he just friend-zones. Well, people notice online interactions as well, such as on social media, and the like. If you were to ask one of his buddies what he thinks of you, what do you think they would say? Would you get a laugh or would you get a tease? If no one sees any chemistry, even based on your online activity, then it’s unlikely he’s into you.

6. He doesn’t even flirt with you???

What about the woman who complains that her crush doesn’t even respond to her sexy selfies? Really? Not even a drool face or a cutesy thumbs up post? If he reacts negatively or passively to flirting, then run away. That is not chemistry. That is like a complete mismatch of personalities. A man who doesn’t find you attractive is just a giant red flag that this isn’t going to work.

7. He deletes you from social media.

Well, I guess that’s that. If he deletes you, that should signify he’s done. There’s no more reason to chase or stalk him. Let him be and move on.

8. You confide something personal and he just ignores you.

This is actually pretty harsh. It takes a lot of courage and trust to confide in someone and share something personal. If he barely responds, or ignores you, or makes jokes about it, then that’s a negative sign. It shows that he doesn’t value you, and he doesn’t stop to consider your feelings. It’s a nothing burger! Time to snack somewhere else.

9. He actually tells you he’s scared of you.

This can’t be good, right? No seriously, even if he claims he’s joking, there is some truth in what he says. If he is afraid of you or is keeping you at an arm’s length then he is resigned to making this friendship work. It’s been to bow out gracefully, and give him a chance to miss you.

10. He ghosts you.

Months? Years? Come on. Once a guy ghosts you, there’s no sense coming back for more punishment!

Be Proud – and Move On!

As you can see, there’s a point where you have to leave and “give up”, so to speak, because you are losing a piece of yourself. The more you “give of yourself”, the more you have to lose. The more it hurts when you don’t get back something from him.

You may have to stop texting him, not just because he isn’t responding well, but also because of your own sense of self-worth. You have to start seeing yourself as an attractive and successful person again and a guy that just doesn’t give you that positivity is only bringing you down.

Take time out to build yourself up again and realize that you are valuable, you are worth a man’s attention. And you will get everything you want from a loving and committed relationship. It just has to be with someone else.

Give yourself the honor you deserve and move on. Another man will see that you have pride and standards and respect that.

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