8 Sexy Things Women Do That Turn Guys On

Are you a woman who’s pining for a certain man? Maybe he’s someone you accidentally fell in love with, or maybe it’s your wealthy and successful dream date who finally noticed you after weeks of trading glances. Exciting!

But also intimidating! Guys are attracted to sexy and confident women and tend to friend-zone those who don’t measure up to their level of success and beauty. Maybe you don’t consider yourself that type of woman. You don’t talk or walk like a movie star. You’re not a bad girl or a vixen that easily flirts with every guy you meet. Maybe you even envy other women who can turn on the charm so easily.

But that’s the thing. It’s not as difficult as it seems. You can LEARN how to be sexy and how to be more feminine in the way you treat men. You don’t even have to drastically change your personality. All it takes is being yourself…but also sending some very specific signals that he’s sure to notice. Here are eight sexy things women do that instantly turn men on…and best of all, you can do them at any point in the relationship, from early dating and even when living together.

1. Showing him your greatest assets.

Even if a man is attempting to friend-zone you in his mind, there’s something primal about a woman showing off her curves that will get his attention. Showing cleavage by leaning forward at just the right time or leaning away and showing off your posterior will always get a man’s reaction and definitely put into action what you can’t say in words.

2. Talking about sexual fantasies.

One of the sneakiest ways to get a man aroused—even without him knowing what you’re doing—is to casually share fantasies. Talk about sex objectively for a while but then subtly make the shift into describing what specifically turns you on. Try to say it innocently, as if it’s just “matter of fact.” A man is still going to pay attention and feel the sexual tension rise.

By the same token, talking about PAST sexual experiences is another way to perform the same trick. If you have a story to share, make him jealous by expressing what happened and once again, being casual about it. (Some girls are extra naughty and will actually lie about things they’ve done to get a guy all hot and bothered. While I don’t recommend lying, the principle is demonstrated…talking about sex in a positive way makes guys jealous!)

3. A lingering hug or an unexpected kiss.

Men really do long to be hugged and kissed by women. So even if you’re giving give him a lingering “friendly” hug or just a kiss on the cheek, a man will definitely take this as a positive signal and a big hint that you like him as more than just a friend. It even works later on in the relationship. Try a “forehead kiss” to get a great reaction from him, even if you’re already living together. It sends a strong “I love you message”.

4. When you touch him go slightly lower.

While a man may wonder how you feel about him when you touch his arm, shoulder, knee, head, and so on…if you go lower, you will give him a much stronger signal. You don’t have to grab his crotch! Go for the more ladylike gesture of touching his thigh or even his abdomen. Not only are men ticklish around the midsection, it’s simply a more intimate place to touch that most “friends” would never attempt.

5. Looking at him, with longer eye contact and a tempting smile.

Making direct and unflinching eye contact with someone else is sure to get a response, just in terms of human instinct. Even your dog or cat could attest to that! But the “come hither” look is a stare plus a coy smile. It’s a move that works better than words because it instantly creates an emotional moment with your man. Smile at him in a relaxed way, thinking sexy thoughts and enjoying the sexual tension you’re creating.

Another nice way to do this is to talk to someone else but keep your eyes focused on him. Even the “over the shoulder” glance will spell out “I want you” bad. Be careful with those dangerous eyes!

6. Expressing yourself in a visceral way.

Men can’t really help but visualize a woman sexually if she’s giving them a sexually charged moan or sigh. The tricky way to do it is to feign tiredness, frustration or excitement and pretend your sexy moan is just the way you sound normally. You can also use occasionally use swear words in casual conversation and gauge his reaction to dropping a F__k or a “C__k”. Don’t swear too much but drop “bombs” of swear words right as you’re describing something that you feel passionate about.

7. Check him out and let him catch you looking.

Usually it’s the guy who’s caught looking. So for this little trick, make it a point to stare at his body—his pelvis, his butt, his fit body or even his face and kissable lips. The guy will either ask you what you’re doing—meaning he’s calling you on this sexual tension that you’ve started—or he will pretend like he didn’t see it but start flirting with you more obviously. Either way, it’s a win.

8. Matching bra and panties.

Lastly, why over-think things when you can go right for the loins? Men are suckers for lingerie and matching bra and underwear. Waiting in the bedroom dressed to impress works wonders if you’re already living together, especially when colors and styles match. But even if you’re still dating him, walking about your black underwear or casually mentioning bra shopping will leave him flustered and flirting. You can also show a little rather than tell—by letting a strap hang out under your blouse or the edge of a thong peer through with low-cut pants.

These strategies for developing and intensifying sexual tension will help you at any stage in the relationship. Forget the arm touch. Try these moves to share a more intimate moment with your man!

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