How can this be? How could you possibly leave someone you love? Isn’t the love you have for a person the only thing that matters? Following your heart means everything.

Or so you often think, until you experience the pain of a relationship in turmoil. It’s devastating to love someone that also drives you mad. You may feel addicted to love and to the pain. You may even feel like a nervous wreck, torn in between grief and passion.

You love him but you can’t stand him! Your conscience is divided about what to do. On one hand, you could stay and try to be patient. But you may also fantasize about getting away breaking up with your partner and being free of the conflict.

At what point is it time to break up with your partner and end the relationship that started with so much potential? There are eight signs to look for that can help you sort out how you feel.

1. You no longer trust each other.

Though you one enjoyed honesty, trust, and intimacy with each other all of that has run dry by now. You don’t trust him, his fidelity, his love for you, any of it. You know he cares about more winning than he does about your well-being. If any relationship reaches the point of a total lack of trust, there is no emotional intimacy left.

2. The relationship is completely one-sided.

Either he does everything for you or you do everything for him.

Relationships will only last if both partners give equal time and effort to making it work. Lopsided relationships usually don’t last because, at some point, the harder-working partner eventually has enough. They learn that their love is being taken for granted.

They become tired of carrying the whole relationship on their shoulders. There is always a breaking point. If your partner contributes very little while you break your back trying every day, then the situation is hopeless.

3. You break up just as often as you get back together.

Simply put, you are always fighting. Whereas most couples in love avoid fighting because they are evenly matched, mismatched couples live and breathe conflict. You’re always upset because there is perpetual combat and it really does grey your hair, as far as stress goes.

If this conflict has actually broken the two of you up before, but you somehow got back together…and then broke up again…rest assured, this is not what true love feels like.

4. You’re no longer the same people as when you first got together.

People do change over time. Sadly, not all of these changes are “micro” so to speak. Some couples “macro” change…to the point where they become different people. New goals, new aims, new desires and values that their partner never understands.

Sometimes couples can stay friends after a mutual breakup but not always. If you realize that you have literally nothing in common except conflict and shared memories, it’s time to admit you’ve grown apart.

5. He abuses you.

You’re may not be sure if it’s technically abuse but if you react in fear and grief to his outbursts then it’s all the same. If he has physically or verbally abused you (or gaslighted you, which is a form of abuse) then it’s highly unlikely he will ever change. He will continue to abuse you until you lose your sanity or he dumps you anyway – that’s the cycle.

When you understand your worth as a person and as an attractive woman worthy of love, you outgrow these mind games. You reject your bully’s treatment of you, realizing that it’s never okay to take advantage of a person.

6. You’re never happy and you no longer even like yourself.

The only way to gauge if a relationship is healthy and loving is by how happy you are. If you’re never happy and you are always doubting yourself, then your partner has not treated you well. It’s time to work on your self-esteem away from the person who’s hurting you.

7. You have needs that haven’t been met in years!

A doomed relationship will never fulfill your needs. You may have multiple “needs” that need attention (love, sex, communication, intimacy, career, friendships, etc.), and that he never bothers to address. If months or even years go by and you get nothing, that’s probably how things will stay.

8. Family and friends are outspokenly critical of the relationship.

Sometimes people we love can see things that we don’t see. If this relationship has become toxic your friends and family are usually the first to see it. They see the change that has taken place, as you’ve gone from happy and fawning to nervous and constantly stressed.

Of course, most of these fine people don’t want to tell you their negative impressions. If they see that you’re in love, they don’t want to second-guess you. But hearing that you are having doubts may push them to tell the truth.

When in doubt, ask your loved ones about your partner and the relationship and ask for honesty. Chances are they will tell you the truth – if you can handle it.


Perhaps you never truly learn to love until you’ve suffered through an intense but dysfunctional relationship. As we mature, we begin to learn that although the heart wants what it wants, happy endings are not always possible in the real world. Sometimes there are huge differences between two people that cannot be reconciled.

If it ever gets to the point where you feel that this relationship is destroying you and you don’t know if you can survive another year…

Just remember that “this” (right now, this moment) is the best it will ever be. Does that thought scare you? If it does, then it’s probably because you know it’s time to break up. It’s time to regroup and work on yourself, not to chase after a man who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Start building a better relationship, one where you feel valued and happy, and stop living in the past. This is the only way to heal from a broken heart.

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    17 replies to "8 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Partner Even If You Still Love Them"

    • Yatta Melody Swaray

      How can u get over all this eight signs if u r pregnant for that person

      • Karen Blair

        I feel for you yatta

        I really hope it works out for you and baby

      • Sharon

        Yatta your self respect and love of yourself must come before anyone and that is an act for your baby too now, not just yourself.
        Much love and strength to you x

      • A caring gal who waited way too long to leave.

        Staying together or the sake of children hurts them in the long run.
        Leaving and co-parenting in a respectful and showing your children you love yourself is smarter.

      • Loretta Solomon

        Pregnancy is the result of a physical act. It has nothing to do with happiness, love, trust, commitment or relationships. Case in point, you can get pregnant from rape, would you want to get into a relationship with the rapist? So use the same reasoning.

    • judith

      Comment *nice

    • Nora

      Yes I need to tell him that we are through. he has told me can’t be together cause of religious beliefs so I’ve got to go on with my life I’ve met another man and he is so sweet to how do I tell him to get out of my life .i don’t play games.

      • A caring person

        Say goodbye. It was nice knowing you. You owe him no more.


      This is a very good and true

    • Been There

      Your age does not matter. When you no longer feel valued (for any reason) in a relationship and are being “used”, do yourself and him a favor by ending the relationship. The dissatisfaction on both sides continues to grow and the pain of the memory of love you once had tends to seduce you into thinking things will be OK again. No, it will not go back to the “fresh newness and excitement” you once had. The trust is gone so cut the ties and begin again when you have sufficiently grieved the loss of that relationship. When you look back on it, you will remember the good times but will recognize how miserable you were as the love began to fade. At that time you will know you made the correct choice by leaving.

    • Sandy

      Wow this was very good. These 8 signs validated my marital issues. I know it’s over he says I need to leave the past there and just move on with HIM because he really wants to work on our marriage now. After 7-8 years of not doing a damn thing I just became emotionally and physically drained in Aug. 2020 I let him know I knew about his secrets and I’m done well suddenly he looks distraught and wants to work it out after giving no attention to our marriage for years. he swears he has had no affairs on me but idk. I just want to be happy again

    • Ava x

      Hi in my relationship he isn’t the problem I think I am I’ve always had depression and low self esteem issues he’s always tried to help but when he does I always feel worse I’ve told him so we went to couples therapy and it still wasn’t working
      Am I in the wrong or him or neither
      I need help

    • Angie

      My husband has never on his own told me I’m beautiful or even pretty. I have to “dress” for sex. We have no intimacy besides sex. If I’m crying, he’ll walk right past me and not say a word. We never go out to do anything but grocery shop.

      • Lisa Coe

        You’re in a relationship with a narcissist.. it’s all about him all the time.. it’s not healthy for you.. I went through this myself. And now I prefer to be alone ❣️ I’m totally happy to be by myself then I’m being a relationship with a jerk.

    • Lisa Hunt

      I’m feeling much like a bird in a gilded cage. After being in a relationship with my sons father(married for nearly 8 years), I am fighting to be the person I know I really am. My marriage (2nd) I add, came off the back of a divorce from my first husband and a situationship with another man, my best friend. My husband is 25 years older than me, never really shows affection unless he wants sex, and I’m lonely, he can’t give me what I need. I’m actually fighting feelings I have for my best friend, the guy who I have a situation with. To the outside I look and act OK but in truth I’m in turmoil. I’m married yet again and find myself in love with my best friend who has feelings for me too. It’s horrible, I can’t break free because all my net worth is tied up with my husband, I don’t have collateral, the house is housing association and he is refusing to admit there is anything wrong. I can’t go on much longer like this, my son takes his father’s side and I also have a noose of my mum who is 80 and not in good health round my neck. Sometimes I feel helpless as the other guy is in a fairly similar position to myself. I really need help.

    • Robin Childs

      I’m currently in a toxic relationship but he has told me many times in the past year if I ever try to leave him he will find me. He said her will never allow anyone else to be with me. I have even thought about trying to relocate to another state.

      • Darlene Johnson

        U should consider that abuse and a threat. Get out now before things escalate

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